ELEV8 : Architecture & Interior Design Exhibition ( Gujarat Chapter )

Elev8 2022, an initiative by The Architect’s Diary has introduced a design festival and exhibition for architects and interior designers from 10+ cities in Gujarat. This will be held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (offline event) which will exhibit 70+ best-built projects & Firm’s from the young practices of Gujarat. Also Keynote speaker & Panel discussion by[Read More]

Concrete, like never seen before! – Interview with Aseem Bolia from Hey Concrete

Concrete! A material that offers a blend of versatility, strength, and decorum. People have been molding it to their inclinations for decades now. Such an apt construction material for the laymen plus those creative heads to get that ball rolling. But today, what if we say- we, at The Architect’s Diary, are bringing into the[Read More]


Architecture and Design have been the most integral elements in every aspect of our lives. It impacts our lifestyle, our homes, workspaces, spaces of hospitality and wellness centers, etc. We have carefully curated the best Architects in Surat, Gujarat. Ranging from varying styles, budgets, and locations, they excel at all. 1. Aangan Architects Aangan Architects was[Read More]

Simply Sofas’ Milan Design Week 2022 Trend Report is Out!

It’s the most-awaited report of the year. Where global trends born at Milan Design Week 2022, the world’s foremost and most influential design event, are analysed and compiled by the editorial team at Simply Sofas.  The report (available for free download on the Simply Sofas website) is not just useful in application, but offers a[Read More]

5 Ways to Properly Take Good Care of Your Solar Inverters at Home

If you switch to solar electricity, one crucial part of your solar energy system is the solar inverter. Its primary function is to convert direct current from the sun to alternating current. The Solar panels will generate direct current electricity from the sun. However, thiSolar Inverterss direct current electricity can’t be used by the grid[Read More]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding a Local Contractor for Home Remodeling

The real estate market constantly evolves and many homeowners feel the need to upgrade their property to keep pace with it. Thus, a home renovation sets the stage for a positive ROI. Maximizing home appreciation via this approach, however, isn’t a walk in the park. It requires careful financial planning, a solid sense of local[Read More]

7 AI-Powered Home And Interior Designing Tools

AI-powered interior design tools are becoming increasingly popular as a way to help homeowners and businesses create beautiful, functional spaces. These tools use artificial intelligence to generate design recommendations based on the user’s preferences and the space itself. AI-powered interior design tools can take into account factors like the size of the room, the type[Read More]

An Exclusive Interview of Avlock India with The Architect’s Diary

[ Avlock India / Hillaldam, Mumbai ] At the architect’s diary, we take pride along with an opportunity to bring forward the leading and worthy brands for our viewers. With this initiative, we bridge the companies and the consumers and help relax the tedious hunt for the right and user-friendly brands. Avlock International India Pvt.[Read More]