• A Subtle Bungalow Interior Curated with Articulations And Established Design Principles | P Square Designs

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    A Subtle Bungalow Interior Curated with Articulations And Established Design Principles | P Square Designs

    Here is a 4BHK bungalow in a residential scheme by P Square Designs, Ahmedabad with its simple design principles and an amiable use of materials. A project validating the use of decent and justifiable material palette to outline the sublime spatial characteristics. The exteriors have a modest appearance with a balcony extending itself to overlook the streets. The major use of whites in the interior leaves a platform for the salient areas to speak for themselves.

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    The living room is a linear space with a minimal, neutral and a boxy sofa positioned to accentuate the dimensional aspect of the space. A wooden panel runs along the ceiling diversifying the space into two to terminate itself onto the floor while overwhelmingly articulating the surfaces. It also acts as a see-through partition with its corresponding dining area.

    The pattern by the wooden batten, mirror with the Plaster of Paris grove in the ceiling forming a right angle and thus, highlighting the quarter. The TV wall panels a grey laser cut Corian sheet with felicitous wooden beading. This rectangular surface gets perceptually stabilized by the vertical inlay of natural wooden strips with v-groves in natural polish to act as the backdrop. A high abstract oval tea-poi plays its part in reflecting the theme of the overall space.

    The dining is a cozy space with a rudimentary table and its plush blue chairs. This setup gets encircled by an interesting play of surrounding surfaces including the partition that tends to crop up the missing wall. A part of the ceiling follows the wooden principles with its lower height defining a warmer appeal to space. While the raised ceiling, done in white laser-cut wooden sheet- generates its own classic identity with its self-textured outlook.

    The cooking place envisages a maintenance-friendly place with a light-colored acrylic sheet for storages, and a white back-painted glass finish for the overhead shelves and the dado wall over the Corean platform. It is left sleek, stylish, and minimal with utmost functionality to visually make space appear larger.

    The uniqueness of the temple lies in its customized features. It rejects the wonted backdrop and adopts a hand-painted Pichhwai artwork settling in the desired vibes. The roller blinds, again display the playful statue of Lord Krishna and Radha establishing a religious setting.  

    The concept of articulating surfaces gets reflected along the stair cabin in a way to exemplify the verticality and atrocity of the space in connecting the two storeys. The thoughtful arrangement of wooden battens and warm hanging lights generates the salient warm vibes in here.

    The master bedroom is lavish, robust, and luxurious with its rich materials and deep colours. The wooden flooring dominates the space with its feel and texture. The furnishings is majorly done in a bright under-toned veneer and vertical grooves with a unique touch of the traditional fabric for the bed-back.

    An affluent vibe is asserted by the 3D laser-cut MDF sheet polished with a PU coat to arrest the space with its reflective essence. The monotony of the flushed veneer wardrobe unit is thoughtfully broken by the back-painted glass finish.

    The master bathroom is monotoned with unique beading done in granite with round edges. Functionality is given utmost importance apart from its aesthetic appeal. The warm spotlights- even in the niches- sets in the soothing ambiance.

    The kids’ bedroom speaks for its user group with its quirky and eclectic vibes. It follows the design principle of repetition with its triangular tessellations and energizing yellow tone. The raised floor uses a casual wooden floor to also mount the bed and study unit aptly accommodating all the foreseen functionality. One wouldn’t fail to notice the wooden storage unit emphasizing the designers’ signature style of breaking the monotony. 

    The kids’ bathroom uses digital tiles in white for the walls. The graphical highlighter wall reflects the blue bed-back in the bedroom. This minimalistic setup ensures a larger sense of space and the whites sets in a sense of composure. Here again, space is designed prioritizing the functionality and thus, curated for an easy-maintenance.

    The designers have justified every nook of the house with utmost attention to functionality and workmanship. Hence, the spaces render a unique aesthetic accompanied by the righteous design principles.


    Firm :- P Square Designs

    Client :- Mr. Jimy Patel

    Typology :- Residential

    Location :- Nikol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Status :- Completed in 2019

    Design Lead :- Maulik Bhadani

    Photography :- JJ Films (Jayesh & Jignesh)

    Content Credit: Megha Hirani



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