When Traditional World Fuses With Modern Elegance | Theta One Designs

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When Traditional World Fuses With Modern Elegance | Theta One Designs

This home, designed for a South Indian family in the suburbs of Mumbai is loaded with surprises. A three-story, 2600 square feet bungalow is a mix of traditional elements with a fresh modern look.

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The clients wanted to retain the traditional aspect of the family and incorporate it into their house interiors despite being contemporary from the outside, turning into an absolute eclectic abode.

Upon arrival, one enters the informal waiting area, leading up to the drawing-room where the wooden rafters in the ceiling and the pop-colored rust wall catches the attention. Whereas the furniture expresses a vintage look in contrast. The walls and ceiling are complemented by Italian marble with carefully crafted brass inlays.

The space transitions further into a bold teal and timber open kitchen combined with calming white dining, forming a spacious room following brass furnishings to glam up space.

The Den room is the perfect fit to pursue all the favorite activities and spend some time in solitude. There were various antique pieces that the client had collected over the years that needed to be incorporated into the interiors. The designer says “it was challenging to create an environment which integrates these traditional antiques with our interior style.”

As we move ahead, the guest room, called the ‘the sun shine’ room by the designer, is the brightest space of the house where the west side sun is reflected through hand-carved panels painted yellow. Again, here the hand-carved panels play a vital role in keeping the traditional feel in tune with Italian marble flooring. All the carvings are the work of local craftsmen specializing in traditional Indian designs.

The Italian marble flooring with skilfully curated artistic brass inlays and suitably lit stairways decorated with little carved lotus designs on the sidewall lead up to the second floor which is a more private space comprising two bedrooms.

The master bedroom is inspired by the mid-century era evoking a vintage feel with arched gold and wood panels where a sliding door opens up to a small study area, generating openness. The study area consists of a desk that adapts the vintage look uniquely and a wall hanging open storage in brass, balancing the white background of the wall.

The third room is the daughter’s room where the bold blue painted wall gets highlighted as you enter. All the furniture is beautifully customized in cane to complement the contrasting paint and add a touch of tranquil tropical ambiance to space. Along with the rest of the white walls and the white ceiling, a similar shaded blue arc deco motif recalls the traditional feel of the brief to be continued in the house.

Combining all these aspects and elements together, the house presents a perfect example of balancing colors and different styles of contemporary modern with traditional pieces. With maximum utilization of the space, this house is carved into a beautiful fusion of modern and antique design giving it a minimalistic yet luxurious appearance. From beautiful brass inlays on Italian marble to a rustic feel of exposed and painted bricks. Beautifully carved details on the staircase and the arch windows draw your attention while moving around the house.

Fact File:

Designed by: Theta One Designs

Project: J. K. Niwas

Project Type: Residential

Year of completion: 2020

Area: 2600 sq. ft.

Location: Mumbai

Project Cost: 2cr 10 lacs

Principal Architect: Saachee Shetty

Photography: Fabien Charuau

Text: Aditi Doshi

Website: http://www.thetaonedesigns.com/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Theta-One-Designs-106152354856945/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theta_one_designs/

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