Sustenance, Elegant And Efficient 3BHK Apartment Design | Inklets Studio

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Sustenance, Elegant And Efficient 3BHK Apartment Design | Inklets Studio

This 3 BHK apartment was designed for the owner who has been working for corporates. The client wanted an elegant and efficient design along with a sense of uniqueness to every space. For him, his home isn’t only a place, it’s a feeling and a way of being. It’s an art of being at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Also, he wanted a home which a place of sustenance, invitation and welcome to all his family and friends.

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An attractive door opens up to the foyer which has been detailed with cut-outs in geometric patterns. The space of narrow foyer is doubled by the use of a giant mirror. Moving ahead, one follows the most exciting interventions of the house that is the onsite customized ceiling by the carpenter. This design sets a tone for the rest of the living room decor.

The living room attempts the design with colour palettes, layers of textures and patterns in a triangular frame. The partition between the living and dining is planned in a similar tone. The colour pop by the yellow sofa and wooden texture of TV panel, false ceiling, partition, and center table acquires an interesting character to space. The hanging lamp and wallpaper try to undertone the colour blasts and provide a soothing ambience for family gatherings.

To break the visual connection of dining and kitchen, an idea of partition arose. It also offers a little privacy from the living and place for keeping souvenirs from their travel trips. The dining table with the four chairs was locally purchased. The standing puja and its brass idol match the décor. Here, the balcony and swing are an essential part of the client’s routine.

The swing is a combination of wood, metal back, and brass chain. It is kept as minimalist as per the brief. The kitchen is designed to demonstrate modern characteristics with tones of grey. The common area of the hallway is lit with two lamps shaped like the wheel of cycle.

Considering the son’s love for music and guitar, the room came with its own challenge of fitting 2 places for guitar, electric amplifier, bed, cupboard, and his study desk in a 10 feet square room. For this we placed the amplifier on a shelf of it’s own, while the guitar was hung from the wall. The grey walls and light wood laminate was the first selection for developing a rustic look. The use of sofa cum bed and wardrobe shutter with a full-length mirror is a desperate attempt for the room to look bigger.

The wallpaper at 3 different places in the room and the tint of yellow adds charm to space. The use of leather in a specific stitch pattern offers a soft bed back to the son while playing guitar. Apart from the clean and functional planning of the overall layout, even the lighting for different moods of the room (study, getting dressed, and play night for music) has been done thoughtfully.

The elderly bedroom has specifically been kept grey and white in color to add a mature setting. The bed back is a stone print laminate for easy cleaning from the home remedies they usually do. The study chair and circular painting enhance a character of colour to space.

The master bedroom came with a challenge of hiding an extrusion of a centrally located column in 3 out of 4 walls without losing much of the space. The full-length wooden panel with a vertical motif at the bed back hides the column as well as provides a grand appearance. The overall composition for the rest is very minimal. The huge French doors of the standing balcony bring in a bundle of natural light and view for the resident.

The quality of the entire space in the project is a result of the smart use of materials and colour scheme. Hence, the propose of creating a distinct identity is served.


Firm Name: Inklets Studio

Client’s Name: Dipak Shah

Built up Area: 1045 sq ft

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Design Team: Hiral Shah, Nidhi Mehta

Photography: Yagnik Mistry, Udit buch



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