With Luxury Interior Design and Crafted Décor in this Apartment | Terraform Architects

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Situated on the 33rd flr, this spacious three-bedroom apartment with luxury interior design for a family of four overlooking the dynamic Mumbai suburbs is the client’s live, work & party den in the metro city. The aim was to transform this space into a unique & bespoke apartment with a gleam of opulence.

With Luxury Interior Design and Crafted Décor in this Apartment | Terraform Architects

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The inflow of natural light through end-to-end windows along with warm environment of the space, generates an experience of calmness & luxury altogether. Every sq.ft of the house is planned strictly by studying/discussing each of the house member’s habits, comforts, working patterns and movements.

The entry portal is designed with influential greens and striking veneered doors with gold finished screen & ironmongery, greeting to a lavish living space through the foyer which can be viewed in one go, yet creating enough privacy for the living area.

The gold finished metal screen with veneered box souvenir niches breaks the vision partially creating a suspense and reveal play within the apartment. The living-dining space is a fusion of contemporary design with Italian furniture and a dash of veneered wooden grains.

The living space connects the balcony, dining & kitchen area together using sliding & articulated doors giving the homeowners an opportunity to space out even more in the already roomy flat. The living space can also be transmogrified into a 100-inch, mini theatre experience with ambient lighting. The earthy toned dining wall abstract art work acting as a pocket for the passage door spells out its own language in its unique way, when each user glances or glares at it, all while its merges & stands out itself at the same time with the flamboyant interiors.

A custom kitchen creates an elegant look as a result of the vibrant toned color palette exuding its homeowner’s personality. The bar forms a part of the kitchen as well as the dining area which is meticulously designed to function when needed, by making use of a sliding folding door with ribbed glazing, creating a sense of intrigue while blurring the kitchen’s vibrant tones when its closed.

As expressionist the living space is, the master bedroom & its king-sized furnished bed shows flavors of its own with the whites, subtle woody textures, fluted panels and an eye-catching leathery wine-red wardrobe for that haute-couture collection.

Serving as a quiet space for the young lady of the house, the east facing second master bedroom housing the wall bed with its serene achromatic interiors, encourages the client’s fondness of reading along with the space to exercise the Indian discipline of yoga for other members of the house.

A blend of minimal luxury and a few traditional touches, the apartment with an open concept also houses another bedroom that depicts spiritual values with the select of the makrana pink marble pooja ghar & walnut veneered panelled wardrobe/cabinets. The design makes sure that the essence of a lit Diya in the home-temple is not overpowered by any of the artificial lighting.

Overall, varieties of indoor plants level up the feeling of comfort and completeness of this metropolitan abode. They play a vital role not only with the aesthetics but also improving air quality & total user experience of the space.

Fact File

Designed By: Terraform Architects

Project Name: Modern & opulent, metropolitan abode

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2021

Duration: 6 Months

Size: 1250 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 60 Lac

Principal Designers: Ajay Geevarghese & Shruti Joshi

Design Team: Vikram Mathur, Sayali Khatavkar, Arvind Vishwakarma, Rajkumar Rathod, Rajkumar Yadav, Jitendar, Dharam, Ravi, Ramalan, Jayesh, Nilesh Majmudar, Hozefa

Photography Credits: PHX India

Products and Materials: Finishes: Tej Veneer, Merino Laminates | Wallcovering: Kalinga Quartz, Glassco | Construction Materials: ACC Cement | Lighting: Hybec | Door & Partitions: Coburn | Sanitary ware: Carysil | Windows: Domal | Furniture: Gamma, Living In Style | Flooring: ANB Decor | Kitchen: Hafele, Nagold | Paints: Jotun, JSW Paints | Wallpaper: Mordani Interiors | Hardware: Hafele, Kismat Hardware | Plants: The Farm People, Make My garden | Soft Furnishing: Foam & Fabrics

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