Luxurious Apartment Interior With French Design Elements And Traditional Twist | Mind Manifestation Design

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Luxurious Apartment Interior With French Design Elements And Traditional Twist | Mind Manifestation Design

This modern-day house, deftly showered with French design elements, instantly grabs uninterrupted attention of the onlooker. The client, with a massive affinity for timeless French art, wished to have a house that personified luxury and glamour in an effortless way. The enormous living area has been partitioned into distinguished spaces, each with different usability yet conveniently merging with the living area as a whole. The flooring of the living area has been designed in such a pattern that each partitioned space translates into another function and co-exists with the other in harmony.

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The client brief was precise – French design elements, a luxurious home, and comfortable accommodation for a family of 7. Designing a home for 7 diverse minded people, each with a different idea for a home is a challenge in itself. We have tried to incorporate every family member’s distinct idea for their bedroom spaces and a combination of all, reflecting in the living area.

There existed several low leveled beams in the living area which occurred as a result of the merging of two 3BHK apartments which were then covered with wooden vaulted roofs to give it a holistic look. The textured pattern of white brick infused wall surfaces with exposed concrete frames is an attempt to match the provincial French design style.

This has then been matched with French provincial style furniture to add to its continuity. The living space also encompasses a reading area, complete with a library cum showcase and a snug Accent chair.

The dining area has been characterized with light coloured wooden flooring in the otherwise marble floored house which therefore marks it as a separate area designed for a combined family activity. The artwork for the seating area has been sensitively selected keeping in line with the theme of the house. The wall behind the traditional Jhoola next to the dining area has been adorned with a Jaipuri wall-rug to bring in a traditional twist to the modern living area. The elderly couple in the family loves this space the most in the house as per their own admission.

The master bedroom has been designed, keeping in mind the sensibilities of a head couple of the family. The design offers a royal appearance to the space complete with a magnificent king-sized bed and a separate dresser. Contemporary art adorns the space lending it a chic appearance.

The son’s bedroom is designed with split contemporary tones of black and white which effectually lends a contemporary retro vibe to space. The artwork and subtle palette of pastel colours create a fresh ambiance in the space complete with an interpretation of a 4 post bed used in a modern context. There is also a study corner and TV area, all comprised within separate spaces of the room, yet well merged with the entirety of the space.

The grandparent’s room reflects their love for the rustic colour palette with box moldings and solid wood single beds. Space also includes a humble dresser and earthy tones of orange classical frames on the walls.


Firm: Mind Manifestation Design

Project type: Penthouse Interior

Location:  Amravati, Maharastra, India  

Year: 2020

Principal Architect: Ar. Chetan Lahoti, Ar. Anand Deshmukh

Photograph courtesy: Hemant patil



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