3BHK Apartment Revels A Strong Blend Of Colours And Twists | Kreon Projects

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3BHK Apartment Revels A Strong Blend Of Colours And Twists | Kreon Projects

Their 3BHK Apartment revels a strong blend of colours and twists. This project is a retreat within the hustle-bustle of the city. It was essential to utilize an existing “shell” and to plan the space effectively to provide a complete wellness concept while creating a luxurious, welcoming, and inspiring environment. Through the choice of natural materials, colours, and lighting we created zones of tranquility, energy, peace & relaxation to achieve a complete concept within a restricted space.

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The entrance has the name of all 3 members of the family on the Rustic wall as they believe and sharing every tiny space within themselves. As soon as we enter the house, the first thing that strikes is “The Saraswati Symbol” to devote the respect towards the goddess. In the entrance, there is also a sitting space and shoe rack with a beautiful painting on roller blinds behind.

The Foyer is again a colourful mixture revealing the space to enclose the utilities. The herringbone pattern on the cabinet shutters and the soothing cyan above is itself balancing the softness and the roughness within and enhancing the small space

The colour Blue and Green in the Living Room is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. This stunning design is eye-catching, yet durable finish that reflects the family’s energetic lifestyle. This space is an unmatched synergy of materials, hues, and textures illustrating modern extravagance.

The most elegant wall of the room is the dining wall with the abstract hand-painting with immense fresh colours with yellow chairs with a teak wood dining table adjacent to the wall.

The Herringbone pattern on TV unit in concrete finish laminate along with artificial green grass slits on both the sides with indirect lights. It is bold enough to feel like you’re taking serious risks but still classic enough that you don’t feel like you’re going too far outside of your comfort zone. In this home, the shade is immediately calming and welcoming, whether used as a couch for a touch of drama while the green tone in materials has been used to make the space welcoming.

Master Bedroom with Contemporary design is a mixture of two styles with their exclusive signatures. At its core refers to “of the moment” “living or occurring at the present. in simple words, refers to current design trends while paying homage to the past, with contemporary, you are bound to see modern elements along with art decor inspired notes & futuristic designs flourishing. Bed Back with the Laser Cut Jali unveils the Bronze Mirror behind complementing the ceiling finished in wood and enhancing the rest of the suttle room.

Kids Room is exclusive and exquisite with graphics and an integral concept of travel and exploration with the Goals like a Football game has.  The yellow and hints of orange & blue hues, incorporated using MDF panels and furniture pieces; invigorate the room with a burst of fresh energy and vibrancy. Room is designed keeping in mind that the kid will never get bored off.

Study stable with extended shelf shaping like huts with the artwork below along with the hidden lights has its own charm to surprise. Minimalism | contemporary | style | splendor – our distinctive design language transforms this kid room into a space of luxury.

The best part about this design is the uniqueness that remains fresh even after years, giving your interiors a truly timeless feel. Contrasting the minimalist motto, design blends with the luxury of this living room. It’s amazing to be able to craft something unique each time. Elevating the style quotient. Creating a design that epitomizes grandeur with easy-chic living.


Firm – Kreon Projects

Client – Mr. and Mrs. Zope

Typology – Residential Apartment

Location – Ravet, Pune

Status – completed 2020

Carpet area – 1180 sq.ft

Principal Designer – Parag Supe

Design team – Prashant Raut & Abhay Shigwan

Photography – Biju Gopal

Website: https://www.kreonprojects.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kreonprojects/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kreonprojects/

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