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The Lattice House, is a Mixed use development (commercial + residential) located on a busy commercial street in the town. The site is located on one of the busiest streets in an upmarket area of the city; it is a densely populated commercial area with the central bus stand, temples, banks and hospitals in the vicinity.

Minimalistic and Climate Responsive Residence Imparting Calmness  | The Design Alley

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The ground, first and second floors of the building were to be designed for commercial use, the grid had to be flexible as the business occupying it was not initially decided. Later, A Restaurant and lodging came into picture and its interior was designed accordingly. The top two floors are designed to be a calm and cosy abode for a doctor couple and their children. The couple being busy in their profession for most of the time wanted a minimalistic and low maintenance decor for their home.

The interconnectivity between both the residential floors was the most important as well as tricky criteria. Due to space constraints, there was no option but to continue the staircase and make it appear like an internal one.  On the Third floor, the staircase connects to the entrance lobby that leads into the formal living room. The lobby also gives a peek into the informal living room by means of a semi openable partition. The pivoted shutters of this partition along with the patterned flooring bring in a play of vision & depth. The Formal living room is a double height space with Terracotta Jali facade on the southern side balcony that gives a panoramic view of the city.

Informal Living is a vibrant and cosy family space, again double heighted, so as to connect with the upper floor of the house. A chequered storage unit divides this space from the Kitchen and Dining, while a pivoted partition gives glimpse of the entrance foyer. A huge double height window brings in the eastern light while a silent wall forms the backdrop for the TV unit. The furniture, accessories and some indoor plants add a pop of colour to this otherwise serene space.

The Kitchen is the central space in the house, which has visual connectivity to the entire house. The free standing cooking platform in the centre lets the user enjoy the surrounding space rather than making it feel like a daily chore. A compact and vibrant dining table graces the centre of the kitchen. Adjoining the kitchen is a small utility area and a small double height mandir space with skylight at the top that evacuates the hot air in a natural way.

The Master Bedroom is located at the northwest end of the house. A balcony with full glass lets in the northern light while terracotta jali at the west cuts the harsh sun and lets the breeze in at the same time. The decor is simple and serene. The Toilet attached to this bedroom is a lavish and luxurious one with huge eastern window. The window is adorned with bamboo plantation to retain privacy.

The Upper floor of the house mainly has two bedrooms, one for their Son and Daughter each. There is a lounge in between that overlooks the informal living and also the Mandir. A small balcony also peeps into the formal living.Thus, every semi private space in the house is visually interconnected. As per the design brief, the Terrace had to be designed as a socializing space. The backdrop wall of the staircase tower is painted with vibrant geometric patterns. The space is semi covered by fabric pergola that creates a play of light and shadow in the daytime.This space has a relaxing, meditative vibe in the morning while it can be converted into a get together or party place in the evenings. 

The residence is designed to be minimalistic and climate responsive. To achieve this, the material palette consists of Kota flooring, Terracotta screens that filter the harsh sun without blocking the breeze. In the Formal living room, Terracotta Jali facade on the southern side balcony cuts the harsh sun and gives a panoramic view of the city. The adjacent surface is cladded with veneer; this actually is the rear side of a storage unit that divides the living and bedroom. It acts as the Wardrobe for the bedroom, while in the living room; it becomes the backdrop for the seating. The Jali and Veneer together render warmth to the space. The southern sun filters through the jali to create beautiful sciographical pattern on the veneer that keep on changing throughout the day. The space is furnished with some bold pieces of Furniture.

It is located on one of the busiest streets in an upmarket area of the city, the challenge here was to design a multifunctional building (commercial + residential) on a moderate size plot of 3500 sq.ft. such that the commercial part makes most of the business opportunities, but at the same time the residential floors enjoy privacy and serenity devoid of the outside hustle bustle.


Designed by : The Design Alley

Project Type : Mixed-use development

Project Name : The Lattice House

Location : Samarth Nagar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Year built : 2020

 Area :10,000 Sq.Ft. 

Principal Architect : Ar. Sarang Patil, Ar. Shweta Patil

Design Team Credits : Naila Syeda, Harshita Jain, Sushil Patil, Mudra Aute, Jharna Shah

Photograph Courtesy : Phxindia

Products and Materials : Alankaram, Delhi- Furniture, Klassy furniture, Aurangabad- Furniture

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