Green Architecture as the Main Concept in the Flick House | DELUTION

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Starting from the memory of the client’s past in the birthplace of the owner in Central Java, clients wanted us to design a house that seems humble and warm. Clients and Architects agreed to use brick as the main material of the Flick House, because it seemed to have a humble and warm philosophy. According to the owner, the brick has the power to make a big house welcoming. Starting with the main material, then the Architect chose Green Architecture as the main concept to be applied in the Flick House.

Green Architecture as the Main Concept in the Flick House | DELUTION


The Green Architecture concept means that the entrance of air and light can be maximized very well. The Green Architecture concept in the Flick House is applied in several parts of the house, both indoors and outdoors.

Flick House has 4 gardens: Main Garden, Private Garden, Floating Garden and Inner Court. The main Garden is directly adjacent to the family room and is limited by a large sliding door that can be opened and closed easily. The existence of this large sliding door makes it easy for the air to enter and flow to all rooms on the first floor, especially the family lounge.

The private garden is in the main bedroom area. This garden is intended to allow the owner to relax so there is no need to go to the main park while in the room. This garden is only limited by a fish pond. The floating garden is on the second floor, this park has a large sliding door so the air can flow into the rooms on this floor as well. The existence of the park causes a decrease in macro temperature so that the ideal air circulation creates the coolness inside the house. The last garden is Inner Court. It is a mini garden inside the house. With sow stones and a tree, Inner Court also influences air circulation inside the Flick House. It has an open window right above it, and its function   is to allow the entrance of air to the house, so that it can circulate properly.

Considering the habits of the family, who likes to gather and have a warm atmosphere in the house, the architect applied the open layout concept. This allows the family to interact easily without obstructions. Also, the air can flow easily. Open layout in Flick House is also applied with the use of a large sliding door so maximal light can enter easily and allows Low Energy Consumption.

Fish ponds are not only for decoration, but also carry important functions, reducing the temperature caused by direct sunlight on the terrace area. Besides applying the Green Architecture concept, Flick House also has quite unique architectural and interior details. Some parts of the walls even seem to be floating. On the first floor, bathrooms are hidden behind the mirrored closet, and on the 2nd floor, the bathroom has a semi-outdoor concept so that if the curtain is opened it can be seen from the outside.

Flick House also applies Secondary Skin which serves as a buffering of sunlight, so that the heat of the sun does not go directly into the house. Skylight Stair is also created in the Flick House, reduce the use of artificial lighting during the day. The use of stripe light further adds to the cozyness and warmth on the Flick House.


Designed by : DELUTION

Project Type : Residence

Project Name : Flick House

Location : Cinere, Indonesia

Year Built : 2018

Area : 3327 sq.ft

Lead Architects : Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Sunjaya Askaria, Fahmy Desriza

Design Team : Indira Pramundita Setiadewi S.Ars

Contractor : CRI Konstruksi Revolusi Indonesia

Photograph Courtesy : Fernando Gomulya

Source : ArchDaily

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