Alluring Interiors Of This House Is A Perfect Blend Of Luxury With Sophistication | Tatvam Concepts

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Alluring Interiors Of This House Is A Perfect Blend Of Luxury With Sophistication | Tatvam Concepts

Singhasan house designed in Kolkata by Tatvam Concepts is a 6000 sq. Ft. Renovation interior project. The designer- Sakshi Arora focused on curating elements that deliver big on comfort, quality, detail, and sophistication. The goal was to weave in bold colours and patterns with metallic accents to create a contemporary and artistic space. Because of the spacious open floor plan, spaces connected effortlessly.

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Each element was designed with care, starting with a layout that is functional as much as aesthetical. She began with choosing larger pieces that proportionately fill the space and finally, the right selection of finishing materials and refined decor that further enhanced the composition.

The living room is designed by an amalgamation of contemporary and modern interior design styles. Here, the designer chose Fuschia suede fabric for the sofas and paired it with teak wood bench and center tables, that exude a great sense of craft. The highlighter wall cladded with light-colored marble gives a wider sense of space and helps form a lovely backdrop for artwork and other interior embellishments A sumptuous, smooth, stylish rug, and plush cushions in different fabrics are a perfect way to introduce a cluster of textures.

The wisely chosen art pieces brighten up the space and bring more liveliness in the ambience of this room. Indoor plants in every space bring freshness with added charm. Floor to ceiling height windows provides the perfect illumination that adds depth and a luxurious sense of comfort.


This rustic style home bar is an excellent add-on to the well-designed house. Mozaic flooring segregates the area visually along with the chic ambiance. Concrete textured paint is a perfect contrast to the green wall. The warm lights hanging from the Jaali create a cozy mood. Since the client is an ardent collector of expensive spirits, the designer added a bronze mirror that brings out the beauty of glassware and bottles, adds depth, and reflects light. The bar opens up to the outdoor that provides a sense of openness and greenery.

Bedroom 1

Every detail of this bedroom is tailored to give a picture-perfect aesthetics with utmost comfort. The designer’s approach towards crafting every tiny detail and wisely chosen pieces from decor to rug shows the utmost approach towards her work. Instead of going for big moments above the bed, the designer turned the bedside tables into artful displays. Double cushioned headboard in grey suede bed gives a global aesthetic and flair to the bedroom. It is complemented with feminine accents like the blush side chair and the visually striking rug. The Art pieces bring the whimsical aura to the eclectic interiors.

Bedroom 2

We love the clean-lined contemporary look of this bedroom. Having minimalistic tendencies, the focus rests on finishes and form. The client expressed preferring a dark palette of colours which leans into a masculine bedroom design and helped guide the direction of the design.

Here the earthy and soft shades are chosen to give warmth without physical clutter. The beautiful scenery from the large windows, called for a cozy seating area, with ambient light and soft sculptures. The alluring Interior of the  Singhasan house is a perfect blend of luxury with sophistication and comfort.


Firm: Tatvam Concepts

Principal Designer: Sakshi Arora

Year:  2020

Type: Residential

Area: 6000 sq. ft

Location: EM Bypass, Kolkata

Photo Credits: Biswajit Dasgupta

Text Credit: Arjavi Patel




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