House of Dappled shadows: Nestled in the Mango trees | Mudbricks

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House of Dappled shadows: Nestled in the Mango trees | Mudbricks

Set in the semi-urban context of the famed Kodungallur town, this residence was designed for a client based in Dubai whose primary wish was for a simple and beautiful home in his hometown. It took several interactions and detailed discussions to fine-tune the basic needs and arrive at the final requirements.

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The design evolved considering the site’s location in an urban context and taking into account the client’s interests and need for hosting guests and friends, giving much consideration to the client’s large social interactions with people, The fundamental arrangement of spaces was based on spatial zoning, clearly demarcating public and family and private zones; to have spacious and quality spaces to entertain guests and hold family gatherings all while providing a desired level of privacy to family areas.

After the discussions, it was deemed essential to provide 5 bedrooms in total, one as the master bedroom, two for the two kids, 1 for the older grandmother, and 1 as a guest bedroom.

The site originally consisted of two beautiful and wide foliaged mango trees and a Tulsithara. The way these trees complemented the site beautifully, strengthened the decision to retain them and further designing was based on this motto.

Overlooking the site stands a striking golden shower tree, showering the ground with its beautiful and elegant yellow flowers. The aesthetics that this tree possessed and how it furnished a persona into the site, made it impossible not to integrate such an element into the design, hence inspiring the basic concept of this design. The jaali patterns, which have been incorporated into several elements throughout the residence, have been fairly inspired and derived from the intriguing patterns of the flowers of the golden shower tree.

Amidst the serene landscaping stand the residence with the golden shower tree up front, imprinting a strong visual identity. The frontage was intentionally designed to feel lighter, through the positioning of jali, perforations, and openings along with the usage of lightweight materials, to bring in the aesthetics and ambiance of the mango tree. The interior spaces impart a premium sensory experience to the user, from the calming sounds of water, fresh fragrance of the plants, filtered rays of the sun, patterned shadows falling upon the plain walls, and elegance of the color palette, that give the spaces a strong aura.


Entrance: A water body near the entrance brings about freshness and an element of surprise, creating a welcoming foyer in this residence. The addition of the fountain creates ebbing sounds that have a therapeutic effect on the overall robust nature of the home. Fresh flowers and a screen of creepers and foliage add to the serenity that emanates throughout the house. This healing space opens out into the landscape towards the east, blending harmoniously and contextually. Space is blessed with early morning golden rays, thus combining elements of sun, openness, water, and nature, in this tropical home.

Space stands out by the careful selection of materials, wherein the darker color palette beautifully complements the water and imparts an earthy feel to space. The entry foyer opens into a courtyard consisting of a textured water wall. The courtyard is lined with pebbles and money plants, again forming a combination of green and earthiness.

Private living: The private living area forms the crux of the home. Rather than being a typical room confined by four walls, the open planning of this space creates a connecting zone, linking all the rooms in the home and forming a central binding space.

The open planning and the jaali wall near the stairwell bring in patterned ample sunlight and ventilation into the spacious room ushering a feel of openness and lightness. The living room is minimalistic in design with customized wood furniture and hints of foliage imparting an ecological backdrop.

Bedrooms: The design features five bedrooms, designed following the needs and requirements of the client. With two bedrooms on the ground floor and three on the first, each bedroom showcases its unique individuality in its interior and furniture designs. Each accompanied by a fine and spacious wardrobe area and attached bathroom, the bedrooms have customized furniture tailored to fit the user’s needs while accentuating the aesthetics of the space.

Bathrooms: Just how each bedroom brings out its own individuality, the bathrooms are designed considering not just the functionality but also the quality ambiance that it creates. The bathrooms feature a variety of materials that clearly demarcate the wet and dry zones. Incorporating all high-end technologies and seating space in the shower area, the aesthetics are elevated again with a touch of green by the usage of indoor plants.

Fact File:

Designed by: Mudbricks

Project: House of Dappled shadows: Nestled in the mango trees

Project Type: Residential

Year of completion: 2021

Area: 4809.96 sq. ft.

Location: Kodungallur, Thrissur, Kerala

Project Cost: 1,60,00,000 approx.

Principal Architect: Ar. Surya Prasanth

Photography: Justin Sebastian

About Firm:

Mudbricks is an award-winning design practice with a special focus on the realms of architecture design, conservation and interior design. The practice is headed by Ms. Surya Prasanth, who received her Master’s in Architectural Conservation from the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Since its inception in 2010, Mudbricks has been a design laboratory of creative ideas which challenge the existing notions of design. The firm has been actively involved in design and coordination for projects of varying scales. The firm’s portfolio includes both privately commissioned green field entities as well as socially relevant architectural conservation projects. Their works have been widely published in both local as well as national media.




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