Balance Between Practical and Transcendental Design Through Constant Re-Invention of Office Space : The Corrugated Space | Little Box Design Studio

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A Design built on a principle of simplicity and honesty, Little Box Design studio begins each project by asking what it means to its users and the context. They strive to balance between the practical and transcendental criteria through constant re-invention in the field. The studio believes that design is harmony – between man and inner self, finding the purest and most logical solutions.

Balance Between Practical and Transcendental Design Through Constant Re-Invention of Office Space : The Corrugated Space | Little Box Design Studio

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The program involved proposing a design solution which to combine six office spaces under a single area. Acoustically sound, functionally feasible and aesthetically minimal were the core features of the project. Also, it should be clutter-free and sensible to existing utilities. Featuring partition walls and a monochrome palette, the design proposal excluded the use of fancy materials and prioritized minimalism over flashy design.

They did the project in the existing complex in the office building in one of Ahmedabad’s dense but vibrant Neighbourhoods. This meant that the project has to be begun in the provided space without an extra offering of dimensions. It also included adhering to the existing service layout and functions to prevent and logistical issues. To make this possible, simple and minimal interventions were needed which will expand the functioning of the existing floor area. Also, this approach allowed for simplicity and rapid construction. They redefined each of the spaces according to the journey, its function and the brief. The interiors include shelving, cabinets and they inserted the restroom into the space as a storage spine along with one of the long sides. 

This office accommodates two ventures managed by Sun link and orange tag. The interior design has attended all the functions required in the corporate setup, ranging from work areas, pantry, washroom and meeting rooms for employees and visitors to individual director cabins, lounge and conference rooms for the owners. The divisions within the spaces are done within, done using wooden panels and flute glass as it takes up lesser thickness.

Through the entrance, the white jali with smaller fenestrations comes into vision ensuring partial visibility with the reception and waiting area adjacent to it. They designed all the interiors under the palette of 3 colours, building its language and professional outlook. Ceiling lights, indoor plants, centralized air conditioning and clean furniture design make the space more clutter-free and refreshing. The pop of orange on walls and light tones of wooden on shelves promotes professionalism. 

All the furniture comprising tables, side tables, work desks, shelves and cabinets are made up of wood to have neat surfaces. Being in a tight-knit space, the conference room has visual access to the exteriors, where the light borrowed from the adjacent fenestration acts as an interactive element to the space through a pivotal mechanism. All the spaces are designed including the ergonomics, company culture and regular footfalls. Hence, the storage spaces for devices and documents fit in well. 

Material palette including veneer, techlam tiles, fluted tiles, MDF and rugs makes it essential for the clients. The design has special attention to the materials used in the making which ensure durability, uniqueness and timelessness. All of the spaces connected with the artwork become a highlight in itself. The directors’ cabin also has an informal space in extension to have some casual vibe to it. 

While the office does not make a loud stylistic statement, it serves as a subtle insert in its ecosystem. It also serves as a great means to provide a perfect setting for its users and communicate the studio’s design philosophies. Finally, the office space above everything else serves its purpose in bringing together people and aspires to set an example of how minimal design extrude maximal experiences.


Designed by : Little Box Design Studio

Project Type :  Office Interior

Project Name : The corrugated space  

Location : Sunlink Bopal Ahmedabad

Year Built : 2020

Duration of project :  6 Months

Project Size: sq feet :  2600 sq.ft

Principal Architect : Ar. Deshal Nima  

Team Design Credits : Himani Mehta, Ishani Shah

Photograph Courtesy : Photographix India

Text Credits : Jaival Mehta ( The Architect’s Diary)

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