The Tranquil House : Creating Functional Spaces Having Minimalist Approach | Design Dialogue Studio

The Tranquil House : Creating Functional Spaces Having Minimalist Approach | Design Dialogue Studio

With the ever increasing chaos in our day to day modern lives, a home with tranquillity and serene atmosphere with lush greens seems like a distant dream for most people.

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The tranquil house project provided us with an opportunity to create a relaxed environment that is elegant and minimal while redefining our approach towards luxury residential interiors.

The highlight of the project is not an element or space, but is the essence of one’s experience as they move through the multiple spaces in the residence and feeling a sense of calmness. The design goal for this project was to step back and create functional spaces that avoided cluttering the space with unnecessary elements that felt designed, rather than elements that were natural to their setting.

The plan consists of three floors which houses the common areas, kitchen, four bedrooms, home theatre and a terrace garden. The layout of the residence allowed us to have optimum space utilisation with ample circulation space.

The floor plans interconnected with the double height space bring in maximised views and natural light into the residence. With clusters of green plants and sit out junctions, the balconies act as the extended areas of the house blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior. Bare white walls and Italian marble flooring create an overarching harmony in the house which is accented with highlights in subtle tones and soft textures.

As one enters, they are welcomed into the space with a pleasant atmosphere having earthy tones. The play of lines in the ceiling creates an interesting pattern while the array of square picture frames adds to the simplicity of the design.

The foyer space opens into the drawing, kitchen & the double height space containing the dining area. The
kitchen is designed in neutral and monochromatic shades similar to the proposed calming colour palette for the residence. The double height dining space is beautified by an exclusive custom-designed light installation made using hand blown glass and metal pipes.

The use of reflective surfaces in conjunction with the subdued colour palette of the furniture and furnishings oozes luxury to the space along with the bespoke wall art made out of recycled stainless steel and coated in lustrous mirror polish.

The triple height staircase area is adorned with a sky light on the roof that brings in ample bright day light. The staircase is highlighted with teak wood cladding that stretches all the way to the above floors giving a sense of vertical connectivity through the spaces. Breaking free from the conventional handrail, Solid acrylic sheets in white have been used giving an elegant outlook to the glass railing.

The living area wall panelling in wood and texture paint has a rhythmic composition of design elements to furniture pieces that add fine nuances to the space. The outdoor space creates a landscape background for the living and the dining area accentuating the space offering expanded views and giving an inside-out experience.

The water cascade being the centrepiece of the outdoor area creates a soothing waterfall sound against the rugged stone backdrop and the handcrafted marble buddha placed centrally redefines the essence of a zen like space that engages ones human senses such as touch, smell and sound.

The living area in the first floor has arm chairs in royal shade of velvety blue that add vibrance to the space while creating a strong aesthetic and also complementing the double height light installation that is flamboyantly present in the background.

Each room is designed in a unique, yet simple design language. The lighting in the guest bedroom is striking an gives an edgy outlook while creating a dynamic pattern play in the walls & the ceiling. The dark brown reflective surfaces of the wardrobes against the lighter tone of the textured wallpaper adds a new dimension to the room creating a soothing environment.

The master bedroom is designed using a splash of pastel blue to the all white decor giving a pleasant and cosy aesthetic to the space. The daughter’s bedroom was designed with the stunning bed as focal element. Shades of mauve, grey and beige were consciously picked to add a chic touch to the space.

The interlocking pattern of open and closed bookshelves in the son’s bedroom extends itself into a study table as a floating piece of art on the wall.

The home theatre has acoustic treatment on the walls with alter native patterns of grey fabric paneling. The organic patterned carpet juxtaposed against the strong line language of the walls in grey shades gives a dark tone aesthetic to the space. The combination of partial profile lighting on the walls and dimmable spot lighting in the ceiling create a cozy ambience making it perfect for a movie atmosphere.

Terrace garden with outdoor sound system makes the space a junction for gatherings and leisurely activities. The space is completed with ambient lighting, wooden deck flooring, potted plants and shrubs, artificial turf and a metal pergola with glass top making the space perfectly usable even on a rainy day.

Fact File :

Designed By : Design Dialogue Studio

Project Type : Residential


Location : Hyderabad

Year Built : 2020

Area : sq.ft: 5500 sq ft

Project Cost : 6 Cr. Approx

Principal Architect : Prashanthi , Amulya

Design Team : Jayaram, Nirmita and Navaneet

Photograph Courtesy : Monika Sathe Photography

Products and Materials : Finishes/ Furnishings: Stonelife, Home affairs | Wallcovering / Cladding Construction Materials: Arte wall covering | Lighting: Endo lighting, Klove studio, Prakash lights | Automation: Lutron | Furniture: Elevate X, Natuzzi Italia, Cantori | Kitchen: Beckermann | Wardrobes: Elevate | Home theatre: Genelec | Wardrobes: Elevate

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