Contemporary Design For A Classy Apartment | 4th Dimension 

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Contemporary Design For A Classy Apartment | 4th Dimension 

This astonishing residence is placed in the suburbs of Mumbai city. The apartment was a complicated house originally as it had clubbed two 3BHKs and thus needed critical design strategies for its execution. The planning was such that the designers had to eat up the central two bedrooms to create the interconnection between the individual houses leading to the shortage of bedrooms needed by the users. This design challenge due to its layout was successfully resolved by the firm and won the project. This residence with a couple and their two daughters cleverly occupies 3000 square feet.

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The philosophy for the house encourages immense space throughout the communal areas.  The residence is designed in a way that it possesses the new age contemporary style customized according to the requirements of the dwellers who bought this big beautiful house after immense hard work in life. They picked neutrals shades like greys, blacks, and whites as the dominant colors due to the major openings being in the East. The main idea was to play with the muted hues to make the space warmer and cozier.

The veneer cladding entrance door guides you to the house that is rooted in heritage yet makes a modern age adobe. A large open plan with adjacent living and dining space and a pretty powder room makes one feel the concept of massive free-flowing design. The sense of light and flow is enhanced by the natural stone that is kept uniform at a length of 14 feet. Even after having light uncluttered settings for the interiors the upholstered furniture pieces make a bold statement while wearing tones of grey. The pair of beige sittings brings a sober contrast successfully.

The client being from Rajasthan was very keen to use the Makrana stone due to its richness and acceptance. So, to give the client what he wanted the room featured a set of scooped marble in circular free-flowing patterns done to keep the design coherent throughout the 22 feet wall bringing a lot of drama to the place. The lovely patterned backdrop on the wall is finished with a stone texture that compliments the vertical veneer panels. The dignified carpet too gives a sort of warmth to space.

The filleted square false ceiling got the indirect lights along with the cove lights which brightens up the place even more. The decorative elements and handpicked sculptures complement the overall lingo. Special attention is given to every minute detail. The philosophical thought behind the animal sculpture signifies the break-through of the client’s struggling life while looking forward to a glorious future ahead.

The dinning was placed beside the living room with a double-height which lead to amazing spacious feels and visual connections. The family wanted their formal living set-up should also have a TV unit for easy everyday accessibility. The client’s comfort being the priority for the designer, a customized sliding TV panel was designed.

The dining area is a transitional space draws similar elements of the living space maintaining the interrelation between the adjacent spaces. From the color code to the ceiling pattern, everything is kept alike. The central dining table with the marble top brings a sense of grandeur. The gorgeous hand-cut glass lights are enough to wash the entire volume in light and simultaneously draw the eyes to the focal factors. The powder room has got a diverse setting with juxtapositioning of wall treatment in patterned natural stone.

Each private room in the house caters to the classy taste and personality of the users with all the luxuries. All four bedrooms have a unique language of their own. Especially, the two daughters had very different kinds of tastes for their bedroom interiors. The elder daughter’s preferred a raw worn-out look and that lead to a chic rustic décor appearance based on the concept of ‘one wall one design’. The designers treated the joints of the printed customized tiles with the vertical metal strips. The unconventional color scheme of blue, brown and grey stands out beautifully which has been followed in its attached bathroom as well. The wardrobes were done in nice wooden veneer with a single height shutter.

The younger daughter’s bedroom too had a very distinct quirk due to the involvement of picked up fresh pastel colors. You can also see a very fancy custom-made backdrop design in one of the other bedrooms, made of multi-colored fish scale pattern in suede fabric which brings a lively ingredient in the thoughtful décor. The same colors were customized on the other details as well like curtains, pillows.

The master bedroom flaunts an abstract design too. It has a touch and feel of sandstone but in reality, they have done CNC cutting on the simple MDF, which is finished in stone powder spray. The parent’s bedroom has got a backdrop in terrazzo with the brass framings which glorifies the overall appeal with the marble flooring. It has been taken care that there is no compromise with the harmony of the space. The competent color pallet of hues of browns and white blends magnificently with the terrazzo finish.

The huge Den is a multi-functional space connecting the two daughter’s bedrooms, where the family members can perform several interesting activities that lead to the birth of its term “Den”. This space has a reading nook, connected outer deck and the screening area with diffused lightings which allows the people living here to relax and enjoy together. The room had the map of Bombay depicting the places where the client-initiated his journey.

The outdoor space consists of an attractive balcony that maintains a balance with the interior spaces. It has a highlighting feature wall with the patterned see-through surface in front of the green wall.

Fact File: 

Firm: 4th Dimension 

Project Type: Residential

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Area: 2700 sq.ft.

Project year: 2019

Principal Architect: Rinki Kotak & Mihir Kotak

Design Team: Manali Bhambere, Irfan Khan, Neha Rathod, Sumit Kholiya, Viral Soni.

3D visualizers: Kamlesh Palav, Sandeep Salamwade & Anushree Kangralkar

Photo Credits: ©Photographix | Sebastian + Aaditya


4thdimension is a Mumbai-based design practice firm founded by the principal Architects Rinki Kotak and Mihir Kotak in 2004. They started together with simple interior projects and now have established themselves in a variety of fields with a staff of 40 people. The firm has worked on huge scales architectural projects like high-rise buildings, institutional complexes, university campuses, schools, hospitals, and small commercial spaces as well. They have been very popular among the people for their predominant interior décor specialization for the high-end villas & apartments. They believe themselves to be the catalysts or enhancers towards whatever the client expects.

The firm does not believe in a particular design culture or style. They have made it a point that each site needs to be treated according to its local attributes and should surely reflect the personality of the client. They assure that space tells a story about the dweller catering to their requirements and eventually leading to a fusion of contemporary and modern style.

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