50 Appealing Partition Wall Ideas with Timeless Designs

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Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular with residences and office spaces to witness a change in space planning and subsequently planning of partition walls. These partition walls are not only space separators but also a design element that has the potential to become a conversation starter. An element that allows optimum usage of floor space yet defines the users of the space. These partition wall can be solely aesthetic space dividers, and can also be space savers in compact spaces with part storage and part visibility.

1. Diverse Textures making for a Dramatic yet Luxurious Salon Experience 

A bare shell that it was, got converted to a large open plan with a central section for styling and a see-through partition wall from the lobby visually connecting both areas. 

Fact File

Designed by: The Storey Collective

Photography Courtesy: Yash Jain

Location: Nungambakkam, Chennai

Principal Architect: Nikhita Reddy

2. Minimal Yet Vibrant Context Along Bold Palette Elements

The entire space is divided through metal sections bringing a bold and minimal look to the divisions, while the partition wall with the wooden vibrant popups are complementing the same in a subtle and playful manner.

Fact File

Designed by: Kaksh The Design Studio

Photograph Courtesy: Bhargav Thobhani

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Kishan Baraiya, Harsh Menpara

3. Resurgence of Traditional Design Elements with Contemporary Elegance 

We as budding designers had some unique concepts to meet the needs of the space. like a rotating partition between the living and dining area which keeps the space visually connected, unfolds grandeur, and makes the tv float in the air.

Fact File

Designed by: Nest Architects

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Prinical designers:  Nikita Tahilyani, Vikram Singhania

4. House of Makeba Takes You Into An Aura Of Grandeur

The House of Makeba is an alluring restaurant in Ahmedabad with a resplendent milieu spread across 4500-5000 Sq.ft 

Fact File

Designed by: Amogh Designs

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined studio

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Pankti shah & Shalvi shah

5. An Amazing Sunset View Corporate Office Design in Vadodara 

The minimal hanging above the reception table enhances the experience while entering. The right side of the reception table has terra cotta blocks, which divide the reception and the work station providing a see-through partition wall.

Fact File

Designed by: Viviana Interio

Photograph Courtesy : Viviana Interio , Rohan Patel

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Priyanka Choksi

6. Harmonious Crossover amidst Traditional Sensibilities and Contemporary Design Persona

Located in the suburban outskirts of Vadodara in Bill Village, The Patel Residence is emblematic of this very sentiment.

Fact File

Designed by: Foresight Associates

Photography Credit: Tejas Shah Photography

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Designers: Shivali Agrawal, Kunal Patel, Azaz Saleh

7. With Luxury Interior Design and Crafted Décor in this Apartment

The living space connects the balcony, dining & kitchen area together using sliding & articulated doors giving the homeowners an opportunity to space out even more in the already roomy flat.

Fact File

Designed By: Terraform Architects

Photography Credits: PHX India

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Principal Designers: Ajay Geevarghese & Shruti Joshi

8. Sense of a Whimsical World decked up in the Form of a Retail Design in Mumbai

The laminate display consists of a series of capsules and circles joined together to create a partition wall between the showroom and lounge space without hindering the spatial and visual experience of the area. 

Fact File

Designed By: Studio Priyanka Rajguru

Photography Credits: Noaidwin Studio

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Principal Designer: Priyanka Rajguru

9. This Institution Design is Balance of Engineered and Organic Design with a Spin of Minimalism

Usage of large clear glass partitions helps double up the space visually. A blue bookshelf sits with red and yellow chairs at the reading area enticing you to sit, rest or read.

Fact File

Designed by: Atelier Aztec

Photograph Courtesy : Noaidwin sttudio

Location: Surat , Gujarat

Principal Architect: Mayur Ghodasara

10. A Purist Take on the Arched Colonnades Formed the Architectural Framework for this Law Firm Office

As we mulled over which route to take, what we were sure about, was to abstain from the dark wood paneled chamber feel with over-styling in classical elements and ornamentation. 


Designed by : Tejal Mathur Design

Photograph Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Principal Architect : Tejal Mathur

11. Blend of Bold And Subdued, this Experience Center is Unconventionally Immersive and ‘Muselabby’

The plan and sectional relationship is what defines this gallery-like approach. The redefined architecture of the space divides the gallery into two distinct spaces functionally; the inner hall and the outer shell.

Fact File

Designed by: Muse Lab

Photo Credits: Sameer Tawde

Location: Mumbai, Maharashta

Lead Architects:  Huzefa Rangwala, Jasem Pirani, Mariyam Pardawala

12. Office Design and Space Planning followed by Unique Artistic Outlook in this C.A Firm 

The astounding play of materials in the partition wall between two office cubicles with the use of M.S perforated patterned Jali and cane sandwiched in glass exhibit a dramatic play of light and shadow. The genesis of this exotic design project expresses two words ‘Magnum Opus’.


Designed by : Studio Ankit Pahuja

Photography Courtesy : Cine Spectrum Solutions

Location : Udaipur, Rajasthan

Principal Architect : Ankit Pahuja

13. Balance Between Practical and Transcendental Design Through Constant Re-Invention of Office Space : The Corrugated Space 

The program involved proposing a design solution which to combine six office spaces under a single area. Acoustically sound, functionally feasible and aesthetically minimal were the core features of the project. Also, it should be clutter-free and sensible to existing utilities. Featuring partition walls and a monochrome palette, the design proposal excluded the use of fancy materials and prioritized minimalism over flashy design.


Designed by : Little Box Design Studio

Photograph Courtesy : Photographix India

Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Architect : Ar. Deshal Nima  

14. Subtle, Neutral Colours With A Mix of Matte and Glossy Elements in this 4BHK Apartment

A prismatic foyer unit welcomes you as soon as you enter the house. This uber-cool foyer unit is highly functional, and in addition, has a hidden meaning. The glass frames not only look dapper but also helps in retaining any negative energy that may enter along with people. Moreover, you can have a quick glimpse of your general self before heading out!


Designed by : 9 Degree Design Studio

Photograph courtesy : Inclined Studio

Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Architect : Chirag Mehta

15. Holiday Home in the Enchanting Hill Station of Coonoor

Most of the rooms have high ceilings so we used bamboo matting and stunning chandeliers to highlight it. We also used hardwood floors to add warmth to the rooms. Classic chesterfield sofas were teamed with a dramatic wicker day bed and coffee tables to create a welcoming drawing room.


Designed by : Phylosophy Design Studio

Photography Courtesy :  Rithika Photogragher

Location : Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Principal Interior Designer : Vasundhara Sampath 

16. Well Lit, Ventilated Home with an Open Layout Complimenting A Contemporary Lifestyle : Mango House

Located in Kerala’s Thrissur District, the ‘Mango house’ thrives to inscribe minimalist modernity as its design language while sharing a humble relationship with its immediate vicinity.


Designed by : i2a Architects Studio

Photography Courtesy : Turtlearts Photography

Location : Thrissur, Kerala

Principal Architect : Ar.Manuraj C.R

17. Contemporary and Minimalist Apartment Interiors, Seamlessly Blends Private and Public Spaces

The brief was to design an apartment for a young family of five individuals in Surat’s high rises. S residence is at seventh-floor, 1700-square-feet apartment in one of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods. 


Designed by : Studio. KLA

Photograph Courtesy : Craved Captured 

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Principal Architect : Ar. Karan Lotwala, Ar. Kinjal Joshi

18. Open and Energising Office Space Improving Indoor Air Quality & Stimulating Active Habits

The most significant factor influencing employee motivation, productivity, and happiness is the work environment. A healthy workplace improves efficiency and reduces costs related to absenteeism, turnover, workers’ compensation, and medical claims. In addition, employees spend significant hours of their lives at work, rendering it imperative to have a positive and healthy space for productivity.


Designed by : Urban Narratives

Photograph Courtesy : Ujjwal Sannala

Location : Kokapet, Hyderabad

Principal Architect : Shashank Rao

19. Duplex Home Design bringing Together Elements of Nature, Minimalism and Spaciousnes

The linear patterned metal screen behind the sofa is an open & close connect between the living & the dining space the white corian screen framed in a sliding door houses the temple area the same lined pattern is continued on the TV unit panelling in form of grooves finished with metallic texture paint.


Designed byFSND

Photograph Courtesy : Studio SP Photography

Location:  Mumbai, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Rajesh Kathe & Sohil Valia

20. Green Architecture as the Main Concept in the Flick House

The main garden is directly adjacent to the family room and is limited by a large sliding door that can be opened and closed easily. The existence of this large sliding door makes it easy for the air to enter and flow to all rooms on the first floor, especially the family lounge.

Fact File

Designed by : DELUTION

Photograph Courtesy : Fernando Gomulya

Location : Cinere, Indonesia

Lead Architects : Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Sunjaya Askaria, Fahmy Desriza

21. A Neutral Colour Palette and Playful Interiors Inviting Warmth : Residence 95  

Internal stairs connected between the two floors enables visual transparency to the members and encourages family interaction. 

Fact File

Designed by : J+AM STOREY

Photograph Courtesy : Bharat Aggarwal 

Location : New Delhi

Principal Architect : Jaanshi Bhatia & Amit Bhatia

22. A Muted Earthy Colour Palette And Hues of Pop Colour Inducing A Positive Office Environment

The glass partition wall helped in creating privacy and a visual connectivity to the entire space; thereby creating a dynamic space. 

Fact File

Designed by : ASDA

Photograph Courtesy : Ar. Anish Padalkar

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Principal Architect : Ar. Gautam Nageshkar and Ar. Ankita Sehgal

23. Minimalistic and Climate Responsive Residence Imparting Calmness 

Informal living is a vibrant and cosy family space, again double heighted, so as to connect with the upper floor of the house. A chequered storage unit divides this space from the kitchen and dining, while a pivoted partition wall gives glimpse of the entrance foyer.

Fact File

Designed by : The Design Alley

Photograph Courtesy : Phx India

Location : Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Principal Architect : Ar. Sarang Patil, Ar. Shweta Patil

24. Space Planning Focused on Creating Visually Interconnected Office Space

Our efforts for a responsible space creation revolved around naturally lit interior spaces, cutting off unwanted heat, allowing air circulation and using eco-friendly materials. Green rated engineered wood for partition wall / storages, fiber cement boards for screens/patterns & MS due to its salvage properties was used in furniture. Optimization: A grid system was derived to optimize use of material & reduce wastage. A 12×12 inches module was repeated in partition wall, storages & furniture considerably reducing the overall wastage which is otherwise generated due to random sizes & cuttings. 

Fact File

Designed By : Studio Infinity

Photograph Courtesy : PHX India & Studio Infinity

Location : Pune, Maharashtra

Principal Architect : Tushar Kothawade & Chiranjivi Lunkad

25. Industrial Interior Theme with Balanced Color Pops : The Expand Loft

The Expand Loft is characterised as an open office space of 2,400 sq ft, situated in Mumbai, designed fora corporate event management company. The design brief was to create a fun and vibrant environment for its employees, while facilitating a natural flow of movement, encouraging interaction, and promoting collaboration.

Fact File

Designed By : Quirk Studio

Photograph Courtesy : Pulkit Sehgal

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Principal Architect : Shivani Ajmera & Disha Bhavsar

26. Bright Colours Adding Warmth To This Office Space : The Bhavana Interiors

All the spaces unfold with a characteristic unique to them yet in harmony with one another; the tones of white and brown used in areas flatter the bright yellow and create a balance.

Fact File

Designed by:  Studio Atiniv

Photograph Courtesy: Catchlight Bangalore 

Location: Jakkur, Bangalore

Principal Architect: Vinita Kumari

27. Contemporary Abode with an Earthy Palette and Neoclassical Design

The beautiful Array of customised metallic jaali segments are set behind the accent chairs to connects the dining and living room visually rather than dividing the space and create a picture-perfect interior.

Fact File

Designed byAmazing Interiors

Photography Courtesy : Noaidwin Sttudio

Location: Surat, Gujarat.

Principal Architect: Vicky. J. Doctor

28. An Office Space with Visual Connectivity and Framed Compositions : The Metal and Tool Project

A diagonal flooring pattern, creates segregation of the cabins and the workspace areas yet maintaining  a cohesive design appeal. End to end linear ceiling lights and framed glass partition, together create a seamless work space.

Fact File

Designed bySparc Design

Photograph courtesy: Phx India

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Suhani lal Sanghra

29. Residence Embodies A balanced Relaxing Colour Palette And Neatly Choreographed Details

As a consistent exploration of all surfaces, the foyer leading into the formal living area comes together through a series of square panelled or waffle-shaped ceiling and partition wall details.

Fact File

Designed By: Tectona Grandis

Photography courtesy: The fishy Project

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Designer: Dhruvkant Amin

30. A Workspace Interior Design Enhancing Visual Connection And Timeless Material Palette

The brief was to design workspaces with the idea of thresholds that mediated movement from one type of spatial status to another such that they seem isolated spatially but they remained visually connected. We also wanted the material palette to be simple and timeless which would blend well with the customized furniture describing the client’s intent and business.

Fact File

Design Firm: Dhyey Chag Architects

Photography: Ira Gosalia, PHX India

Location: Jamnagar, Gujarat

Principal Designer: Dhyey Chag

31. Nest Of Nature – A Nature-Inspired Residential Interior

A semi-open partition made of metal and fluted glass separates the living area from the dining area and staircase. The center table is very carefully customized and executed for this project, during design and material selection we also kept in mind the overall ambiance we want to achieve, so particular furniture perfectly jells with the entire ambiance.

Fact File

Designed by: Terra Interiors

Photography: Inclined Studio

Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Tejas Patel, Rachana Patel

32. Penthouse Apartment Where Exquisite Art Meets Contemporary Architecture

A finely designed partition with detailed self-designed cuts is positioned adjacently to the foyer to ensure merely translucent visuals of the effervescent dining area. KN Associates have also placed its own self-designed sculptures to boost the artistic feel of the dining area.

Fact File

Designed by: K.N.Associates

Photograph courtesy: Tejas Shah photography

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Narendra Joshi & Pritesh patel

33. Residence Integrating Vastu Science In Modern Language

Located in a tropical climate location, this house was completely affected with termites (being a termite prone location) due to severe water leakage issues, which was then studied and rectified. Introduction of solar panel heating and rainwater harvesting were executed for a more sustainable approach to living.

Fact File

Designed byFOAID Designs

Photograph Courtesy: Yash Jain Photography

Location: Chennai, India

Principal Architect: Ekta Agarwal

34. Dynamic Office Space Creates An Ambience Through Delusions

Glass with different tints is used to carve out diverse spaces catering to varied functional requirements. The glass is coupled with delicate arched brass frame. The glass is articulated to create interesting inter-reflection and refraction situations within the space. 

Fact File

Designed by: UA Lab 

Photograph courtesy: Inclined Studio

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Principal Architects: Krishnakant Parmar & Bageshri Thakar

35. BBQ Restaurant Splashes With Bold And Singleton Use Of Turquoise And Neutrals

Subtle hints of green plants and creepers were added to bring the feel of freshness to the space. Hand trowelled textures along with white and black bold patterns adorn the walls bringing about a symphony of reviting shadows when light falls on it. A playful hide-n-seek has been created by the arched partitions allowed with the strategic use of mirrors.

Fact File

Design FirmDesign Ethics Architecture Studio

Photograph Courtesy: Studio NAC

Location: New Delhi

Design Team: Poulomi Dhar & Jatin Gupta

36. Inhabit Store In Delhi Evoking A Quaintly Grand Vibe Through Design

While on one end you see highly embellished walls full of details, on the other hand, you have exposed brick walls. Neeta thus cleverly juxtaposes a richly crafted look with the shabby chic. The neutral flooring plays host to exquisitely crafted eclectic pieces of furniture that make an eye-catching spectacle.

Fact File

Designed byNeeta Kumar

Photograph courtesy: David Dawson

Location: MG Road, New Delhi

Principal Designer: Neeta Kumar

37. Luxury And Elegant Apartment Lends To Sense Of Uniqueness

The highlight of the living room was a travertine flex stone paneled wall behind the sofa with circular center tables and a brass chandelier. The ceilings are kept as clean as possible containing concealed LED lights equipped with dropped elements in some areas.

Fact File

Designed by: IDC Designs

Photograph courtesy: Inclined studio

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

38. Residence Interior Inspired By The Nordic Minimalism 

A metal mesh is just the right accent that is needed to not only separate the stairs from the living area but also retain its spacious feel.

Fact File

Designed By: Essentia Environments

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Principal Designer: Hardesh Chawla

39. A Sophisticated And Urbane Apartment Interior In Ahmedabad

The balcony, living hall, and dining area were made to appear like one continuous space. So to break the vision between living and dining I designed a metal partition with brass, corten sheet, and wood. Italian wall cladding with brass and wood elements gives rich look to the living area, metal partition wall and hand-crafted crystal chandelier with bold color wall makes that area vibrant and modern and gives an elegant feel.

Fact File

Designed bySpace Studio

Photograph courtesy: Inclined studio

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Maitri Shah Doshi

40. Apartment Interior Creating Varied Hues And Fluid Spaces

The space below it encloses the shoe rack and the partition wall on the side gives a hint of the space beyond.

Fact File

Firm: DNP Design Studio

Photograph credits: The Fishy Project – Ishita Sitwala

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Designer: Dhara Naik Pandya

41. Interplay Between Traditional And Modern Elements In A Residence

The lotus pattern jail delicately veils in the wooden front door living at the home’s elegant interiors. While the living room breathes a modern, eclectic air. The bedrooms are awash in soft as well as bold hues and smart mosaic tilling help the common basin area truly stand out.

Fact File

Designed by: Prayog Design Studio

Photographs: Nilkanth bharucha

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Design Team: Sonali dakoria, Charmy jariwala, Nikunj dakoria, Nirav jariwala

42. Amalgamation Of Modern And Chic House Interior

The entrance lobby gives the view of the entire living and dining space backed with a gigantic window-door that provides a panoramic view of the nature surrounding the building. The walls are light-grey coloured and give the sense of a larger space, however, the blue and pink sofas break the monotony and brighten up space. Geometric partition wall in golden metal with tinted blue glass gives dining its own space while adding a natural blue tint in the living room.

Fact File

Designed by: ArcKala design Studio

Photography Courtesy: Asmita Khodankar

Location: Gurugram, Haryana

Principal Designers: Anusha Katoch & Janesh Jain

43. Nailbox – Salon Interior With Warm Tones And Pops Of Brass

Minimal, Geometric, Functional, Warm, and Comfortable. When people think of a salon, we visualize a quick-paced space and bustle. This salon is designed to be a refuge for one, in oneself. 

Fact File

Designed by: Indianstory

Photograph Courtesy: Link Studio

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Project Architect: Jovine John and Sneha Bhagwat

44. Bungalow Interior With Simple Material And Colour Palette 

The partition wall between dining area and Hall were designed to just act as a visual barrier rather than dividing the space. Powder coated mild steel frames, Flute glass and wooden panels are used for partitions.

Fact File

Designed by: Design Quest

Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Syed Azmat

45. Traditional Yet Contemporary Apartment Balancing the two Contrary Ideas Seamlessly

A comfortably blended home with an entrance which is grand, classical and opens into a foyer with a traditional painting mounted with a jali frame which warmly welcomes you in.

Fact File

Designed by: Amit Dodhiawala , Reflecct Design Studio

Photograph courtesy: PHX India

Location: Surat, Gujarat

46. SADKRUT- A Serene House

So Screens were created to separate each living room and dining area. We believe that not only glass is used for transparency but that characteristics can be achieved by molding metal and wood if designed properly. Plants were installed in the partition wall so that the spaces look live. Two symmetrical walls parallel to the partitions were cladded with marbles and incorporates wooden planters. Vertical bands of wood holding the horizontal boxes of planters create a proper balance between the elements.

Fact File

Designed by: Alkesh Patel and Associates

Photograph courtesy: PHX India

Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Alkesh patel 

47. A Subtle Bungalow Interior Curated with Articulations And Established Design Principles

The living room is a linear space with a minimal, neutral and a boxy sofa positioned to accentuate the dimensional aspect of the space. A wooden panel runs along the ceiling diversifying the space into two to terminate itself onto the floor while overwhelmingly articulating the surfaces. It also acts as a see-through partition wall with its corresponding dining area.

Fact File

Designed by: P Square Designs

Photography Courtesy : JJ Films (Jayesh & Jignesh)

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Principal Designer: Maulik Bhadani

48. DRNK Lab Cafe – Fusion Of Contemporary And Rustic Trends

When you step in the Cafe, first you witness the reception desk which looks so enchanting due to its dark walnut shade of wood. The false grass used on the wall behind infusion with natural pine and grey lacquered glass makes the space feel so dynamic at the very entrance. The simple grey vitrified tile is fused with a floral and geometrical patterned tile that makes the area look bigger visually than the actual space.

Fact File


Photography CourtesyOmkar Guder ( Frames N Spaces )

Location: Hubli, Karnataka

Team Design Credits: Vishal Shibargatti, Vinay Shidling

49. Glamorous Interiors Balancing Functionality And Aesthetics

The backdrop of the living and the dining area are in conjugation with one another transferring a seamless flow between the areas. A deliberately punctured partition wall, which otherwise translates as a sumptuous installation between the living and the dining, resonates well with the beveled mirror paneling distinguished with intricate moldings.

Fact File

Designed by: Design Ethics Architecture Studio

Photograph Courtesy: Satish Kumar

Location: Janakpuri, New Delhi

Design Team: Poulomi & Jatin

50. A Home With Monolithic Interior Yet Delicate In Its Articulation

The sense of seamlessness continues with the other major material element – the concrete floor that unifies the apartment and forms the second part of the material backdrop against which the lives of inhabitants of the home would play out against.

Fact File

Designed by: SML Architects

Photograph Courtesy: Sameer Tawde

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra


The 3000 square-foot office boasts of a 13′ feet high GI Sheet ceiling and a glass courtyard inviting the outside into the inside along with a glazing view towards the apartment. The office also works as an experience centre to showcase the fixtures/materials used in the apartment units and is built in MS wireframe structure mimicking the apartment layout itself.

Fact File

Designed by: Mira Design Studio

Principal Architect: Shruthy Sanghavi

Photograph Courtesy: Nayan Soni

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka


Moving from a dark city building to a modern light-filled space all on one level gave us an opportunity to align their workplace aesthetics with their values of innovation, trust, strong relationships and desired transparency for effective communication.

Fact File

Designed by: “ASAC” 

Photohraph courtesy: Tejas Shah

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Designer: Anurag Sinha

On a conclusive note, partition walls are as essential as every other design element in every given space. These extremely versatile pieces can be free-standing, floor to ceiling, or even integrated with furniture. With endless possibilities and design styles, partition walls are ever-evolving pieces that have the power of changing the look and feel of a space with its mindful placement and functionality too.

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