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The beautifully sculpted spaces with the use of refined natural materials in shades of sand, earth and stone, drench this 3BHK home with a sense of calm and warmth. The neutral shades throughout set the stage for a beautiful play of light and shadow. The apartment is 2200 sq. ft. in size and includes a double height living room with a sunroom and an attached terrace, kitchen, dining area, 3 bedrooms, study room and balconies.

3BHK Home With A Sense Of Calm And Warmth | The Code Studio

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We created an extension to the double height living room which serves as a sunroom with double height corner glazing. It is connected to the double height terrace with a beautiful panoramic view of nature.

The glazing is done in a manner that once opened; the terrace becomes a part of the sunroom connecting it to the living room. Creating a modern and minimalistic design that balances beauty and functionality become the key guideline.

It was so important for us to create a coherent and tight design style, se we defined a colour palette and materials that is repeated in the furniture, finishing materials and lighting : reclaimed teak wood, pastel shades, wood veneers.

The kitchen was designed with an open balcony to allow natural light to enter the kitchen. The dining room is the centre piece, connecting the public and private spaces of the apartment.

Fluted glass partition element was added to the study and kitchen entrances to allow natural light to flood in and give a modern minimalistic touch to the apartment.

The study room has engineered wooden flooring and teak wood furniture to create a warm and cosy environment.

Natural limestone flooring was used in the bedrooms to add warmth along with teakwood furniture and traditional block printed linens.

Most of the furniture is custom-made using artisan carpenters and is designed as per the specific requirements of the users.

We introduced statement plants in empty corners to liven up the home. They not only added colour and texture to the space but also created a connection with nature and the outdoors.


Designed by : The Code Studio

Project type : Apartment Interiors

Location : Pune, Maharashtra

Year Built : 2022


Photograph Courtesy : phxindia

Firm’s Instagram Link : The Code Studio


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