Making The Residence All About Colours Through Modernism | Craft Madness

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Making The Residence All About Colours Through Modernism | Craft Madness

This 4BHK apartment is owned by a young couple along with their teen daughter. The couple wanted their dream home to be modern, minimal, and luxurious. Restricting the use of veneer and laminate, this house is all about colours. Be it through wall colours or through fabrics. Although the house has a main theme, each room has a theme of its own reflecting the client’s interest and requirements.

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Right in front of the entrance, you’ll find a sleek and simple puja area and string art on the wall adjacent to the puja area. The directional and open floor plan then pulls you towards the enormous living room which is the highlight of the whole house.


The living room was designed in a way that shows its richness through the materials used. For the flooring, we have used grey Italian marble throughout the space and played with a couple of fabric colours that add charm to the living area. We have paired dark teal suede leather soda with a couple of peach sofa chairs, to give the living room its own distinctive identity.

The TV unit is very simple yet aesthetically pleasing with a left-aligned compartment for the client to place the décor. The use of artwork and sleek pendant lights give the living room a touch of elegance and luxuriousness.


The house being an open floor plan, we did not want the kitchen to take the limelight away from the living room. Therefore, the kitchen was designed as minimal as possible, without compromising in its functionality and design. Fulfilling all the functional requirements, the kitchen has an L-shaped platform and full-length storage on the opposite wall.

Master bed:

For the master bedroom, the client wanted us to focus on comfort, quality, detail, and sophistication. We went bold on the colour, and subtle on the overall design. The fresh colours of the bed and curtains add to the liveliness of the room, reflecting the couple’s personality. A reclining chair was placed right in front of the window for the client to enjoy the scenic beauty during their leisure. The right selection of the material finishes and patiently curated artwork and décor enhance the overall composition of the room, fulfilling all the requirements of the client.

Daughter’s room:

A daughter’s room is always special to us. Her room is designed with elements and colours that reflect her love for the sea. Restricting it to just two colours, we have used white and paired it up with pastel green to set the theme of the room.  The study table adjacent to the bed was carefully designed by acknowledging her requirements in terms of storage and functionality.

Parent’s Bed:

The parent’s bed, owning to their requirement, is designed using minimal details to achieve a very simple and comfortable outcome altogether. It consists of a bed, wardrobe, and dressing area with minimum and crisp details.


Interior Designers: Craft Madness

Project Type: Residential

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

Project Area: 3000sq. ft.

Design Team: ID. Kosha Kotak

Principal Designer: Uday Garala

Photography Credits: Architecture visuals dhrupad (Dhrupad Shukla)

Text: Craft Madness



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