Nest Of Nature – A Nature-Inspired Residential Interior | Terra Interiors

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Nest Of Nature – A Nature-Inspired Residential Interior | Terra Interiors

Our client is a very young couple and a family of 5 people. The client brief was very simple they want a spacious and contemporary design and lots of storage. As the name of the project, we took inspiration from nature.

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The main door is the first thing that gives the glims of an entire home. To give the earthy feeling we have cladded MCM on the entrance wall. The customized main door jali and main door are inspired by Champa tree leaf from the verandah of the same bungalow which shows the connection between inside and outside. A door and Jali are made of veneer, wood, and brass.

Welcoming more and more guests is a tradition in their family. By keeping in mind we have decided to design a living space that looks contemporary and welcoming. Customized metal art is a focal point of the entire living area. The upholstery of a sofa and the color of a curtain are inspired by the color of the ocean.

The design of the TV unit was challenging there was a huge window in the center of the TV wall instead of closing that window we hung the TV on a wooden pole (inspired by a nest on the branch of a tree). And we use the curtain as the background of the TV.

A semi-open partition made of metal and fluted glass separates the living area from the dining area and staircase. The center table is very carefully customized and executed for this project, during design and material selection we also kept in mind the overall ambiance we want to achieve, so particular furniture perfectly jells with the entire ambiance.

Considering the elderly, we have designed their parents’ room on the ground floor. Wood plays a very major role in this room. The paneling of wooden Patti gives a very strong impact and warmth. The bright green color gives energy to the room and the blue color adds calmness and balances the overall ambiance of the room. We allot one side for a full-height wardrobe. Light PU paint color on wardrobe reduces the presence of it.

The kid’s room is inspired by the sky. We have used cloud(MDF), birds, and bright yellow color considering the kid’s room. There was a little passage between two rooms, which is specially dedicated to Lord Buddha with a beautiful wooden console table and expose the brick background. Which gives positivity whenever one enters or leaves the room.

“Dancing peacock on green land”
This line completely describes the design and thought behind the master bedroom. Customized handmade embroidered peacock figure on the curtain and texture on the wall perfectly suits the tag line. We gave a huge wardrobe to fulfill our client requirement of storage.

The wardrobe is designed in such a way that it doesn’t look bulgy for that we played with the form of a wardrobe. A combination of materials such as Corian and wooden strips reduces the strong appearance of it. A customized dressing table enhances the beauty in the room.

Fact File:

Designed by: Terra Interiors

Project: Nest Of Nature

Project Type: Residential

Year of completion: 2020

Area: 3330 sq. ft.

Location: Raysan, Gandhinagar

Principal Architect: Tejas Patel, Rachana Patel

Photography: Inclined Studio

About Firm:

Terra interiors is an interior design firm. At terra we deal with various types of clients ranges from residential, commercial, and hospitality. With experience and knowledge in furniture design, interior design, building work, planning, and management our founders TEJAS PATEL(B.E. CIVIL, M.TECH CIVIL, M.DES INTERIOR) and RACHANA PATEL (B.E. COMP, IDA INTERIOR) are committed to a timeless and efficient design. The name of our firm resembles our fondness for earthen material like stone, clay, metal, wood, etc. which connect a client and end-user with nature. With the aim of client satisfaction, we also make them aware of new trends and technology in the design world. Our continuous coordination with all agencies on-site helps in achieving smooth, faster, and meticulous work.



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