Apartment Interior Creating Varied Hues And Fluid Spaces | DNP Design Studio

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Apartment Interior Creating Varied Hues And Fluid Spaces | DNP Design Studio

How does one create distinct vibes for each space of a house and yet tie them together in a single thread of visual continuity? This was the interesting design challenge in doing the Lakum Family’s Interior Design Project. Each space of this house has its own personality and yet all together form a functional cozy unit for the Lakums. 

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As one walks inside the house, the black metal laser wall sculpture of the tree of life is at the focal point. The warm yellow background and dark wood veneer diffuses the light and creates a warm ambient entrance. The space below it encloses the shoe rack and the partition wall on the side gives a hint of the space beyond.

As one walks from the vestibule into the living room, one is greeted with a splash of sunlight in this well-lit space. The central theme of the living room was to design a warm, cheerful, and welcoming space for the family to interact with friends and spend time together. The design allows for ample space for light to fall in and brighten up the space. 

The colour palette is muted tones of grey, brown with subtle splashes of sunflower yellow. The customized stone grill in the vestibule area reveals itself as not only a functional but an artistic element in the space. This space has been volumetrically balanced so as to ensure a sense of space in the middle. The table, the intricately detailed geometric patterned partition creates a visual barrier between the living space and dining and yet it ensures an uninterrupted view giving a larger sense of space.

Further, the dining area and the kitchen merge into each other seamlessly. The dining area follows the same colour tones of the drawing room. The handwash area is cleverly packed in behind veneer finish partition panels. 

As we move to the bedrooms, the accents change to more experimental and pop colour like palettes. This customization ensures the personality of the owner of each room to be reflected in its interiors. In the master bedroom, an electric blue accent has been used minimally in the upholstery, and the rest are muted tones. The back panel of the bed runs right up to the beam and becomes the primary feature of the room. The wooden flooring and PU coated finish with veneer brings in warmth and adds a distinct element of style to space. 

Their toddler son’s bedroom has a radically different look as hues of blue take over. The boat pattern on the blinds, the navy blue cabinets are all in the theme of the vast open sea. In the bedroom for the couple’s parents, the primary accent colour is pink. With back painted coloured glass and white PU finish, the room is designed to be a cozy private sanctuary for the elder couple in the house. The Lakum home is a carefully designed space where balance and fluidity of space intersect. 


Firm: DNP Design Studio

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Client: Dr. Mudra Lakum

Area in sq ft: 1800 sq.ft- 3BHK apartment space

Principal architect/designer: Dhara Naik Pandya

Photograph credits: The Fishy Project – Ishita Sitwala

Artists: Tattva by Siddharth

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dnp_design_studio/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dnpdesignstudio

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