House With Tailor-Made Spaces | Archemist Architects

House With Tailor-Made Spaces | Archemist Architects This home of a businessman has been perfectly expressed to suit his love of entertaining. ‘This house had to be grand, with tailor-made spaces to multi-adapt to family functions, feasts with friends, and more formal moments when hosting executive guests.’ The average plot size in most of the[Read More]

Retail Hub –Modern Aesthetic & Functional Finesse | AS Architects

Retail Hub –Modern Aesthetic & Functional Finesse | AS Architects Mumbai-based Architectural Studio AS Architects unveils their design for a 1275 Sq. Ft Luxury Décor venue that is the amalgamation of chic design sensibilities & the quintessential ambiance.  Located in the acclaimed design retail hub – Laxmi Industrial Estate of Mumbai, the Blancora store makes[Read More]

“Modernity in Tradition” -Residence Interiors | SSK Associates

“Modernity in Tradition” -Residence Interiors | SSK Associates “The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out – Albert Hadley. Similarly, here SSK Associates are presenting you[Read More]

Soul Garden House | Spacefiction Studio

Soul Garden House | Spacefiction Studio The smallest plot size available in most of the residential layouts of the city is about 200 sq yards or 170 sqmts. A Large requirement on such a small plot called for an introverted solution with a garden at the center, around which the rest of the spaces function.[Read More]

The heaven garden bungalow | Blue Leaf Interiors

The Heaven Garden Bungalow | Blue Leaf Interiors The idea was to transform the old bungalow building into an ultra modern house for a couple with parents and 2 daughters. The ground floor of the house is 7ft up from the floor level. This ground floor of this 1800 sq ft carpet area bungalow has[Read More]

Manama Urban Forest: Commercial Office Building | in QUEST Design Studio

Manama Urban Forest: Commercial Office Building | in QUEST Design Studio According to tradition, South facing building entrances are the best followed by East. West is considered to be the worst option as the low angle sun generates extreme heat which is a major problem for a humid tropical country like Bangladesh. But in present Urban context[Read More]


Urbanization has been gradually increasing around the globe as people migrate from rural areas to urban areas for economic advancement creating urban development that sprawls into the countryside. Though urbanization has its benefits, it has oriented architecture to a kind of development that blurs the scenic picture of traditional systems. In light of this, we[Read More]

A Contemporary Villa On Traditional Ideals | DREAMSCAPE ARCHITECTS

A Contemporary Villa On Traditional Ideals | DREAMSCAPE ARCHITECTS A contemporary villa developed on traditional ideals, Chikoowadi (a farm of sapodilla trees) houses a family of 6 that included the owners, their son, their daughter, their mother, and a pet dog. The clients envisioned an inward looking house with a courtyard, a quintessential feature/element in the[Read More]

Cleft House | Anagram Architects

Cleft House | Anagram Architects Our clients for this northwest-facing residence, in Delhi, are members of 3 generations joint family. Built on a narrow 326 sqm. the plot, their home faces a busy city road in a dense precinct. The design reconciles the acute lack of visual privacy on the site with their desire for[Read More]

An introduction to the Concept of Green Building from the view point of Architects!

Green Building or Sustainable Architecture is the practice of creating structures in which the resources are used optimally throughout the stage of development of a building. In a standard building, there is more energy consumption, and wastage of water and high-cost bills generated whereas in green buildings or sustainable buildings have minimal wastage of water;[Read More]