Residence Accentuating Spaces in Frames and Cubes | 3 Square Design

 Residence  Accentuating Spaces in Frames and Cubes | 3 Square Design

Madhuvan Bungalow, Ahmedabad is a surreal 5 bedrooms property designed in a vast arena of 5450 square feet. It is spacious with delightful front greens and a dual-toned façade. The façade is accentuated out of a 2-storeyed cuboid to form planes at different levels, textured in tones of grey and further ornamented by warm coloured wooden openings.

A horizontal plane on the first floor extends out to become the entrance foyer. The wooden ceiling that visually extends itself to transform into wooden battens becomes the main door. The foyer is lined by a console and plant beds to deliver a place to also repose.

The main door opens to deliver an experience of a towering vestibule- to confront a see-through wall designed with horizontal and vertical grey planks centered by a yellow boxed frame. Stone clads the transverse wall detailed with wooden battens to add to its verticality. To further ornament the space, an embellishing mirror complementing the boxy storage unit is added. One cannot fail to notice the miniatured human installations that give a different perception to the wall design.

The vestibule leads to a vast and commodious living space adjoined by a dining area. Dusky yellow and grey sofa infuse a sober character. The seating area is backed by a white textured wall with a metallic black installation. The ceiling is plain with a unidirectional wooden plane embodied with grooves. This groove-in-wood concept extends to the cubical tea-poi that is complemented with a marble sash.

A play of cuboidal forms furnish the house- the showcase in the living room designed by juxtaposing cuboids, the tv console- can be narrowed down to a cubical geometry. The partition takes shape from metal pipes with coloured cubical frames stationed within to form a display.

The house portrays a very interesting strategy of using wood. The polished wood, in the form of battens, planes, and solids- takes shape to frame the openings, highlight the walls and ceilings, and to accentuate a niche or a territory. It enhances the perceptual quality of the space.

The puja room is very effortlessly designed with an apt storage unit. It shares the see-through wall with the vestibule adding a character to the space. An eclectic metal installation on the longer wall takes the breath away in a tranquil expanse.

The dining area is a double-height space accommodating an 8-seater simple yet elegant table, a glass-wood door, and an articulated service unit. A distinct overhanging fabricated light takes a geometric shape to polarize the wood-cased opening. Wooden battens, originating from the floor, run along the wall and ceiling to terminate at the tabletop articulating a cornered service unit. It includes a hand wash and a service platform. The mirror is frame-worked by mosaic tiles extending along the kitchen walls that acts to unify the spaces than characterizing a different domain.

The kitchen is a flamboyant space. The use of each colour horizontally, makes it look wider. The use of grooved wood for chimney cover, the sleek unit specially designed to graciously accommodate the microwave, the bevelled aluminium sheet under the service platform shows the emphasis on the details, functionality, and aesthetics given.

A stairwell in a building visually connects the storeys. The black dog-legged flight with wooden railing set in a beautiful backdrop in pastel sea-green accentuates the transition. An interesting corridor with artworks, book shelves, and an arresting blue lounge walks one to the bedrooms.

The rooms are balanced, well-lit, lively, peaceful and give one the feel of an adobe within an adobe. The bed in the master bedroom is modest with planes being extruded from the grooved wooden surface, on a grey-textured surface further encased by a wooden frame with the lime art frames. The balcony, the linearly composed furniture come together to deliver a highly spirited space.

Princesse. The bold and empowered term one would encounter stepping into the daughter’s bedroom. This unique idea of accenting the wall with these fonts justify every design decision in the room- from the boosting cobalt blue to the raw woody finishes to the simple linear furnishings. Every segment in the room designates the user.

The boy’s room is playful with recessed headboard and buttoned green bed back. The room has a modest design with plain finishes and the aptly creative furnishings. It generates a positive aura for all the comprehending activities.

With just the creative play of lines, planes, and solids, the adobe achieves an ambiguous character to justify every demand and needs of the client.

Fact File:

Firm: 3 Square Designs

Client: Mr.Haresh patel

Project Name: Madhuvan Bunglows

Project Type: Residential

Area: 5450 Sq.ft

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Designers: Vishal Patel, Bhavya Patel, Hardik Donga & Team

Photography: Inclined Studio

Text Credits: Megha Hirani

About the Firm:

3 Square Design is an Ahmadabad based Interior design Consultancy Company incorporated in year 2012. Armed with a trusted team of interior design experts with over 7 years of accumulated expertise coupled with its expansive portfolios. 3 square design is a spurning creations uniquely with its practical and fashion forward ideas. Our Team at 3 square believes in communication and care for our clients, rather it is small or big projects. We design to deliver the best for everyone. Believing in achieving the best quality, we utilize and work with a carefully selected pool of professional suppliers and manufacturers who deliver the finest materials from furniture to fabrics. With experience in both the commercial and residential projects, our ranges of clients include restaurants, offices to apartments, and landed properties. At 3 Square design, we approach each project with an aim in mind and individuality. Design is our forte.

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