Glamorous Interiors Balancing Functionality And Aesthetics | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

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Glamorous Interiors Balancing Functionality And Aesthetics | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

The zoning of this 3BHK residence was laid in a simple manner with an open plan set up. Personal spaces were tucked in meticulously to imbibe a sense of curiosity for the same and enhance the essence of the open area.

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The mantra for designing this residence was to generate luxury from the restricted space in terms of area and provide the end-user a smart and functional home. This residence balances functionality and aesthetics, creating an extravagant and modern character. The glamorous interiors of this residence are tailored to meet the living style and comfort of our socially-inclined clients.

The spatial flow of the house is dictated by its focal point, the dining area. The living room doubles up with the help of a big and bold round mirror enhancing the exuberant nature of the house. The backdrop of the living and the dining area are in conjugation with one another transferring a seamless flow between the areas. A deliberately punctured partition, which otherwise translates as a sumptuous installation between the living and the dining, resonates well with the beveled mirror paneling distinguished with intricate moldings.

The sophisticated dining room with a marble tabletop and plush chairs showcases a distinctive style. The spaces are meticulously detailed to form a family of details that echo throughout the apartment implying a connection between all the spaces. The combination of an overall running beige stone and brass inserts on the floor gives the space a sense of subdued elegance. The entrance door is highlighted with the use of brass inserts which complements well with the natural teakwood.

The colour schemes were crafted to create a balance between the muted wall colours and rich suede upholstery. The ceiling is intricately detailed in modern lines with gold edges in mirror finish to add the factor of luxury. The refined indoor atmosphere is further enhanced by the carefully designed lighting.

The narrative for the master bedroom is kept lively and cheerful. The bold use of a single color and strategically designed reflective surfaces further accentuates the language as spoken by the rest of the house.

The overall interior style that runs throughout the house is bold and captivating. The furniture style is kept clean-lined and fairly simple with the addition of humble detailing in gold and richness is brought to the forefront with the incorporation of suede and deep-colored fabrics. This apartment speaks volumes about how not to get restricted by smaller spaces and have a design solving attitude to provide and satisfy the client’s requirements.


 Firm: Design Ethics Architecture Studio

Design Team: Ar. Poulomi, Ar. Jatin

Project Name: Residence 65

Location: Janakpuri, New Delhi

Project Category: Apartment Interior Design

Floor Area: 1800 sqft.

Photograph Courtesy: Satish Kumar





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