BBQ Restaurant Splashes With Bold And Singleton Use Of Turquoise And Neutrals | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

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BBQ Restaurant Splashes With Bold And Singleton Use Of Turquoise And Neutrals | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

Design Brief & Aim

The brief was to develop a calming design language that would steer away from the conventional approach of designing a live barbeque restaurant and opens up a dialogue between the guests and the surrounding around. 

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Planning & Concept

Rather than going for creating pockets, the design intent was to open up the plan spatially and eventually reduce the possible chaos that happens during rush hours of any live bar-be-cue restaurant.

The objective was to create a layout inclined towards spatial recognition such the movement becomes organised, owing to the needs and requirements of the project.

Three distinctive zones were created, one for private dining and two pockets for general seating. The intention behind creating these zones was to consequently use them, in times of need, as small celebratory gatherings.

Design Details

The design articulates the bold and singleton use of turquoise with neutral tones in order to mimic the yin and yang concept. White and grey have been kept as the base canvas so that the main prominent colour speaks for itself. Only warm tones of browns and nudes have been added to accentuate the furniture upholstery further. The use of base colours helps in making space look larger and spacious assisted by the cool tone of turquoise, giving a sense of tranquillity to a rather constricted space, handicapped by its short height.

Subtle hints of green plants and creepers were added to bring the feel of freshness to the space. Hand trowelled textures along with white and black bold patterns adorn the walls bringing about a symphony of reviting shadows when light falls on it. A playful hide-n-seek has been created by the arched partitions allowed with the strategic use of mirrors.

All this, when put together, equates to a well balanced and a striking environment. Every detail and the materials were carefully hand-picked to reduce the project cost and yet make the space look design heavy.


Design Firm- Design Ethics Architecture Studio

Project Name – The BBQ Company

Location- New Delhi

Covered Area(FOH + BOH)  – 2350 sqft.

No. of Covers – 106

Project status – Built

Project Category- Interior Design

Execution Time – 45 days

Design Team- Ar. Poulomi Dhar & Jatin Gupta

Photograph Courtesy– Studio NAC




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