Contemporary Abode with an Earthy Palette and Neoclassical Design | Amazing Interiors

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Contemporary Abode with an Earthy Palette and Neoclassical Design | Amazing Interiors

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In this abode, right from the entrance, elements are in earthy colours from the main door being dark brown, with tiles panelling in a lighter shade of grey along with a wooden shoebox with the vertical grooves giving a gist of the interior of the house.

As we enter, the entrance foyer has back painted black glass with holy Islamic scriptures from mecca highlighted with a shade of gold at the centre, a dark wooden ceiling and a light floor welcoming the people.

In the living room, there is a blend of modern and neoclassical interior design style. The living room is equipped with multiple furniture pieces each of different shade and style. Here, the floating T.V. unit in veneer with dark finish carving effect Tile cladding and epoxy grooving in the backdrop creates a rustic ambience which decreases as we go towards the opposite wall. Contemporary mid-century modern beige leather sofa is contrasted with a pair of blue mid-century modern accent chairs and colourful pillows to add the gist of life and colours. Here, the set of three centre table with black metal legs and black marble finish matte tile as tabletop each of different height juxtapositioned with hanging accent light at the top creates the drama and yet matches the monochromatic palette of the interior.

The beautiful Array of customised metallic jaali segments are set behind the accent chairs to connects the dining and living room visually rather than dividing the space and create a picture-perfect interior. Though the interior of this house is of neo-classical design style it perfectly depicts the designer’s perspective towards minimalism with functionality and style. The open-plan living-dining area is designed in the same style, shade and materials. 6 seater dining table is designed with golden metallic frame and black marble finish matte tabletop tile, paired with Beige Leather Saarinen dining chairs and accessorised with accent light and roman industrial wall clock in the centre of neo-classical moulding of highlighter wall.

Here, the kitchen is designed in L-shaped with a beautiful brown quartz platform top, Italian marble on walls and Brown PU glossy finished furniture with blending profile handles giving a classic aesthetic due to its clean lines and the modern interior. 

The master bedroom is designed in a minimalistic neoclassical style. Here, the leather and fabric upholstery are used in the bed. The bed back wall has MDF mouldings finished with coloured Polyurethane in neoclassical style at the top and veneer base extended from the headboard and is extended in adjacent walls in form of groves in P.O.P. mouldings. Curtains extended from the ceiling give grandeur to the interior. The T.V. unit is designed with a black metallic frame and Ivory Polyurethane finish on MDF. The designer’s wisely chosen art pieces and wall pieces reflect the significance of religion in the life of users.

Apart from this, there is a seating area with brown leather mid century modern slipper chair paired with a modern centre tabletop to celebrate every morning tea and evening coffee.

In the parent’s room, Palette of pastel shades are used along with white oak wood to add warmth to the bed back wall with natural polish on it. Apart from that, the bed is designed in grey cushioned leather paired with a veneered side table with an upper drawer painted in PU. Clean lines and bold shades make this room cosy and warm yet blending the overall design style of the home. The lime green leather lounge chair acts as a cherry on the cake.

In the son’s bedroom, the designer chose a blend of modern -contemporary interior design style to meet the client’s requirement. The checkered pattern is formed in P.O.P. in bed back wall with hanging camel brown leathered headboard on it. Rustic yellow cupboard doors painted in PU with matte copper finish handles along with a carbon black study table justifies the choice of young user.

In the daughter’s bedroom, contemporary interior design style is used with bits of glitter to enhance the sophistication and reflect the lifestyle of the user. This room is designed with mallard green, and shades of grey and browns. In highlighter wall, vertical grooves are added to P.O.P. mould leading attention to the wooden ceiling and hanging light on one side and mallard green sliding wardrobe doors in the back-painted mirror glass on the other. Bars of Pure brass is used in customised hanging lights and headboard frame to add the feminine character in interior design style. Vertical wooden flutes are used in the T.V. unit and inside of the bedroom door.


Designed byAmazing Interiors

Project Type: Residential

Location: Surat, Gujarat.

Year built: 2021

Size: sq feet: 2075 (Carpet Area)

Principal Architect: Vicky. J. Doctor

Photography Courtesy : Noaidwin Sttudio (Nilkanth Bharucha)

Text Credits: Arjavi Patel



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