Sense of a Whimsical World decked up in the Form of a Retail Design in Mumbai | Studio Priyanka Rajguru

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Decorous Wood Panels is a newly attired showroom in Mumbai which embodies the ataraxy and sense of heritage imbibing modernity. Designed by Studio Priyanka Rajguru, this 420 sq.ft. retail space is all about the glamorous affair decked up in contemporary décor. The boutique showcases premium materials all encapsulated under a single roof. 

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Sense of a Whimsical World decked up in the Form of a Retail Design in Mumbai | Studio Priyanka Rajguru

The real challenge was to display materials of different genres, consisting of various colors, textures, patterns and properties in this retail space. The products demanded exclusive displays and a premium experience. Every texture here has its own story, so what’s specific about this design? The store arouses a sense of a whimsical world decked up in the form of a showcase area with an uplifting design. The intrinsic design that one needs to decipher and feel, creates a whole new spatial experience for a retail store. The store encompasses a series of displays with various mechanisms allowing swirling of displays to maximize showcasing of the materials. The showroom consists of brass, lime plaster and bespoke paint on the furniture. The design ideology radiates the easy flow of brass fine lines running throughout in an elated manner. 

The entrance area consisting of limited edition wooden surfaces with salvaged wood crafted by the local craftsman from South-East Asia is used as wall paneling and creates a warm and alluring entrance experience. This exclusive wall paneling at the foyer from Wonderwall is beyond just materiality and patterns as it contributes towards a sustainable habitat with an essence of luxury in this element of retail design. The metallic display shelf tinted in matt black pipes and rattan base beside the foyer breaks the brass effect to have fluidity throughout the space without being too rigid. The 9 feet tall entrance capsules display rotates 360 degrees allowing display of both sides. It has been covered with the sensual allure of super organic wall coverings made of untreated 100% natural materials.

Taking the ethical displays to another level, the main display area transpires as the hero of the showroom that is designed to create something beyond a usual display of materials. The key material veneer that has maximum variety are displayed in the form of rectangular frames in the central space. The parallel display of the veneer showcases 20 panels and 40 varieties on each side. The main display works on the mechanism of the slide & rotate, which has been used for the first time in veneer displays. The mechanism allows the frames to rotate 360 degrees further allowing display on both sides. The weight of each display is 150 kg and it is elevated from the floor by 2 feet for an appealing and unique showcase of alluring veneers. The elevated veneer display top is exclusively made from handcrafted wooden flooring embarked with timeless patterns of pre-assembled End-Grain wood blocks on tongue/groove planks from the Forret collection. Rather than using it as a normal flooring, a platform top has been curated that itself makes it an element. 

The laminate display consists of a series of capsules and circles joined together to create a partition between the showroom and lounge space without hindering the spatial and visual experience of the area. The voiding effects create a sense of drama through open and covered brass capsules. The coverings used within the capsules are sumptuous French Laminates that look like paper and display some gorgeous hand-picked colors & patterns by renowned designer Patrick Nourget. 

The ceiling of the showroom is much muted with two elegant hanging pieces. One is the Ausara surface and another one is a stunning light piece from Arjun Rathi. The enchanting yet unusual material made up of metallic textile from the Ausara surface is used to create an origami hanging art piece that adds glory to the central space with a minimalistic effect. The covering has been used unexpectedly but a guided idea makes it one of a kind. The ideation is enhanced by origami elements, which are tied by brass wires with each other and dropped down from the ceiling. 

The bespoke furniture used in the showroom has been customized which radiates elegance without hampering the fluidity of the design. The table is finished in gold-tone textured paint embedded with a terrazzo slab from Classic Marble Company. The Italian marble flooring with curved brass inlay displays a decorous wood panels logo, which gives a personal touch to the space. 

The showroom is all about niche boutique, hand-picked and premium materials weaved together to make it a one-stop solution for designers to enjoy the wide range of bespoke finishes.” As an architect, it was a bliss to use these finishes to design my very first commercial project” adds Priyanka. This showroom is all about forging a tangible design with a commemorative approach. The approach has led the design to create an uncanny depth leading to functionality. 

Fact File

Designed By: Studio Priyanka Rajguru

Typology: Commercial Interior Design

Project Name: The Dream Space – Decorus Wood Panels

Size: 420 sq.ft.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2021

Duration: 11 months

Project Cost Appx: 1.2 Crore

Principal Designer: Priyanka Rajguru

Text: Priyanka Rajguru, Drashti Patel

Photography Credits: Noaidwin Studio

Products and Materials: Wall covering/cladding: Wonderwall Studios | Lighting: Arjun Rathi Krystal Lighting | Sanitaryware: Milagro Universe Waterways Ceramic | Furniture: Blueloft | Flooring: Liberty Marble and Granites | Paint: Limocoat Micasa |

Firm’s Website Link: Studio Priyanka Rajguru

Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Priyanka Rajguru

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