Apartment Interior Brings In Zen And Botanical Experience | One Habitat Studio

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Apartment Interior Brings In Zen And Botanical Experience | One Habitat Studio

Everything possibly is nestled into space as it has always meant to be here and never else. We tried to bring as much natural life, light, and air as inside making it seamless to harmonize the outdoor and indoors. No wonder the pastel colours, materials, and subtle art of adding the exact proportions, all together create this soothing natural environment inside. All of it made us customize all items to every smallest detail.

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The living      

A sense of symmetry, Togetherness, and a rhythm in materials, colours, and textures have been achieved which makes the user connect with every smallest element of the house. The house speaks, you can hear it, you can feel it.

The composition of the TV units with materials flowing over them, adds exuberant luxury & a natural approach together to space.

The Dining area

Either Night or day, it’s irresistible to get off the dining. The feeling of oneness in materials flowing from the veneer panel to the dining table, the colours that flow over the units, overall it connects the user.

The Crockery unit Designed to fit in clients loves to display their earthenware which full filled by the open-close and see-through surfaces. The veneer paneling behind gives a background for the unit and is adorned with beautiful circular artwork.

The puja unit

A pleasing amalgamation of contemporary- traditional art, to create the user, experience, oneness with the deity. At day time, the sunrays are completely on the unit, which magnifies the materials and textures. At nights, the backlit white satvario quartz with the traditional wooden legs together works wonders to attain peace to the user.

The kids room

Once upon a time, there were two little girls and their peach world where they lived happily ever after. Pleases to the eyes and delight to the girls, the feel of the space just magnetically brings you to be here all day and night. The triangular lines excite and bring life to the units. They definitely tell you a story.

Triangular forms all over the room, make the space exciting, and adds energy to the user. Mesmerizing, dreamy, and irresistible. The ray of light from the backlit panel, just intensifies how many moods a room can create.

The parents room

The subtle art of adding traditional to contemporary, making the space peaceful and calm! It’s completely meditative here. When the sun rays enter the room, space totally transforms into meditative and a calm environment. Every material of every unit/ space/ room has been meticulously thought over and used to create the user experience comfortable and a feeling of belongingness every time.

The  Master room

Not only days, but nights are completely dreamy and utopian. All the textures, colours, objects, plants, together magnify the space and pleases the eyes and the soul. The ombre wall, stained greenwood, and ultra modern    feel, just excites our beloved clients to experience the space to every minute details added. A cozy niche adorned with hues of greens and soothing soft cushions,  a t reat to relaxing mind and soul.

The materialistic things here are just bringing you closer to attain peace. The wood, pastel colours, wallpapers, the plants, just exactly calm our extraordinary hard-working doctor clients to lean back and breathe pure!

The Guest unit

The guest room is equally soothing and follows the language of the house in terms of materials, colors, and textures.

The Balcony

That’s all-natural livings where evenings are spent right here. All plants are carefully chosen inside and out to purify the air and escalate the experience.

The Details

Every material, texture, and the applied area is minutely thought over to create a sense of calmness and zen-like experience.


Designed byOne Habitat Studio

Project Type: Apartment Interiors   

Project Name:  A Natural Utopia

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India 

Year built: 2020

Size: sq feet: 1700 sq.ft

Project Cost appx: 40 lakhs

Principal Architect: Ar. Yash Shah, Ar. Anuja sawarkar

Photograph courtesy:  Onil Shah

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onehabitatstudio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/one_habitat_studio/

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