• DRNK Lab Cafe – Fusion Of Contemporary And Rustic Trends | Shreenda Architects

    DRNK Lab CafeFusion Of Contemporary And Rustic Trends | Shreenda Architects

    The “DRNK LAB CAFE” in Hubli reflects the desire of all foodies and coffee lovers. The main focus was to provide attention to all the to the minor details which are clearly expressed in the café.

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    The zest for working on amalgamation of contemporary trends and Rustic elements with a dark theme of Grey creates a space that professes a sense of rustic chic that is outstanding and profound in its approach.

    Project Note:

    Sited in an amicable location on the ground floor, the restaurant occupies a plot area of 875 sq ft having 40 sitting capacity. The short turnaround time – 60 days to be precise – added to the complexity of the task.

    The project intends to be calm and convivial for the visitors to have a great time with their close ones here. The friendly space produced brings people of several age groups to feel familiar with space and generate positive emotions among them. The other related areas like kitchen and service zones are hidden from the main eatery section.

    When you step in the Cafe, first you witness the reception desk which looks so enchanting due to its dark walnut shade of wood. The false grass used on the wall behind infusion with natural pine and grey lacquered glass makes the space feel so dynamic at the very entrance. The simple grey vitrified tile is fused with a floral and geometrical patterned tile that makes the area look bigger visually than the actual space.

    The black MS partition with pine wood cubes placed in non-uniform pattern amalgamates with each other creating visually semi-permeable partitions that connect and delineate spaces at once.

    Rather than flat, nondescript lighting, the strategy here embraces techniques that create mystery and intrigue, with the play of shadow and light –or light and spaces created due to the absence of light – creating energy that uplifts the entire mood. The neatly exposed ceiling conceives the vernaculars of the place. The ceiling is completely designed in the rustic theme with the use of ms tubes and pinewood panels.

    To classify and differentiate between the contemporary and formal spaces different wall treatments have been done. The corrugated sheets are used as a great part of wall paneling with a black shade giving the space an elegant feel and the other space is been treated with contemporary wall art filled with various elements painted by a young artist, that makes the experience more comfortable and gives unique effect to the space and wall appears seamlessly attractive.

    The lights all over the restaurant are placed in a way that it highlights each and every corner. The furniture is blended with a booth and calm sitting sofa with an addition of black tables and chairs which are made up of metal and wood as well.





    PROJECT AREA –875 sq ft

    PROJECT COST – 15 Lakhs





    Shreenda Architects is Hubli based Architectural firm that started in 2017. The firm Design philosophy is to keep the design simple yet make it more innovative, elegant, and unique. It’s not just understanding the Client’s requirement and designing the space, it’s making the space come alive with the design and outcome. Every project is précised thought-trough in all the aspects with clear interaction with the client. We’re always committed to quality, reliability, and time.

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