House In Udaipur Embarks Its Exclusivity While Establishing Bolder Appearance | Design Inc.

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House In Udaipur Embarks Its Exclusivity While Establishing Bolder Appearance | Design Inc.

It is a residence designed for a family of 6 on a plot area of 4000 Sq.Ft. with a construction area ranging to 5000 Sq.Ft. The architecture of the house is driven by straight lines, cohered with striking contrast played by whites and browns. The bungalow forms a landmark of the lane, being stationed on a corner, therefore flanked by road on one side and open landscape court of remarkable 1500 Sq.Ft. on the other, embarking its exclusivity. Because of the soothing exterior, the house appears to be in complete harmony with the surroundings, making the building off-site.

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Steps to the house have been arranged with the coordinated leveled landscape, bringing greens with the hardscape. Grey Patari stone arranged horizontally establishes floating character to the residence.  Punctures on the facade,  embellished with lights, highlight the exterior,  establishing bolder appearance.

Boundary wall bordering the house is designed using similar elements as those of the residence, making it a part of the same. Straight lines and boxes, being the most established form of the house design, has been used extensively, for embarking projections or making depressions.

Boxing of small fenestrations on a grey stone block adds to the climatic sensitivity,  along with the aesthetic appeal of secondary roadside elevation. The landscape is designed to keep the elder’s needs into consideration, using acupuncture tiles.

It is a 4 bedroom, drawing, living, kitchen duplex, with a family lounge on the upper floor. The heart of the house is embellished with the a through ‘Ita Gold ‘ feature wall, on which rests clean staircase connecting the duplex, bordered by the glass and wooden railing. Central living area cum dining room acts as a core and is flanked by drawing room,  kitchen,  bedroom, and staircase block set around.

Master bedroom is positioned lavishly with a significant size of 14′ X 22′, with bed resting on the platform, along with a dress, toilet, and balcony. It is treated with elegance by using a wooden floor on ‘Diana Italian Marble’. Protruding balcony,  crowned with glass railing, enabled master bedroom luxury of fresh air.

Sons bedroom on the ground floor has a soothing and subtle shade of textured grey, contrasted with patterned veneer,  articulated with 4 Mm grooves and light. The composition adds to the calm of the bedroom energized by yellow-orange 4.5 feet art work. Simple but supplementary study furniture adds to the facilities and functions of the room.

Daughters bedroom is fancied using back-lit CNC mural,  framed in wood. The room being used for study purposes as well has been designed with necessary furniture related to the study table and storage facilities.

The parent’s bedroom is designed with somber travertine fixed on the bedside patterned through grooves and rope light around.  Bedhead is cushioned by a neutral shade of beige.  Niches were created, patterned with niches. The room is facilitated with the wardrobe having bold horizontal and vertical veneer contrast.

Furniture is designed and crafted on-site as per clients’ suitability and needs,  with a smooth and safe finish. doors are paneled with doe colored veneer with silver foil intricate carving, done by local craftsmen.

Fact File :

Architect : Design Inc.

Plot Area : 4000 sq.ft.

Built Up : 5000 Sq.ft.

Project Name: Naman

Completed : 2020

Location : Udaipur

Type :  Residence

Design Team : Anup Murdia and Sandeep Jain

Photograph Credit: Pratik Chandresha


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