The earthy palette is chosen with bold and clean lines | Sahaj dzine

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The earthy palette is chosen with bold and clean lines | Sahaj dzine

This house designed in contemporary style fused with a rustic and minimalistic design style approach to give a picture-perfect look. Here, as you enter the house a varli pattern carved in safety door grills with wood and brass main door gives you a gist of the interior of the house. The vestibule is kept intact and untouched to give a minimalistic approach towards the interior of the house.

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In the living room, Brass is used with oak wood to add glory to space. In the living room, T.V. unit walls are created with a white lower segment to give it a floating effect and vertical oak wood plank divided by brass strips to illumine the space. Here, the edges are highlighted with a floral pattern to create an illusion in the space by distracting the focus on the pattern rather than edges.


Woody edges on the false ceiling grab the attention in contrast to lighter flooring. Sectional Tan sofa with soft cushioning and complicating the dining chairs bring the modern interior gist to the otherwise contemporary style. The living room is connected with the dining room in visual connection and open plan system with brass and wood partition wall along with an antique wooden floor clock at the end of the partition.

Kitchen is contained with an offbeat colour palette in comparison to the rest of the house in shades of grey and whites. Grey acrylic glass is used in the drawers with white platform top and beige wall tiles with grey counter head storage to complete and compliment the interior of the kitchen. Here, the lighter horizontal planes are juxtapositioned with darker vertical planes.

The mandir is designed with wooden block frames inscribed with small temple brass bells to create the jaali and classical alluring visuals. PU paint gives softness and serene ambience.

In the master bedroom, a monotonous earthy palate is chosen with bold and cleans lines contemplating the interior of the house. Monotonous wooden wardrobes contrasted by champagne bed back wall divided by vertical planks giving visually extra height to add the luxury and grandeur to space. Brass accent wall lights are placed along with niche above the headboard height.

In Bedroom-2 metallic champagne colour are used with black and whites to give a monotonous but full of life colour palette. Here, the bed back wall which is the highlighter wall is contrasted with champagne rexine and black back-painted glass to balance the scale of soft and hard surfaces and create visual symmetry for children’s interior space. Here, the wardrobe doors are full heightened to give space a grandeur feeling and to hide the HVAC unit on the upper level. Wardrobe doors are painted in metallic champagne and white at the bottom to give the interior light and airy aesthetic. Hanging bedside table painted in white serves the function to bedside storage without cluttering the space in an otherwise smaller bedroom.

Colourful art pieces are used such as wall painting with dancing children, yellow pair of swans above the hanging side table and a metallic brass pot with plant brings charm and life to this bedroom interior. On the opposite walls, ecliptic mirrors contained in a black powder-coated metal frame placed vertically creates and picture-perfect view with a white platform with a horizontally grooved wall and an oak wood frame in the ceiling.

In the bedroom-3 white beige tinted glass is used to create a geometric pattern with wooden niches as a focus with spotlight and art pieces in it. Full height white doors of the wardrobe reflect the light and make space look visually larger giving a calm environment to the interior.

A white study table paired with colourful accent chair brings fun to the monotonous space. Overhead storage unit hung on the wall inscribed in a metallic frame above the study appears as wall art. Low height bedside table in white merges with the background wall to create lightness in the interior.

In bedroom-4 minimalist furniture is accompanied with different types of accent lights such as bracket light in the centre of self-coloured wooden mouldings to enhance the appearance of the interior. The chandelier brings sophistication in the ambience of the room.


Design By:- Sahaj dzine

Project Name: The Brown Stone

Project Type: 4BHK Residential

Client:- Rakesh Patel

Location: Ahmedabad

Completion Year: May 2020

Design Team: Kaushal & keyursheta

Principal: Jaymin Maniya

Built Area: 2700 Sqft

Project Cost: 2800 / sqft

Shots By:- Inclined Studio

Text Credit: Arjavi patel



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