Contemporary and Minimalist Apartment Interiors, Seamlessly Blends Private and Public Spaces | Studio KLA

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The apartment’s layout, which is contemporary and minimalist, seamlessly blends private and public spaces. Architects Karan Lotwala and Kinjal Joshi of Studio.KLA investigated how the concept of separate functioning may be expanded into the concept of connected living. The brief was to design an apartment for a young family of five individuals in Surat’s high rises. S residence is at seventh-floor, 1700-square-feet apartment in one of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods. 

Contemporary and Minimalist Apartment Interiors, Seamlessly Blends Private and Public Spaces | Studio KLA

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The apartment’s potential for sufficient natural light and cross ventilation is realized by keeping the spaces free flowing and open, only to be divided by various volumes. The circulation space is conceived as a Walkway gallery that spreads gradually from the modest height foyer, with a peek of the open living room as one enters the foyer.

When entering the walkway, one notices a long grey strip of walkway wedged by white volumes that lead to a variety of spaces and activities, where the living area is created in line with the elevated dining area on the left. The gallery’s exposed concrete finishes guide the user’s movement by providing opportunities to sit, walk, and gaze at the large canvas of artwork, Because of the complex quantity of natural light, the exposed form finish concrete with grey color palette flare in the linear living – dinning with a view of the city scape. Also noteworthy is how massing elements and artworks blend with contemporary partitions.

Exciting activities are branched in the midst of the grey strip, with a metal screen with circular punctures lifting the puja on the left and a kitchen on the right with a burst of turquoise blue that is further separated by a black breakfast counter.

At the end of the walkway, which opens up to the north, two sleeping areas are planned on either side.

When it comes to the bedrooms, they have full wall paneling with wall parts of a similar tone and vertical lines as the bed’s backdrop. The bed in front is in a soft color and fabric, with coffee brown bedding that complements the whole color scheme. The long brown-lined wardrobe has integrated vertical handles.

The client’s daughter’s room is framed with peach tones and a brushed concrete finish. The bedroom features a creative layout with a corner bed and a two-layered wall with a fabric headboard. The bed’s backdrop includes creative niches cut for toys and accessories. An open closet with a full-sized vanity is located on the other wall.

Rather than focusing solely on the visual attractiveness of the spaces, lotwala and joshi chose to emphasize on their practical and efficient design. The grandparent’s room clearly adheres to a subdued color scheme, with a white backdrop and a wooden floor.

S residence is created by the smooth concrete finishes with dashes of color that flow freely throughout the spaces.


Designed by : Studio. KLA

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : S. Residence 

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 1 year

Project Size: sq feet :  1730

Principal Architect : Ar. Karan Lotwala, Ar. Kinjal Joshi

Artwork Credits : Mr. Vilesh Bilimoria

Photograph Courtesy : Craved Captured 

Firm’s Instagram Link : Karan Lotwala

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