Discover 50 Study Table Design With Striking Colour Palette

  1. 3 Square Design – Madhuvan Bunglows

Fact File

Design Firm :  3 Square Designs

Photographer : Inclined Studio

Location : Science City Ahmadabad

2. Amoeba Design – Apartment Interior

Context playing an important role, the apartment promotes an overall sense of peace and tranquility using simplicity as the base of the design. It also helps in visualizing the material palette.

Fact File

Design Firm : Amoeba Design

Photographer : Rohan Joshi and Parth joshi

Location : Talegaon, Maharashtra

3. Atelier interior – Kalpesh Tanna

As with all projects, there were points of discussion with the client in this one too. Art and the strong patterns used on the floor were the main subjects of the debates as the family tried to understand the value these elements would bring to the visual narrative. 

Fact File

Design Firm : Atelier Interior

Photographer :  Photographix India,

Location : Surat, Gujarat

4. Aum Architects – Thane Residence

The project has a sense of harmony that runs throughout the entire residence design and décor and hence presents an aura of elegance with simplicity.

Fact File

Design Firm : Aum Architects

Photographer :

Location :  Thane, Maharashtra, India

5. Chitte Architects – De’caves studio

The curved work table layout is such that it gets ample amount of north light during the day.  It is designed in a way that though it has a visual connectivity, it also gets a sense of privacy.

Fact File

Design Firm :  Chitte Architects

Photographer : Phx India

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

6. Conarch Architects-Penthouse Pāfekuto

The spatial form in the project has emerged from a host of variables and constraints, such as the needs of a family with teenage children, structural limitations with study table.

Fact File

Design Firm : Conarch Architects

Photographer : Vibhor Yadav, Conarch Architects

Location : Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

7. Craft Madness

The study table adjacent to the bed was carefully designed by acknowledging her requirements in terms of storage and functionality.


Design Firm : Craft Madness

Photographer : Architecture visuals dhrupad

Location : Rajkot, Gujarat

8.  Design House By Mustu – The heaven garden bungalow

Children’s bedroom along with the dark veneer complemented with a blue study Tabel elegance a factor remaining in it.


Design Firm :  Design House By Mustu

Photographer : Inclined Studio

Location : Surat,Gujarat

9. Design Inc. – Naman

The composition adds to the calm of the bedroom energized by yellow-orange 4.5 feet art work. Simple but supplementary study furniture adds to the facilities and functions of the room.


Design Firm : Design Inc.

Photographer : Pratik Chandresha

Location :  Udaipur

10.  Design Dialogue Studio – THE TRANQUIL HOUSE

The interlocking pattern of open and closed bookshelves in the son’s bedroom extends itself into a study table as a floating piece of art on the wall.


Design Firm :  Design Dialogue Studio

Photographer : Monika Sathe Photography

Location : Hyderabad

11. Dev & Kaushik Architects – White Love

The client was very particular to keep the theme in Achromatic majorly. Thus we attained a simple design.


Design Firm : Dev & Kaushik Architects

Photographer : Ricken Desai

Location: Hyderabad

12. ETHOSpace Pte. Ltd –  AL Residence

The Library, next to the Pavilion of Light, has an organic ceiling pattern with subtle indirect lighting to accentuate the flow of energy, yet simultaneously evoking a sense of calm – perfect for working or relaxing.

Fact File:

Designed by: ETHOSpace Pte. Ltd.

Photography : Mario Wibowo Photography

Location : Jakarta – Indonesia

13. Gaurang Jawle & associates (GJ Associates)

Details such as custom spherical handles on the desk, subtle curves added to the railing and other wooden frames, elevate the interior spaces up a notch. 


Design Firm : GJ Associates

Photographer : Mr. Ravi Kanade

Location : Borivali West

14. Greyscale Design Studio – Brickly Affair Residence

The interiors are created using concrete, mild steel, wood and terracotta. All these materials interact with each other very well and lends its beauty seamlessly to one another


Design Firm : Greyscale Design Studio

Photographer : Anand Jaju

Location : Bangalore, India

15. HeRTZ Architects – Modi Residence

We usually dedicate a significant period of time to conceptualize our take on the client’s inputs. This process includes the creation of sketches, mood & material board curation etc. The initial steps in the design development are vital in the genesis of the final aggregate.


Design Firm : HeRTZ Architects

Photographer : Tejas Shah Photography

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

16. Hiral Jobalia Studio

The first step to the design was to carefully, consider the space and derive space efficient solutions with meticulous detailing that could optimize the client’s requirement.


Design Firm : Hiral Jobalia Studio

Photographer :  Photographix | Sebastian + Ira

Location : Mumbai

17. Inklets Studio

The master bedroom came with a challenge of hiding an extrusion of a centrally located column in 3 out of 4 walls without losing much of the space. The full-length wooden panel with a vertical.


Design Firm : Inklets Studio

Photographer : Yagnik Mistry, Udit buch

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

18. KAYZ studio

The finished home exudes a sophisticated, contemporary charm that’s both rich yet minimal and manages to make a timeless statement. with study Table.


Design Firm : KAYZ studio,

Photographer :  Rishul Bangar

Location : Mumbai

19. KNS Architects

Overall the design of the is functional yet artistic with its clean lines and crisp design elements in the monochromatic color palette.


Design Firm : KNS Architects

Photographer : Photographix

Location : Mumbai

20. Kreon Projects – Residential Apartment

Study stable with extended shelf shaping like huts with the artwork below along with the hidden lights has its own charm to surprise


Design Firm : Kreon Projects

Photographer : Biju Gopal

Location : Ravet, Pune

21. Make That Space

The master bedroom is divided into two distinct spaces; the bedroom and the study. To ensure privacy while working, it is separated from the bedroom by sliding folding doors.


Design Firm : Make That Space

Photographer :  Phxindia

Location : JVLR, Mumbai

22. Mind Manifestation Design

The artwork and subtle palette of pastel colours create a fresh ambiance in the space complete with an interpretation of a 4 post bed used in a modern context. 


Design Firm : Mind Manifestation Design

Photographer : Hemant patil

Location : Amravati, Maharastra, India  

23. MS DESIGN STUDIO – Brick Screen House

Even the furniture and the fixtures have been carefully selected to match the Indian aesthetic. For example, the Anglo Indian Handi lamps in hanging in the courtyard and the swing in the covered terrace area.



Photographer : Umang Shah

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

24.  Mudbricks – House of Dappled shadows: Nestled in the mango trees

The design features five bedrooms, designed following the needs and requirements of the client. With two bedrooms on the ground floor and three on the first, each bedroom showcases its unique individuality in its interior and furniture designs.


Design Firm : Mudbricks

Photographer : Justin Sebastian

Location : Kodungallur, Thrissur, Kerala

25. One Habitat Studio – A Natural Utopia

Once upon a time, there were two little girls and their peach world where they lived happily ever after. Pleases to the eyes and delight to the girls, the feel of the space just magnetically brings you to be here all day and night.


Design Firm : One Habitat Studio

Photographer :  Onil Shah

Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India 

26. Quirk Studio

The white paneled wardrobe and study make for a fun wall. Finally, fun graphic prints framed in white, add to the fun elements.


Design Firm : Quirk Studio

Photographer : Quirk Studio

Location :

27. Rushnaiwala Architects – Western Park

The Polydrobe an study table element encompassing the wardrobe, dressing area, side table and a bedside focus lamp is designed in the master bedroom area.


Design Firm : Rushnaiwala Architects

Photographer : Inclined Studio

Location : Sarkhej, Ahmedabad

28. Sahaj dzine – The Brown Stone

A white study table paired with colourful accent chair brings fun to the monotonous space. Overhead storage unit hung on the wall inscribed in a metallic frame above the study appears as wall art.

A white study table paired with colourful accent chair brings fun to the monotonous space. Overhead storage unit hung on the wall inscribed in a metallic frame above the study appears as wall art.


Design Firm : Sahaj dzine

Photographer :  Inclined Studio

Location : Ahmedabad

29. Saransh Architects – VS House

The study was originally a large passage and a terrace next to it, so half its roof is done from scratch in metal. This allowed for the curved ceiling opening up towards the morning light.


Design Firm : Saransh Architects

Photographer : Ishita Sitwala

Location : Ahmedabad

30. Sharan Architecture + Design

We designed and delivered an open plan and collaborative workspace helping to bring together the team. A free-floating table hangs from the ceiling is always better than a mass of chunks


Design Firm : Sharan Architecture + Design

Photographer : Nimisha Dakoria

Location : Surat, Gujarat

31. Theta One Designs J. K. Niwas

The study area consists of a desk that adapts the vintage look uniquely and a wall hanging open storage in brass, balancing the white background of the wall.


Design Firm : Theta One Designs

Photographer : Fabien Charuau

Location : Mumbai

32. Studio 7 Designs

 We optimize vertical space, with multipurpose display . The red study wall panel  breaks the monotony of the grey and white tones.


Design Firm : Studio 7 Designs

Photographer : Tejas Shah

Location : Darshnam Clublife, Vadodara

33. Studio 2+2 – Vishwanath Samam

Along with lights, the ceiling is composed of a play of circular punctures, to add some vividness. This green wall is one of the enclosures of study space with patterned flooring with a window to the outsides, and another connection to the kid’s room.


Design Firm :  Studio 2+2

Photographer : Ishita Sitwala

Location : Shela, Ahmedabad

34. Tectona Grandis – MJ House

A series of vertical lines and grooves, expressed in wood, fabric panelling and veneer generate a sense of drama in one bedroom, while a nude/neutral stucco plastered wall comes alive through earthy browns, and of course indoor plants in the other!


Designed By: Tectona Grandis

Photography : The fishy Project

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

35. Studio Living Stone – HSA

A multi-functional home clinic has been designed with a retractable table in MS plate and wood and sofa cum bed. The lotus motifs engraved in the veneer and the green fabric add elegance in this overall simple and minimal space.


Designed By:  Studio Living Stone

Photographed by – pratikruti09_ar_photography

Location: Surat, Gujarat

36. SSK associates (Shilpa Agarwal & Komal Jain

Defined by an eclectic approach, this study space is made lively, where we strive to achieve a common thread in color, form or beauty.


Designed By : SSK associates

Photography : Photographix

Location: Bhayandar East, Mumbai

37. Aspire Arch Studios Luxurious 3BHK Modern and Scandinavian fusion Décor at Lodha Belmondo

 A graphic wallpaper brings the punch to the subtle colours. The modern study, a wall mounted storage unit makes the space functional.


Designed By : Aspire Arch Studios

Photography : studio_dale

Location : Lodha Belmondo, Pune

38. Studio 7 Designs Splendora Apartment

Study area designed with husky but even look of woodwork and overwhelming wave of gray perfectly enhanced the scholarly expression to this room. You can see that even today gray stills sits at the top of the ‘hottest neutrals’ chart.


Designed By : Studio 7 Designs

Photography : Tejas shah

Location : Vadodara

39. GJ Associates : Gaurang Jawle & Associates

This room depicts Modern StyleDesign. Random display niches add a little funk and character to the wall composition. We have created a dedicated space for the piano which blends with the activity desk.


Designed By :  GJ Associates

Photography : Mr. Ravi Kanade

Location : Bhakti park, Wadala

40. Divyakant Mistry Associates

A beige colour palette is chosen for the guest bedroom cum the visiting grandparents’ bedroom with large-sized windows to attain a calm feel all day long.


Designed By : Divyakant Mistry Associates



41. Kunal Shah Architects : Residence Design for Mr. Samirkumar

where the elder son’s bedroom expresses simple modern aesthetics accompanying vivid ochre yellow furnishings. The side tables and an open wall hanging cabinet above the study area also follow a similar tone of the ochre yellow.


Designed By : Kunal Shah Architects

Photography : Abhishek Shah

Location : Ahmedabad

42. 4th Dimension 

This space has a reading nook, connected outer deck and the screening area with diffused lightings which allows the people living here to relax and enjoy together.


Designed By : 4th Dimension 

Photography : ©Photographix | Sebastian + Aaditya

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

43. Ignitus Architectural Studio

The room is design for children with age group of 6-15yrs. Low height furniture responds to the anthropometry of a child. Study table is connected to the closet not making it a separate entity but as a whole.


Designed By : Ignitus Architectural Studio

Photography : Photographix | Ira Gosalia

Location : Ahmedabad 

44. An Designs : RatnaAstha Project, Vesu

The study area was also designed according to the kid’s requirement where we used a chalkboard on the top of it and the magnetic pinboard on the back doll mirror which was specially customized for the child. Metal basket was used for storybooks and creative books.


Designed By : An Designs

Photography : 32 Farvari Production.

Location : Surat

Location :  Ahmedabad

45. Creations : Residential Bungalow

While delivering this work space has displayed immaculate designing skills at every step of the way & successfully crafted the palace of client’s dreams.


Designed By : Creations

Photography :Prashant Bhat

Location : Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

46. Tatvam Concepts

Here the earthy and soft shades are chosen to give warmth without physical clutter. The beautiful scenery from the large windows, called for a cozy seating area, with ambient light and soft sculptures.


Designed By : Tatvam Concepts

Photography : Biswajit Dasgupta

Location : EM Bypass, Kolkata

47. Studio Imagine : shudhani bunglow

The daughter’s bedroom is a down-to-earth compilation acquiring ample natural light. A maple pink textured wall along with an M.S. Jalli accentuates the bed wall in here. The teak wood furnishing and its minimal designing adjourn the room with its soulful essence.


Designed By :  Studio Imagine

Photography : Architecture Photographer, Darshan dave

Location : Harni, vadodara

48.  Birchbox Studio

The wardrobe and study unit follow simple geometry with the blue pottery again making its appearance adding a splash of color maintaining its continuity to the rest of the house.


Designed By :  Birchbox Studio

Photography : Prachi Khasgiwala

Location : Surat, Gujarat

49. The Brick Tales : Saket Residence

Being in an urban context, the neighboring buildings were too close hampering the privacy and hence the curtains would always have to be shut.



Designed By : The Brick Tales

Photography : Pratikruti09

Location :Surat, Gujarat


Here in kid’s bedroom client demanded neither childish nor so sober design so we went ahead with an idea of playing with the levels and raised a podium with a feet on which the mattress rested directly, the design more uplifted by the irregular shape.



Photography : Ravi Chouhan – Pixcelcraft

Location :Indore

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