An Office Space with Visual Connectivity and Framed Compositions : The Metal and Tool Project | Sparc Design

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An Office Space with Visual Connectivity and Framed Compositions : The Metal and Tool Project | Sparc Design

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For a company that largely deals in metal cutting tools used mainly in Automotive sector- We attempted to play with  all elements – metal , texture and wood to redefine an industrial modern blend for this office space. The Clients brief required the space to reflect what the company does, stands for and to also look plush. He mentioned “I’m moving from the heart of the city to further away and I want to always feel great coming to my new office”.

We began with a thorough research of the company –  its processes and its core values and began collecting references and inferences which could be reflected in the design. Most of their products look like sprockets and gears along with metal being one of the key elements – hence arriving at the primary material palette – Metal , wood and stone. The monochromatic palette follows the industrial theme with hints of copper added to give the space a luxurious feel. 

The floor space is split into two, with the conference, cabins and seating areas divided into 2 floors of 800 sqft each and an additional terrace space. The floor plates being small, it was extremely important to maintain transparency and connectivity to give the feeling of a large floor area.

Metal being one of the primary design elements, various unique  metal details follow through in the project. The reception table, sits in a framed metal box, with a composition of the company processes on a Corten steel backdrop at the entry area. A diagonal flooring pattern, creates segregation of the cabins and the workspace areas yet maintaining  a cohesive design appeal. End to end linear ceiling lights and framed glass partition, together create a seamless work space.

Engraved on the the conference table in black marble is the vision and core value that the company believes in. A wooden screen conceals a window as well  an industrial exhaust. Corten steel forms the backdrop of the screen area.

Elements repeat, co-relate and co-create to form bold and striking compositions and frames which connect the entire space. A composition of sprockets creates an edge detail for MD’s table and the company’s vision statement, details in metal – wrap around the column.

A console detailed at the edge with a sprocket composition frames the view of the conference space. A breakout space has been created in the terrace area, with a sleek metal pergola  which follows the overall design typology.

Detailing and a strong design connect forms some of the key elements of this project :

  • The main door handle has been customised  in metal with the company logo. 
  • The workstation separators follow the metal and angular design theme, with the industrial processes printed on glass. 
  • Gears have been used for the tea coasters as well. 
  • To create a playfulness of textures, the entrance lift lobby follows the pattern used in the design, while a mosaic flooring pattern created with chips of broken marble pieces adds playful drama to the space. 
  • The  company’s vision statement, details in metal – wrap around the column.

Visual connectivity, framed compositions and detailing form the soul of this workspace. 


Designed by: Sparc Design

Project Type: Commercial Space

Project Name: The Metal and Tool Project

Location: Pune

Year built: 2021

Size: sq feet: 1600 sqft (divided over 2 floors) + Terrace (700 sqft)

Project Cost appx: 45 Lac

Principal Architect: Suhani lal Sanghra

Photograph courtesy: Phxindia ( Sebastian Zachariah and Aaditya Kulkarni)

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