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    We had to design a house for a close-knit and fun-loving family of 6 members- parents, son, daughter, and grandparents. Every member had their concepts and styling ideas but to sum up, all of them wanted a mix n match of modish, chic, stylish, and one-of-a-kind interiors. We brainstormed and thought outside of the box to adhere to their wishes, and the result took their hearts away!

    Subtle, Neutral Colours With A Mix of Matte and Glossy Elements in this 4BHK Apartment | 9 Degree Design Studio

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    This house is a 4BHK unit consisting of 4 glandular bedrooms- a master bedroom, a son’s bedroom, a daughter’s bedroom, and a guest’s/grandparents’ bedroom. Apart from the bedrooms, the home has a voguish foyer unit, a noteworthy family lounge area, a striking dining area, an inviting formal living space, a graphic pooja unit, and a subtle swish kitchen.

    Let us get into the details of this exclusive abode! Keep Scrolling!!

    Details of the project –

    A Wish Come True : This humble home welcomes you with open hearts and open arms. Doughtily luxurious in its approach to design, this enrapturing home reflects its own sensibilities and desires. You can feel the vibrance of this luxe home from the entryway itself. Is there anything that can stop you from falling in love with this home?!

    Embracing Guests With Poise

    A prismatic foyer unit welcomes you as soon as you enter the house. This uber-cool foyer unit is highly functional, and in addition, has a hidden meaning. The glass frames not only look dapper but also helps in retaining any negative energy that may enter along with people. Moreover, you can have a quick glimpse of your general self before heading out!

    As you move towards the formal living area, you can feel the tranquility in the ambiance. Though the Buddha statue is not facing you, you can still feel the calmness and the purity all around you which instantly eases your mind and body, making you feel at home. The colour combination comprehends subtle greys and blues. The woodwork, plush rug, artifacts, designer console table, and elegant false ceiling are just a cherry on top!

    Dining In Continental Style

    Can you believe that a simple dinner table set-up can look this snazzy? Chirag and his team did a brilliant job of turning this dining area into an expensive-looking high-toned space. The elements are simple, but when arranged concomitantly, give an authentic look. Getting daily food is, inevitably, a real blessing. The Buddha statue brings in inner peace and maintains the predominant aura of this space.

    Experience The Joy Of Family-Time

    Using premium finishes and thinking outside the box leads to this extravaganza living room design. Following the somber shades all over against an off-white background and mesmeric woodwork takes this space right to the core of our hearts. The pooja room, potted plants, mural, rug, and false ceiling may seem plain and crafty but are exceptionally ornate and trailblazing.

    Packed With Love

    A dreamy kitchen design to take away the cooking sorrows once and for all! The fusion of pastel blue with beige and brown shades makes this kitchen design a masterpiece. The customized resplendent backsplash design elevates the beauty of this kitchen to new heights. Try a new recipe or go for the same old routine; this kitchen design will surely keep your creativity flowing.

    Master Bedroom- Yours Truly

    A laudable master bedroom design seals the deal in this haven. The general theme of the master bedroom is minimalistic and glitzy. The pastel shades reflect the charming personality and beliefs of the couple. The fancy cushioned headboard next to the elegant bedding illustrates that even small efforts can create exquisite designs. While the flooring is lustrous, the accent wall boasts of meticulous geometric patterns. Another captivating feature is the wardrobe design. The wall-mounted TV unit is framed with adoration and looks every bit fancy as well as classical.

    Son’s Rustic Bedroom

    The artistry level in this industrial-themed rustic bedroom is top-notch! The bedroom design emphasizes the playful character of the son in a whimsy manner. The exposed brickwork and the black beams altogether showcase a rawness that is in a way quite appealing to the eyes. The dusty grey curtains against the off-white wall paint and the glittering wardrobe create a sexy vibe in this bedroom.

    Reflect on your passionate self in a stunning full-length mirror. The woodwork, artifacts, and the minimalistic false ceiling play a highly supportive role in elevating this bedroom design. Do not miss out on the quirky storage unit design!

    Daughter’s Beatific Bedroom

    The daughter’s bedroom has more of a settled and calm demeanour. The design has a certain equilibrium and decorum throughout the elements. While the pastel shades sing naturally in this bedroom, the attention-grabbing feature here is the velvet upholstered parallel headboard. The perky drop lights and the rich dark curtains blend in beautifully with all the elements.

    The niche in the ceiling brightens the TV cum study unit. The artistic nature of the daughter exhibits in various elements like the wardrobe and the accessories.

    Grandparents’/Guest’s Vivid Bedroom

    This eccentric bedroom can brighten anyone’s mood instantly. Minimalistic yet awe-inspiring and vivid are the terms that best define this bedroom design. The textures are easy-going and provide a downright positive and joyful place to be. Subtle and neutral colours with a mix n match of matte and glossy elements add to the stability and uniformity of this bedroom. The guests staying in this bedroom will have a deep relaxing sleep, that is for sure!


    Designed by : 9 Degree Design Studio

    Project Type : Residence 

    Project Name : Vertis Tower

    Location : Ahmedabad

    Year built : 2021

    Size : 1930 sq.ft

    Project Cost appx : 80 lac

    Principal Architect : Chirag Mehta

    Photograph courtesy : Inclined Studio

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