Subtle yet Vibrant Office Design | Hiral Jobalia

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Subtle yet Vibrant Office Design | Hiral Jobalia

The Project:

Hiral Jobalia Studio’s work is focused on being design and content driven. The client, Sources Unlimited,was an old acquaintance of Ar. HiralJobalia and they were well known to each other since both are from the design field.This project had a precise and elementary brief:  to bring a level of sophistication to the working space where the design was to be underplayed and yet have its own story whilst giving emphasis on the client’s products (furniture, lights& accessories that they import).

Sometimes simple briefs can be harder than complex ones, but Hiral’s design team took up the challenge.

Detailed Design Note:

The intent was to create a subtle design mark while optimizing the function of the office space. The first step to the design was to carefully, consider the space and derive space efficient solutions with meticulous detailing that could optimize the client’s requirement.





Execution note:

This design concept translated into a comfortable decor with neutral colours where the use of colour has been primarily attributed to complement the décor.


Space was in a new building hence a bare shell was available to work on. The design approach was geared towards conceptualizing the project through dialogues and conversations with the client.During these meets architect noticed that when the clients showed them reference images it was certain details that he was driving at. A productive dialogue became the threshold of this design.


The most challenging aspect of the project was that it had to be Vaastu compliant where different zones had different colours and material palette, hence beige and the grey colour palette was attributed to the entire workplace. Lighting was a very integral part of the entire design strategy. Use of accent and task lighting as per design specifications were used in the material room and conference room so that the exact colour temperature of the display products could be determined. Lights were sourced fromIgguzini, LED Linear, Flos, XAL etc. Coloured veneer and matt copper panels in director’s cabin and stone veneer in staff area forms some of the design highlights.Chidori wood joinery (traditional Japanese art) at the entrance of the office and a metal screen used in front of the fabric panel in the conference room are many elements that lend a distinct character to space while the lounge and informal director’s desk form a design identity. Also in the reception area, a linear desk was suspended to give a floating effect thus making that particular area visually larger.


With the focus on minute detailing and innovative utilization of materials, the designers finally translated the imagination into a subtle yet vibrant design where the staff and the directors enjoy their day at work in relaxed spirit.



Fact File:

Location: Mumbai

Details of the space (area in sqft): 3000

Seating Capacity: 50

Concept & Interior Design: Hiral Jobalia Studio

Principal/ Creative Director: Hiral Jobalia

Design Team: AlankarDandekar

Interior Contractor:Dev Interiors

Furniture Manufacturer: Giorgetti, Rimadesio, poltronafrau

Photograph credits: © Photographix | Sebastian + Ira





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