• 3 BHK Luxurious House in Lodha Belmondo | Aspire Arch Studios

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    The project we are featuring today is a luxurious 3BHK house in one of the elite societies in Pune, Lodha Belmondo.

    3 BHK Luxurious House in Lodha Belmondo | Aspire Arch Studios

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    This being a second home, the Studio’s vision was to deliver a minimalistic and modern design theme, bringing together sophistication and elegance through use of soothing colours, rich fabrics and modern accents.

    The home welcomes you with a multi-utility shoe cabinet unit with ambiance foot light and a woody accent wall completes the foyer and gives a spacious look.

    The most important space in every home is the living room, which the Studio has tried to make comfortable and pleasant by placing a luxurious Chanel sofa set and custom-made accent chairs, while woody looking wall design and the deep teal colour breaks the monotony.

    The TV unit has been kept sleek, functional and matches with the dynamics of the room.

    The kitchen is a clean, open, minimal and functional space with tones of champagne colour and inlay rose-gold handles for both the counters, and includes tall storage units with built-in appliances. European window serves as a bridge between the kitchen and the dining area and opens the kitchen to the outside view.

    The use of dining hanging lights, rail lights and diffused ceiling lights help create an ambiance for every mood.

    Bedroom one uses a combination of blue and cream colour and houses a space saver foldable bed with a smart bed back. A graphic wallpaper brings the punch to the subtle colours. The modern study, a wall mounted storage unit makes the space functional. A full-size sliding wardrobe is designed in light colours to minimize its bulkiness. Grey toned wooden flooring adds to the colour scheme of the room.

    The Guest room is kept simple and functional. Utility – TV console adds up to the functionality of the room. The niche houses an openable shutter wardrobe with an ironing table accessory attached.

    Master bedroom gets a posh touch with an aesthetic multi-level wall panel and has been given a wooden touch that enhances the cosiness of the room.

    The cosiness of the room is further enhanced by the wooden flooring, making a good contrast to the rest of the décor.

    A frosted glass shuttered wall to wall sliding wardrobe gives a premium look and ample storage space. Hanging lights over the side tables, diffused ceiling lighting and flowing curtains help create a relaxing ambiance. Accent chair, an Ottoman bench and a dressing console are blended by the printed premium wallpaper and give the master bedroom a five-star luxury look.

    Fact File :

    Designed by : Aspire Arch Studios

    Project Type: Residential, Apartment Interiors

    Project Name: Luxurious 3BHK Modern and Scandinavian fusion Décor at Lodha Belmondo, Pune

    Location :  Lodha Belmondo, Pune

    Year Built : 2020

    Duration of project : 3.5 months

    Project Size: sq feet :  2200 sq.ft.

    Project Cost Appx : 32 Lac

    Principal Architect: Ar. Prachi Bapat, M. Arch 

    Team Design Credits: Aspire Design Team.

    Photograph Courtesy :  studio_dale

    Products/Materials/Vendors : FlooringGreen Panel Floors | Kitchen- LegnoKraft by Aspire Arch Studios |Paint- Asian Paints Luxury Emulation paints | Artefacts- Home Centre | Wallpaper- Asian Paints Nilaya Wallpapers | Hardware- Bose and Hettich | Furnishing UpholsteryD’décor | Bedding – Bed and bedding co |Consultants for the Project: Design and Execution entirely by Aspire Arch Studios

    Unique feature – Europian window design between kitchen and dining booth-

    The basic concept behind the kitchen design is a clean, open, minimal and functional space. As for every family, kitchen is the focal point of the home, hence, we have simplified the space to meet the minimalist aesthetics. The openable European window connects the dining and the kitchen area, and opens up the kitchen to the outside view.

    About Aspire Arch Studios-

    Founded in 2010, Aspire Arch Studios is a turnkey Interior Architecture firm operating in Pune. In every project, we combine an innovative approach to the unique issues and the design opportunities they present, with the latest technology and construction techniques. This allows our highly skilled, dedicated team to create an architecture to be proud of, and one which fulfills our client’s vision. Aspire Arch Studios owns and operates a fully equipped machined panel processing facility. With premium raw materials and correct machining procedures, the product ends up being of top-notch quality and impeccable finish.

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    Challenges faced by you during the process of design ideation till execution of the project :

    While starting the design, the Studio’s vision was to deliver a minimalistic and modern design theme, bringing together sophistication and elegance through use of soothing colors, rich fabrics and modern accents.

    Due to current situation of pandemic working hours on the project were very restrictive and short affecting the timely availability of man and material. The Studio faced some challenges in the work time window rules of the society, material movement & storage restrictions in the premises and several approvals needed from the society.

    The Studio owns a fully functional plywood panel processing facility equipped with modern furniture manufacturing machines, delivering a premium finish to the furniture, a rare case scenario for an Architectural firm to have one. 

    The facility helped maintain the finishing standards and cut short the on-site processing time and minimize the overall impact of the pandemic.

    What is that one design element in the entire space which has your heart :

    The wow factor of the living room is the bold use of deepest shade of teal color against all beige décor which steals the show. 

    Design Style which is followed by the project :

    Modern and Scandinavian fusion style Interior design

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