Room In The Attic — How To Arrange A Living Space Under The Roof?

Those who start building within the city limits or the nearest suburbs know firsthand that the price of land can reach several million. Because of this, it is much more profitable to expand the living space of the house upwards, rather than horizontally. The most economical, but functional way to expand the usable area of[Read More]

Floor Grates For Bathrooms – Why You Should Consider Using One

The right type of bathroom floor grate can go a long way toward making your bathroom look and feel great. There are many different types to choose from, so let’s look at some of the more popular ones for your bathroom. Different types of these items are available for your bathroom. Most are available in[Read More]

How to Start a Digital Marketing Podcast for Your Architecture Firm

One of the sectors that greatly contribute to the economy is architecture. This industry earned an estimated $292 billion in 2019 according to the IBISWorld Statistics. Furthermore, its revenue growth increased by 4.4% from the year 2018. The industry is pretty competitive. In the USA alone, there are 113,554 licensed architects as per the 2017[Read More]

How To Choose A Contractor For The Renovation?

The most effective way to find a contractor is to ask around with friends and relatives. Close people will not refuse valuable advice. Often, neighbors of the apartment, where the repair is underway, apply to construction companies. They themselves find contractors’ contacts and say that they have seen their work live, so they decided to[Read More]

Discover The 5 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

When you complete a new home you’re likely to be excited about getting in, allocating stuff to rooms, and enjoying your first night in your new home. What you’re probably not thinking about is the number of break-ins that happen every year. Current reports suggest in excess of 225,000 break-ins occur every year, that’s one[Read More]

How to transform your living room the right way

In the past year, you have spent a lot more time at home than expected. Due to this, your surroundings might have started to seem dull or monotonous as you’ve been seeing them for months. There is an easy way to get the excitement back to your surroundings by transforming your living room the right[Read More]

20 Best Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Interiors In India

Restaurant & cafeteria are considered to be a place of leisure while enjoying the food the ambiance plays a vital role and adds up to the pleasure of dining, In Interior Designing segment many designers would choose a theme-based design and many would try to make an impact with the furniture and color palette selection, space/walkway and functions[Read More]

What are the advantages of 3D rendering services?

Architectural 3D rendering has accomplished 100 percent year-on-year growth. It is an integral part of the brotherhood of AEC and Real Estate. By functionally representing the thought process of an architect dynamically, 3D modeling services help imaginative architecture. 3D modeling firms provide photorealistic and extremely accurate digital renderings for houses, landscapes, house plans, etc. Architectural[Read More]

A U Shaped Desk Is Perfect for any Employee

Not just for executive offices — a U shaped desk creates a private and professional pod for any employee who wants to be more productive. It’s not just the top of the company food chain that needs the kind of workstation that serves as a complete command center to get things done. In a busy[Read More]