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Elegant Apartment Interiors | Studio 7 Designs

A creation of the Classy Shell made this place a perceptible home in its own architectural way. The concept of which was to have an uncluttered enclosed area with elegance and smart structure including 3 Bed areas, Dine area, Kitchen and most spacious sitting area.

The sheer windows created throughout the end walls, pair up to the good height and permissible natural light of this home.

The woodwork, the custom made sleek furniture and proportionate lights within comes together seamlessly to define this home.

The built structure, architecture and interiors balance each other and have easy access to each corner of the house. Though the rooms are planned as per individual requirements, the texture and design theme is maintained throughout the house.

At first glance, this apartment interior is not easy to say what more is inside the spaces. It carries your eyes and mind all over the place.

The well reflecting and in-sync interiors define the hierarchy of the spaces in the house.

Foyer Space:

Welcoming ambiances supplements the vibrations we feel while we enter a home.

The area designed with warm lights flanked from wooden grooves opens to a foyer boasting a plush entry and staggered lights that hug over the textured hallway. The Italian floor perfectly sits in front of dark wood and white quartz-stone console bench and shoe cabinet placed beneath side-by-side art.

Living Room:

We strongly believe that the ambiance of recessed&indirect lighting in the larger spaces becomes more important than ever before! As always, we believe to rely more on natural illumination.

The windows and sliding glass doors bring in plenty of freshness and the outdoorsy charm to the living room. The palette of grey and wood gives wings to the entire room. The implementation of Italian stones within the broad wood frame created a charming as well as minimalist cinema side of the room.

Corner lamps complementing a gray rug placed beneath the center table boasts the modish premises with an added drama.

Dining Area:

Matching and balancing of the stone and wood combination add up as a key to attractive and unique areas in the home. It is more than just a regular ‘paint and furniture’ combination.

The silver Picasso marble top with wooden base is best for those who follow the minimal approach in terms of furniture and design. The rich grey color of the marble adds panache to the ‘Stone and Wood’ combination in the dining area. The sidebar is finished with the Van Gogh inspired artwork embedded within the vertical veneer belts. The art created an eminence on the wall of the house.

The stone finishing worked very well in the dining area, where it can inspire you to come up with a feast. While the wood offers the appeal of authenticity and distinctive combination. The beige colored leather upholstery creates a treat to have this area adjacent to the kitchen. It turned out to be a perfect place to have “Oasis time” to find balance and harmony in busy life.

The Kirkland style metal-gauze divider gives a tinge of vintage but chic look, separating kitchen and dining aisle. It pairs the style and practical functionality of the area.

Kitchen Area:

The kitchen is the command center where you can sense the action with a thru view of living and dining space.

Dark wood veneer used on the service area of the kitchen balances the entire woodwork and furniture across the dining space. On the other lateral, the inside space of kitchen was developed with lighter shades of beige and ivory combination to save space lethargy. Together, lighted walls &Italian tile floor bring a touch of elegance with a striking designed kitchen.The modern light fixture considered to complement the island.

One thing that we would love about this area is the unified pocket drawers and storage. It gave a perfect feel to the minimalist person.

To style-up this command corner in the most desirable way, they designed it to be most modish as well as fully equipped.


Prayer Room:

The prayer room created with integrated thoughts of tradition and modern genre. A smooth combination of recessed lighting beneath the wood coupled with a bright pendant lights did the trick. Belief is this place offer energy, peace as well as a fresh start of the day; hence, lights and design assure that there are no dull corners here.

Bed areas:

The quarters of the house where the busy minds would need quite a rest, created with three different arrangements as per personal comfort.Woods and colors used acoustically created rooms that preserved the choice as well as balance the entire home interiors. The concept of walk-in wardrobe perfectly applied in each bedroom to get the fine overlap with the headboard or theme of the room.

1: Guest Room

The simple accent headboard gives an array texture in a discrete fashion.The élite use of Polyurethane coated stripped MDF amazingly compiles the end-to-end texture of the room.

Concept of defining light fixtures into the wooden canals, get the smart way to let the light travel all over the room.

The dresser area kept minimal along the bedside table gives a depth to the room by the back splashing lights through the mirror.

The console cabinets with lustrous white finishing and oblique wooden legs made it look above the ground.

The over-all balancing of white and wood color adds up a definite charm to this room.

2: Kids Room:

The vibrancy and energy was the core consideration for designing this room. The yellow pop color was included to throw a glimpse of liveliness in the room. The ‘vintage cars’ backdrop makes the bed design gives a chic look across the room. Combination of the dark and light woody shades, tinge of beige and peace with whites created a perfect cozy but attractive room for kids. The must have study area, bookshelf with focused lights created an intelligent style coupled with modern overtones.

3: Master Bedroom

The beige – wood –white:

Beige felt neutral but rested to its true magic once combined with wooden finishing. This trend never took a backseat to define breeze in huge areas of the home. Mirror secured between the wooden frame refined with rusty metal polish, outlines fine vanity space with smart visual effect. The space involving Tahiti inspired bed and leather headboard embedded with wood perceived a sophisticated and refined style.

Study Area:

Study area designed with husky but even look of woodwork and overwhelming wave of gray perfectly enhanced the scholarly expression to this room. You can see that even today gray stills sits at the top of the ‘hottest neutrals’ chart.



Project Name: Splendora Apartment

Design Firm: Studio 7 Designs

Client:Mr &Mrs.Mehta

Designer: Rajnysh Rami

Location: Vadodara

Area : 2000sq.ft.

Photography: Tejas shah

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