Transformation Of Compact Affordable Apartment In A Contemporary Home | Studio 2+2

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Transformation Of Compact Affordable Apartment In A Contemporary Home | Studio 2+2

The project was a transformation of a compact affordable apartment into a contemporary home with transparency and minimalistic design. The project was taken as a challenge to maximize every nook and cranny of 800 sqft residence and give a sense of openness to our clients. Twoplustwo’s strategy involved removing 2 walls and replacing them with unconventional materials like fluted glass, framed within the High-Density boards. These translucent frames help us to achieve more light and thorough vision across the living spaces.

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The use of mirrors, placed considering the Vastu, brings in the expansive character to the bedrooms and also creates an optical illusion of seamless design. Colours play a major role when we design for a climatic condition, like that of Ahmedabad. The palette is all about using pastels, and especially cool colours. It is the colour green that adds freshness to spaces. Shades of green define the interior as it unravels in different forms, from splash on a wall to partition frames, in a proportion that neither feels skewed nor overwhelming.

Studio 2+2 always promotes making their own furniture, customized as per the need of space, which makes it easier to respond to the given space as well as brings business to the craftsmen. Each and every piece of furniture, mostly all the wall features have been custom made as per site dimensions, keeping in mind the budget for the clients.

There have been multiple design tactics applied, to bring in more volume to the rooms, the articulations have been done in many furniture pieces and the intrinsic details along with the wall treatments. The changes in materials add the playful accents, be it stone textured walls or the patterned flooring specific to the studio room. And even after using a composition of different materials, space has unity in the design experience.

The living room is enveloped in textures, with the blend of wood, stone wall covering, and beautifully carved white background, to define its pre-modern style. There is a hint of green through indoor plants and a long wall unit. The visual connection of this space is to the dining area where a feature light anchors the space with a kitchen opening on one side and a background of an almond green wall on the other.

Along with lights, the ceiling is composed of a play of circular punctures, to add some vividness. This green wall is one of the enclosures of study space with patterned flooring with a window to the outsides, and another connection to the kid’s room. The anchor feature of the kid’s room is rather a hidden one [hidden closet]. The bunk beds feature playful steps connected by jute to the wooden frame.

The master bedroom, however, is enclosed only in white as a background to the closet of wood and glass to make the space feel vast. The anchor of this room is the sculpture of metal fish over the bed with a grooved headboard. When each partition is opened up, the apartment feels like a set of boundless spaces with rich volumes, immense daylight, and a fresh colour palette.


Designed by: Studio 2+2

Project Type: Residential Interiors

Project Name: Vishwanath Samam

Location: Shela, Ahmedabad

Year built: 2020

Size: sq feet: 790 sqft

Project Cost appx: 23 lacs

Principal Architect: Janki Vyas

Project Team: Pratik Jethi, Suraj Keswani

Photograph courtesy: Ishita Sitwala




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