A Modern Home With Functionality At It’s Core | RED BRICK STUDIO

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We were approached by the client with two compact 3BHK apartments to be combined into a single 4BHK home for a family of five. Measuring 990 sq.ft. each in carpet area in total, the apartments were attached with a large podium level terrace of 2100 sft. The client’s brief was to have an open and a modern home with functionality at it’s core and customisation as per the lifestyle of individual family members.

A Modern Home With Functionality At It’s Core | Red Brick Studio

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Another key requirement was to have open and semi-open spaces nestled in a natural setting for their family time. During our interactions with the family we noticed their deep appreciation for their native home town in Rajasthan, especially its architecture, art, craft and its overall royal heritage.

While conceptualising our vision for the space our endeavour was to create a narrative of balance between modern forms, natural materials and traditional arts and crafts.  The idea was to create a blend of the old with new such that every space evoked a sense of nostalgia but without losing the setting of the future. 

The material palette is plush and not loud. Our goal was to achieve the luxury of the royal heritage but in an understated manner that suited a more modern space. The silken Italian marble flooring is contrasted by the two large pink sandstone walls that slash across the house.

Reminiscent of Rajasthan’s architecture, these pink walls extend from the living and dining space into the landscape, engulfing it and blending the inside and outside.

Primarily facing north and being on the lowermost level of a 10 storeyed building, the apartment is in the shade zone of the building throughout most of the day. This affects not only the quality of natural light in the interior spaces but also makes the volumes feel smaller.

Our focus was on creating a free flowing open plan layout with a seamless connection to the landscape terrace. This helped not only with bringing in natural light into the deeper set spaces but also increased the visual expanse of the home.

The large terrace was divided in functional zones using appropriately placed planters but without compromising on the fluid connectivity between them. We chose minimal and functional interiors grounded into the ‘less is more’ concept and used subtle yet sophisticated patterns to bring in the influences of a royal Rajasthan.

Rich textures of handcrafted materials colours and patterns are juxtaposed with patterns and colours, along with Indian art seamlessly in the entire space. From the specially commissioned ‘Tree of life’ mural in the lobby to the customised Pichwai wall art above the parents room headboard, the house is peppered with Indian art both in traditional and modern techniques.

We chose to interpret the traditional arch in a minimal form and used it as an intrinsic space modelling tool along with the craft of woodwork. The arched niches and fluted wall panels use traditional materials applied in a modern context, eventually creating a modern envelope for showcasing traditional art and crafts.

The house is a modern pastiche of textures, colours, patterns and forms all coalescing to create a rich aesthetic and leave a Royal Impression.


Designed by : Red Brick Studio

Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name : The Royal Impression

Location : Aundh, Pune

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 1 year

Project Size : Interior carpet area 1980 sq.ft & Terrace- 2100 sq.ft

Principal Architects : Ar. Anil Poduval & Ar. Ankur Kothari

Team Design Credits : Ar. Anil Poduval & Ar. Sakina Josh

Photograph Courtesy : Hemant Patil

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