Brick Screen House: An Abode Of Subtle Indian And Earthy Aesthetics | MS DESIGN STUDIO

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Brick Screen House: An Abode Of Subtle Indian And Earthy Aesthetics | MS DESIGN STUDIO

A house should reflect the taste and personality of its owner and the architects’ ability to make the whole come together and form a space fit for its occupants and its context. And that’s the philosophy we followed while designing this residence. The house follows a subtle Indian and earthy aesthetic as per the client’s taste and has been designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions of the place.


The shape of the house was defined by the site dimensions which made it a square-shaped structure. This was planned around a little courtyard, keeping in mind the region’s hot and dry climatic conditions. Due to the house’s square configuration, the road-facing façade came to be a long wall facing the southern harsh sun.

To do away with this problem a brick screen was introduced in this façade which acted as a double wall and created a buffer space between the living spaces and the exterior façade. Moreover, this exposed brick screen was designed with a diagonal orientation of the bricks to avoid direct sunlight and facilitate S-W winds flow.

Maximum care was taken to allow the flow of daylight into the spaces. The little courtyard which acts as a transition space on the ground floor stays lit throughout the day giving out light and airy feel to the spaces. The same way the security grills on the ground floor create a beautiful play of light through the day.

The project’s material palette consists of earthy materials such as the Kota Stone, terrazzo tiles with plenty of wood, and a dash of cane. The Kota has been used in different colors and finishes such as mirror finish and river finish to define the different areas. Along with this, the terrazzo ‘galicha’(carpet) tiles have also been used to distinguish areas such as dining.

Even the furniture and the fixtures have been carefully selected to match the Indian aesthetic. For example, the Anglo Indian Handi lamps in hanging in the courtyard and the swing in the covered terrace area.

Fact File:


Project: Brick Screen House

Project type: Residential

Year of completion: 2019

Area: 5097 sq. mt.

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Architect in charge: Manav Patel, Shivangi Patel

Interior Designer: Ekta Kamdar, Deepika Khatri

Photography: Umang Shah

Source: ArchDaily

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