Harmonious Crossover amidst Traditional Sensibilities and Contemporary Design Persona | Foresight Associates

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Located in the suburban outskirts of Vadodara in Bill Village, The Patel Residence is emblematic of this very sentiment. The abode from the onset was a harmonious crossover amidst traditional sensibilities and a contemporary design persona that comes through in the medley of the spaces housed within. “As a young studio, we were elated to come across a client so accommodating who offered us complete creative freedom! We navigated this design journey from plinth to finished and occupiable interior spaces while honoring the timeline and the client’s expectations,” share the Designers.

Harmonious Crossover amidst Traditional Sensibilities and Contemporary Design Persona | Foresight Associates

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The entrance door boasts a neo-traditional look with intricate inlay detailing against the umber warmth of the wood, nodding to the heritage rangoli patterns prevalent across homes in the country in the form of an ingrained design element.


The living area is a concoction of textured tones of grey and the timeless tan, brown hue. The walls don an artistic look and feel with the curvilinear MDF-base artistic installations coupled with nature-inspired circular motifs to introduce a sense of zen and tranquillity. The space anchors a homogenous demeanour with its Oikos grey-bathed walls, that wrap the space in a sense of unification visually. The open-plan space is segregated seamlessly from the dining cum kitchen area via the means of a partial solid and louvred wood partition system. This installation creates a distinction amidst zones while keeping the spaces connected.

A colour-doused homage to the Indian heritage and its rich craftsmanship, the pooja nook brings together a modern disposition and art in a delectable form. The dining cum kitchen space creates a central congregational space for the end-users to prepare meals while interacting with the family and guests in accordance with the open floor plan. Dual-toned designer tiles in grey have been laid across the backsplash, a deep charcoal hue takes over the millwork while an ivory quartz stone creates the sleek countertop in the kitchen. The snug dining section brings to the forefront an interplay of white and stunningly grained wood in unison with teal-hued upholstered dining chairs.

“The private bedrooms of the various family members have been conceptualised while keeping their personal design preferences at the centre of the narrative, ensuring that they seem like organic extensions of the larger ethos of the home. We’ve aimed to design them as sanctuaries of comfort and luxury while employing rooted and indigenous materiality,” explain Kunal and Azaz.

The master bedroom on the ground level is a torchbearer of simplicity and earthy design sensibilities. The focal element in the space is undoubtedly the arched-profile bed headrest detail which celebrates the amber hue and texture of the natural Jaisalmer stone. This detail is further replicated and carried through over the ceiling pelmet that has been finished in a bright white hue. The otherwise unadorned space is elevated with the presence of silhouette nature-inspired art, geometric patterned linens, and the harmonious blend of whites, yellows, and greys.

While heading over to the first level of the home, one is greeted by a family room section which acts as a versatile space for the family to gather, unwind and read in kudos to the privacy it enjoys. The artistic wallpaper installation adjacent to the family area carries through in this space from the ground level, illuminating the OTS aperture with natural light and stimulating art through the day.

The daughter’s bedroom is a blend of whimsical and modern in the right doses. The colours are the true protagonists in this space wherein a soft blush hue couples with powder blue, shades of grey, and bold accents of maroon. The resting space is backed by a geometric warm peach-washed wall that is offset by a soft grey and crowned by a statement circular piece of art laden in a deep maroon shade. Touches of wood balance and complement the hues of the bluish grey, creating a stimulating melange of cool and warm tones.

“In retrospect, The Patel Residence has been a rigorous yet rewarding exercise in bringing our imagination to life! A space that can be experienced and lived in by a family at the brink of a new chapter. From thought, to paper, to an actual home — the journey has pushed us beyond the limits of our comfort zones while creating a dream home for the family,” conclude the Designers.

Fact File

Designed by: Foresight Associates

Project Name: The Patel Residence

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Project Size: 1720 Sq.ft

Year Built: 2021

Client Name: Mr Vipul Patel

Text Credit: Lavanya Chopra

Principal Designers: Shivali Agrawal, Kunal Patel, Azaz Saleh

Photography Credit: Tejas Shah Photography

Firm’s Instagram Link: Foresight Associates

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