Contemporary Indian House in Indore | Aarambh Design Studio

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Contemporary Indian House in Indore | Aarambh Design Studio


The right balance of continuity and innovation generates trust which is the core of any relationship. And this trust is what the client had on us even after knowing this scale of the project will be the earliest of ours. A family of six members aspires a simply designed abode for them on 2400 sqft of land with all the essential amenities.

We, the Aarambh Design Studio architects took one material BRICK a starting point and spin out a contemporary living environment that emerges out Indianess in Indore.


The elevation might look simple with its white walls but this modern and contemporary adobe has a lot going on. The brick cladding that shifts from front to side façade gives the house an appearance of age and history.

The trick used to achieve balance was to have an exterior color palette of white, grey and some cladding in which 1/3rd part of the exterior is in dark hues and 2/3rd exterior in white which gain access to keep the things light while still providing plenty of contrast.

The family also wanted to expand their outdoor living space, as a result, the terrace garden design took place which turned out to be the perfect spot for relaxing and energizing.

The terrace garden with a slowly dripping water fountain wrapped in pine wood rafter brings life to the front façade while dynamic pattern Bangalore bricks rested between the compound walls welcomes the guests inside.

The Grill free windows outlined in white composite stone provide modernisms to the exterior.


The main entrance gate opens into the parking area on the ground floor where the rear corner of the floor is planned with the swimming pool adjacent to the servant room and the entrance foyer.

The entrance foyer is greeted by the handcrafted shisham door standing solemnly on the edge which is more highlighted with the inlaid brass which is neutralized by the adjacent Bangalore brick jalis ventilating the staircase foyer area.

One on climbing the staircase enjoys the play of sciography evolved from the slits planned throughout the path beside the wall of frames helps in greeting in advance while leading to the spacious Drawing room on 1st floor.

The drawing room is a double height luxury expression blending beautifully with nature as the room opens up on right to the terrace garden which brings royalty to the ambiance.

The full height upvc section also helps in bringing in ample light and airiness in the interior so that one can experience the comfort of inside while enjoying the delightful view of outside.

To the left of the zero proximity drawing area is the connected living, dining and kitchen simultaneously with the help of our no barrier planning concept. Which perhaps is the best part of the design, one can view the whole house from the central point of the bungalow.

The dining area has a neutral shell and a spacious vibe. The table with the Italian top for six is placed in front of our boss chairs. The kitchen here in white and capcachino features a contrast red highlighting niches which were incorporated in the design after the client’s demand.

The bold color palate and brass teamed with the rich wooden tones are perhaps another continual features that run throughout the house along with the exposed brickwork.

The staircase leading to the second floor opens up into the lounge area enhanced by the cherry red sofas which simultaneously strengthen by the brick-clad wall of study room which is between the kids and guest room.

The unique study room was specifically designed for the kids of the family to enjoy quiet, pensive moments with a book or music. A relaxing cozy space is designed beneath the window for a power nap.

Here in kid’s bedroom client demanded neither childish nor so sober design so we went ahead with an idea of playing with the levels and raised a podium with a feet on which the mattress rested directly, the design more uplifted by the irregular shape of TV unit which was complimented by the blue cuddling chairs beneath the helicopter shaped hanging light.

The Master bedroom revolves around an almost circular and curvy bed and bedhead its silhouette is further exalted by the backlight effect, giving the room a futuristic twist.

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EMAIL:                       [email protected]

Design team:          Ar. Mayur Choukse – Ar. Palak Kasliwal

Location:                   Indore

Area:                          7000 sqft

Plot size:                   2400 sqft

Initiation date:      1-11-2017

Completion date:   21-02-2019

Scope of work:        Interior and Architecture

Category:                 Residential

Photography:         Ravi Chouhan – Pixcelcraft

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  • It seems the white colour was a running and very dominant colour choice, with every other colour / material being bounced or contrasted with it. It really does air pure and prestige with the exposed materials such as brick and wood giving the rooms a more rustic feel to them.

    The choice of flooring really works well in temperate conditions, and lighter colours giving the feeling of air and space. What was your aim in using dark colours, especially introducing them into the bedroom, was it more to do with individuality?

  • Beautiful designs, I would like to say thank you for sharing this great article. This is more recommended article. The article is will be really helpful for those who want to keep their home decent and beautiful.

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