The Office Interiors Strike A Balance Between Rustic And Speck Of Flamboyance | KNS Architects

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The Office Interiors Strike A Balance Between Rustic And Speck Of Flamboyance | KNS Architects

Context & Brief:

The Clients well known in the industry wanted their Corporate headquarter to express the values of the Company i.e. a smart space that clearly means work yet inspiring with a transparent & functional working environment.

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‘Less is More’ forms the design philosophy for this 7000 sq.ft. corporate headquarter spread across two floors in Mumbai. The blueprint of the office is that of an open plan, emphasizes function-driven zoning with cabins along the periphery and a central workspace for collaboration and learning. The design focuses on keeping the materials simple and elements minimal whilst using artwork and furniture pieces to add character & colour throughout.

The interiors strike a balance between rustic and speck of flamboyance. The monolithic walls in concrete immerse into the ceiling which is balanced with the glossiness of Italian marble flooring & warmth of wood. This seemingly minimal aesthetic is designed with a live green landscape around the periphery of the office alongside the windows.

The landscape element acts as a screen cutting the glare from the outside resulting is softly illuminated interior spaces thereby reducing the need for any artificial lighting. The internal landscape not only adds to the spatial experience of the office but also keeps the environment fresh for the otherwise mundane office set up.

‘Art’ as a design element in this office space plays an instrumental role in adding color and character which adds to the overall essence of the space. Overall the design of the office is functional yet artistic with its clean lines and crisp design elements in the monochromatic color palette.


Firm: KNS Architects

Client: Vedant Dyestuff Intermediates Pvt. Ltd.

Area: 7000 sq.ft.

Year: 2019

Principal Architects: Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Ar. Shresht Kashyap, Ar. Neemesh Shah

Location: Mumbai

Photography credits: Photographix


KNS Architects, a multi-disciplinary, national & international award-winning design firm, was established with an objective of creating contextual, artistic & bespoke design solutions. We believe in looking at each project with a fresh, new perspective, a fact that finds resonance in our belief in creating vibrant, out-of-the-box solutions that strike the right note between practicality and aesthetics; constraints and aspirations.





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