An Alluring Interior Design Representing Modern Luxury Of Today’s Time | Kunal Shah Architects

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An Alluring Interior Design Representing Modern Luxury Of Today’s Time | Kunal Shah Architects

This house is all about the sparkles, evoking a deluxe feel which the primary brief of the client was. An Ahmedabad-based firm, the Kunal Shah Architects, shares his recently completed project where designing another house for the same client administered freedom to experiment with lavish materials. As a result, a contemporary and modern design style integrated with mindful corners formed, making this house a great example of modernity.

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As we enter the house, the vestibule showcases a thoughtful and clever design eliminating the typical shoe cabinet in the entrance. The vestibule space acknowledges two contrasting elements; an antique knife and a seamless round mirror offsetting from the wall edge. Besides being a contrasting element, the mirror serves as a functional object for checking yourself before going out of the house. 

Moving ahead, the layout introduces dining as the first space to enter after vestibule, encircling other spaces to move further. The dining table and chairs showcases a modern and sleek look with a touch of purple, adding a hue with the white and grey combination. Similar combination continues in the cabinet dividing formal seating and the dining space.

The entire dining and living spaces consists of back painted glass walls where the horizontal stripe formation on a vertical plane help elongate the depth of the space. Along with the dividing cabinet, the ceiling also continues the glam through high-quality polish of P.U. finish and creative light placements.

Further connecting space is the family living room designed with brown leather couches, providing a cozy corner for gatherings.

On the right side of the dining, the formal living room is kept as a separate room for more private conversations to take place. Again the couches are leather upholstered in a dusky blue shade complimenting the lighter shades of the walls and curtains. The formal living space also follows the polish of P.U. finish pelmets and modern TV cabinet with back painted glass and metallic sheets.

On the left side of the dining is the semi open kitchen. This sleek design of modular kitchen where the absence of handles protruding from front of cabinets provides flat, smooth surfaces and a seamless look.The cabinets also follow the back painted glass language with P.U. polish to continue the glossy effect around the house.

From living and dining comes more private spaces, the bedrooms, where the elder son’s bedroom expresses simple modern aesthetics accompanying vivid ochre yellow furnishings. The side tables and an open wall hanging cabinet above the study area also follow a similar tone of the ochre yellow. In contrast, the ceiling is kept subtle in design to balance the strong color tone of the room.

The younger son’s bedroom has a relatively less space for a standard bed to have incorporated. In this case the designer came up with a clever solution of placing a round bed that just did the trick. To further appreciate the round bed, the ceiling is also designed in circular formation. This formation definitely generates a warm corner space within the small room.

Coming into the master bedroom, the king size bed with higher back rest is being highlighted by natural stone. The client was inclined towards using natural material for the backdrop of master bedroom. As a result, the backdrop is designed with William grey marble in leather finish and golden leaves inlayed in the stone to evoke luxury. Also, the marble and gold inlay reflects the similar language that can be witnessed upon the entrance as well.

The master bedroom opens up into a large gallery, another cozy corner, having contemporary furniture. Overall the house reflects modern luxury in terms of using high-quality paint and finishes, leather fabrics, natural stones, and inlays, yet keeping cozy corners all around.  


Architecture Firm: Kunal Shah Architects

Project Name: Residence Design for Mr. Samirkumar

Project Type: Residential Interior

Principal Architect: Ar. Kunal Shah

Completion Year: 2020

Carpet Area: 2550 sq. ft.

Project Location: Ahmedabad, India

Project Cost approx: 1.30 cr.

Photography:  Abhishek Shah

Text: Aditi Doshi




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