Cozy, Timeless, Simple Yet Elegant Apartment Interior | Studio Living Stone

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Cozy, Timeless, Simple Yet Elegant Apartment Interior | Studio Living Stone

We were commissioned to design a simple home for a family of doctors with his parents and wife. The brief demanded a home that was cozy, timeless, simple yet elegant in an optimum budget.

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A very conscious decision was taken on the material palette for the housekeeping a few elements constant to form a coherence experience of the house. Every person in the house was different and hence all spaces had to narrate different stories in the same coherent whole. The use of stone, wood, and metal is constant in the entire house, and each space is then defined and differentiated by the use of colors, furnishings, artifacts, furniture, and detailing.


The main entrance is very welcoming and cozy with the use of wood. The most striking feature is the way the Jali (screen) door is designed. Here one can see the combination of art and function. The bespoke wooden handle sits in this frame almost like a piece of art. As one enters, a small foyer space directs to the main living space. The living space is a very simple, minimal space accentuated by the use of colors and frames.

The frames are very thoughtfully placed on the wall paneling and the use of brass inlay adds elegance in the overall minimal setting. The tones of blues and greens in the wall frames are reflected in the sofa and the chairs. A lot of emphasis has been given on the use of natural tones to make the spaces cozy. The TV unit is again a very intricate detailing of wood engraving in stone panels.

On the right side is a solid mass in wood which constantly changes form and accommodates the function of the spaces adjoining it. In the living room, it houses a console with abstract metal art. All the furniture items were custom made on site. The slender metal details of the console and the curvilinear forms have been reflected in the art above it.

In the dining area, the crockery unit has been carved out in this wooden block and the refrigerator sits in the area adjoining the kitchen. This wood mass really anchors in the space and contributes a lot in forming continuity to the spaces of the house.

A metal screen with geometrical perforations divides the living and the powder room, maintaining the privacy and continuity at the same time. The dining table, chairs, and even the hanging light in crescent moon shape have been designed to its last detail.

A very interesting feature of this space is the way the Puja sits. Instead of creating a heavy mass, the tapering ends create a very unique and light structure in the available compact space.

The master bedroom 1 uses a very minimal and bold material palette of whites, wood, and blues. The bright blues have been consciously used in various ways, for example, the staining on the veneer to create the artistic panel in front of the bed, the artworks, the bed back, and curtain furnishings to bring the vibrancy and fresh feel to the spaces.

The master bedroom 2 showcases a very mature and interesting use of stone and wood. The 3d wall panels are custom made in cast stone and wood. A very striking feature of this room is the built-in stone seating with intricate wooden back details and planters.

The bed and breakfast spoiler has been uniquely detailed in its aerodynamic form in wood and metal. Dark hues on the wall and wooden flooring create a very cozy ambiance to the spaces.

A multi-functional home clinic has been designed with a retractable table in MS plate and wood and sofa cum bed. The lotus motifs engraved in the veneer and the green fabric add elegance in this overall simple and minimal space.


Firm: Studio Living Stone

Project Name: HSA

Principal designer: Pratik Chandresha & Unnati Mistry

Type: 4BHK Residential Apartment Interiors

Year: 2020

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Photographed by – pratikruti09_ar_photography

Facebook: Studio Living stone


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