• 50 Elegant and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas!

    A simple kitchen design is an epitome of practicality and elegance. When it comes to a simple kitchen design, less is always more. With the emphasis on functionality and efficiency, a simple kitchen design promotes a clutter-free and organized space, making it a delight for both cooking enthusiasts and homemakers. In a simple kitchen design, the focus is on optimizing the available space effectively. The layout is streamlined, ensuring that every corner serves a purpose. From smart storage solutions to sleek cabinets, a simple kitchen design maximizes the use of space without compromising on aesthetics.

    In terms of color palette, a simple kitchen design often leans towards neutral shades like whites, grays, or beige, creating a soothing ambiance. This minimalist approach creates a sense of openness, making the kitchen feel more spacious and inviting.

    1. Alkove Design –  Casa Tao

    The first thing you notice is the curved breakfast counter, with a fluted white ply for its base. It makes a pleasing contrast with the Duco-painted blue cabinet shutters, which add character to the marble countertops. 

    Fact File

    Design Firm : Alkove Design

    Photographer :  Yamini Krishna Photography

    Location : Pune


    A modular kitchen of Hafele Company is done in tones of grey and browns as per the clients’ requirements.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : AMAZING  INTERIORS

    Photographer : BHAVESH RAGHAVANI

    Location : SURAT  , GUJARAT

    Traditional Indian Touches Amalgated With Western And Contemporary Designs | FORESIGHT ASSOCIATES

    With an open plan kitchen that opens up into the living and dining areas, this space is truly a ‘family space.’ The topaz green and grey color pattern is interesting, but the truly ‘wow’ factor of the kitchen is the breakfast bar with high-stools. Another important aspect of this design is that the kitchen opens up into the kitchen garden right outside the door.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Foresight Associates

    Location : Bill-road -Vadodara

    Principal Designers Shivali AgrawalKunal Patel & Azaz Saleh

    Photography Credit : Tejas Shah

    ‘The Gully Home’ Is An Embodiment Of Climate Responsive And Functional Design Principles | ED+ Architecture

    Similarly, the great room is envisaged as where most of the happy memories of the users are made and is the core of all activities of the house. The triple height space has an open living-dining-kitchen layout, that opens itself into a linear garden with a view of the sea beyond.


    Designed by : ED+ Architecture

    Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    Principal Architect : Ammaar Chowdry & Mridula S Chowdry

    Photography : BRS Sreenag

    A Minimalistic Approach That Infuses The Idea Of ‘Less Is More’ | Kreon Projects

    Extending this look of the living area into the kitchen has given the twist of emerging the boldness in the space like this. A combination of immense natural light and blue cabinets enhances the area and makes us fall in love with the fusion.


    Designed by:  Kreon Projects

    Location: Sanpada, Navi Mumbai.

    Principal Architect(s): Parag Supe

    Photograph Courtesy: Bizou

    A Modern Contemporary Design With A Touch Of Indianness | Paperish a Design Studio

    Connecting the dining with the colours theme transition of breakfast table to kitchen space makes the whole design into the layers of pastel shades.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Paperish a Design Studio

    Location: Himmatnagar, Gujarat

    Principal Architects: Disha Kotadia & Honey Shah

    Photograph Courtesy: Nilkanth Barucha

    The Soft And Bright Balance In This Spacious, Welcoming, Contemporary Abode At This Suburban Mumbai Home | Kaizaad Mehta Architects

    Matt black accessories and handles are allowed to stand out in this framed kitchen/ entryway. Fluted wooden panels flank each side of the entrance foyer as a necessary yet elegant statement. Embracing the season of arches and curves, a standalone mirror adds depth to the foyer and kitchen area.Grace: A Modern Home that Evokes a Sense of Calm with a side of Chic | U and I Designs


    Designed by: Kaizaad Mehta Architects

    Project Location: Mumbai

    Principal Architect: KAIZAAD MEHTA

    Team Design Credits: ALI LOKHANDWALA

    Photograph Courtesy: Varad Anvekar Photography

    Grace: A Modern Home that Evokes a Sense of Calm with a side of Chic | U and I Designs

    On the right side of the dining, the space opens up into the spunky blue kitchen. With an open kitchen plan that was conspicuous in the public space, we decided to conceptualize it to create a fully immersive experience. We chose a striking blue as our base tone and interweaved it with soft whites accentuating it with rattan. We consciously created this narrative to bring out a space that is buoyant and upbeat. With functionality being prima facie, we also designed a petite island for them, which serves as a breakfast counter too. Detailing the island with curves to replicate the entryway arch we designed, we harmonized our scheme. We further added pizazz to the space with glitzy gold accents in the delicate cabinet knobs and a pendant light above the island, not to miss the faucet at the sink as well.

    Fact File

    Designed by: U and I Designs

    Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

    Principal designer: Sonal R Mutha & Aniketh Bafna

    Team Design Credits: Sulekha R Jain

    Photograph Courtesy: Nayan Soni

    Weaving Comfort and Nostalgia with Minimal Design in The White Dwelling | The Monochrome Studio

    The Kitchen adds a pop to the entire space with its pastel green color and white quartz countertops. All the other colors, patterns & textures come in the form of upholstery, soft furnishings, fabrics, artifacts, artwork.

    Fact File

    Designed By: The Monochrome Studio

    Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

    Principal Architect: Pooja Chaudhari

    Photography Credits: Shinescapes

    Raw, Warm and Natural is the Design Language of these Breezy Apartment Interiors in Pune | SRDS

    This Project is located in Park Grandeur apartment, Balewadi High Street, Pune. East-West facing 3BHK bright and airy apartment in the extremely beautiful neighborhood.

    Fact File :

    Designed by: SRDS ( Shrutika Raut Design Studio )

    Location : Balewadi, Pune.

    Principal Architect : Ar. Shrutika Raut

    Photograph Courtesy: Hemant Patil Photographer

    ‘Nilah’ Is A Classic Home With A Contemporary Twist | ARK Architecture Studio

    Spread across 1900 sq.ft , this 3bhk apartment , nilah is designed with hues of blue being the prominent color as the clients were fond of the tones and hues of blue. With no civil changes proposed, this apartment interior was designed to maintain the spaciousness and fluidity of each space.


    Designed by: ARK Architecture Studio

    Location: Pallimukku, Trivandrum

    Principal Architects: Ar.Rahul Kumar & Ar.Malavika Mahesh

    Photograph Courtesy:  148 South

    A Neutral Colour Palette and Playful Interiors Inviting Warmth : Residence 95  | J+AM STOREY

    With a clear approach from the start, the idea of designing the house was to stick to a modern-day concept. Following a simple, contemporary and artistic approach, the design possesses charm, a neutral colour palette, playful interiors and inviting warmth


    Designed by: J+AM STOREY

    Location: New Delhi

    Principal Architect: Jaanshi Bhatia & Amit Bhatia

    Photograph Courtesy: Bharat Aggarwal 

    Apartment Interior With Basic Design Language Creating Harmony | Nishil Design Lab

    In this tiny kitchen artificial marble was used for kitchen platform and wall. kitchen wall designed with vertical grooves pattern. Because of tiny space in the kitchen, bar table concept was implanted as a main dinning. Metal based dining table customized with matt finished black glass having single side seating. carved chairs for the dinning create a dramatic shadow effect on the floor.


    Designed By: Nishil Design Lab

    Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Principal Designer: Nishil Patel

    Photography By: Ashish Chakroborty-Cross Clicks

    Avasiti Design – Mansukhbhai’s residence

    Opening into the common dining area, the metal staircase with wooden treads is not only a transition space but also a work of art in itself.  Crisp attention to detail and commitment to clean lines is carried forward and upward into the upper levels of the house.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : Avasiti Design

    Photographer :  Shilpa Gavane

    Location : Ahmedabad

    Bhavin Wadhwana Design Studio

    The kitchen is planned to be as open and uncluttered as possible, the shade of the lime plaster is reflected in the choice of quartz and is contrasted by the dark acrylic panels housed under a veneer and stucco finished ceiling.

    Fact File

    Design Firm :  Bhavin Wadhwana Design Studio

    Photographer : photographix

    Location :  Mumbai, India

    Da Namah design studio.

    This classic, chic, retro kitchen is functional to the core. From small niches for easy access of daily utilities to bigger ones for appliances. The striking vintage chequered floor compliments the unconventional peach n blue cabinets. The gold knobs and the wooden ceiling resonate with the theme.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : Da Namah design studio.

    Photographer : ©Photographix

    Location : Borivli west, Mumbai.

    9Degree Design Studio

     This design creates a smooth visual transition and connectivity between the spaces.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : 9Degree Design Studio

    Photographer :   Inclined studio

    Location :  Ahmedabad

    Design Dialogue Studio

    kitchen is designed in neutral and monochromatic shades similar to the proposed calming colour palette for the residence. The double height dining space is beautified by an exclusive custom-designed light installation made using hand blown glass and metal pipes.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : Design Dialogue Studio

    Photographer :  Monika Sathe Photography

    Location : Hyderabad

    Design Quest

    Simple materials and easy on eyes colour palettes aptly define the home. Everything here belongs and has a character that supports the design.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : Design Quest

    Location :  Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

    Design Studio Associates – The Vaikunth Residence

    Warm tones of tan, wooden elements, and warm shades of browns set the thematic backdrop in the family lounge area; embossed patterned paneling, brass wall installations create the highlights in this zone.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : Design Studio Associates

    Photographer :  Yogi Trivedi

    Location :  Vadodara, Gujarat

     Dev & Kaushik Architects

    The users of the space don’t really need anything to relax but to just lookout to take a chill. Pleasant to the eyes, the view is beautiful at different times of the day, and changing seasons.

    Fact File

    Design Firm : Dev & Kaushik Architects

    Photographer :  Ricken Desai

    Location : Hyderabad

     Gopal Zaveri Architects

    This area is flanked on one side by a state of the art modular kitchen, and on the other, a homely pooja room with traditional woodwork. Here, the architect’s judicious placement of windows becomes most apparent as the airy pooja room serves to also ventilate the dining room. 


    Design Firm : Gopal Zaveri Architects

    Photographer : Photographix

    Location :  Surat,Gujarat

     Group Of Design

    The kitchen lies adjacent to the dining room, appearing as a seamless extension. Its aesthetic is minimal, Reflective finishes, defined by glass-fronted and glossy white cabinets for kitchen and fusion pearl granite for the kitchen platform, give the space a sophisticated flourish.


    Design Firm :  Group Of Design

    Photographer : Frames N Spaces

    Location :   Surat, Gujarat

    Hightieds – Palak Elina

    The open plan creates a huge party space with a dining area, mini bar, home theatre, and the balcony. All these spaces are accessible from the living room and are divided by translucent partitions crafted with wood, frosted glass, and fabric.


    Design Firm : Hightieds

    Photographer : Inclined studio

    Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    I.E- Design

    The entire design process revolved around highlighting the carefully crafted kitchens and making them stand out in the space.


    Design Firm : I.E- Design

    Photographer :  Ricken Desai

    Location :  Hyderabad

    Jovan Designs

    The bar counter wraps around the dining table, keeping in with the vibe of the party. As the party fades just pull the shutters over, and the bar blends into the surrounding without a hitch.


    Design Firm : Jovan Designs

    Photographer : Prashant Bhat

    Location :  Mumbai

    K Studio Design Interiors

    kitchen is decked with its modular units, white granite platforms and countertops, refrigerator, and built-in storage unit for the oven. Its open expanse cuts out the mundaneness of the chores conducted here.


    Design Firm : K Studio Design Interiors

    Photographer : Inclined_studio

    Location : Ahmedabad

    K&M Design Studio

    An L shape concrete structure with grilled openings was added to attain 2 specific things- privacy from the neighbours as well as from guests. 


    Design Firm : K&M Design Studio

    Photographer :  Ankur Manchanda

    Location : Bengaluru

    K.N. Associates.

    The kitchen has been kept minimal and functional with darker hues to avoid staining. The ‘Less is More’ approach is the key to designing the functional spaces in a house. Also, the idea of adding micro dining in the kitchen seems super-efficient during breakfast and mini-meals.


    Design Firm : K.N. Associates.

    Photographer : Tejas Shah

    Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

    MD17 Design Studio

    The interior, again, is a mix of Modern and Roman concept which gives a modern and traditional look at the same time.


    Design Firm : MD17 Design Studio

    Photographer :  Manan Dalia

    Location : Surat, Gujarat.

    Midas Luxury Interiors

    Multifunctional and maintenance-free kitchen with ultra-modern storage systems that are customized to suit the specific needs of the client. The counter length provides ample working space. This is a perfect combination of a modern and minimalistic kitchen with ample utility space.


    Design Firm : Midas Luxury Interiors

    Photographer : Ganesh Vetrivel

    Location : Tamil Nadu, India 

    P&D Associates

    With no concession on the quality of materials used, this residence truly delivers the ability to create understated luxury and deliver a harmonious living experience.


    Design Firm : P&D Associates

    Photographer : Photographix

    Location : Surat

    Prayog Design Studio

    The interiors of the house are designed to incorporate art and accessories strategically yet tastefully.


    Design Firm : Prayog Design Studio

    Photographer : Parth khatri

    Location : Surat

    Project INC

     The pièce de résistance in this design episode is the irregular natural stone-clad that defines sublime.


    Design Firm : Project INC

    Photographer : Ricken Desai

    Location :  Andhra pradesh

    Reflecct Design Studio

    The island kitchen and the dining area are placed in the south-east of the home, which is spacious and well equipped. The paintings on the wall are interestingly created by the designer.


    Design Firm : Reflecct Design Studio

    Photographer : Ira Gosalia (PHX INDIA)

    Location : Surat, Gujarat

    Skyline Interiors

    Combing the dining and open kitchen can feel like an interior challenge. The motive was to create separation while restoring the open flow of space.


    Design Firm : Skyline Interiors

    Photographer : Hiren Rawal

    Location : Ahmedabad

    Space 9 Design Studio

    The fronts of the kitchen unit are faced with walnut veneer, and the top cabinets are decorated with rustic Gold Finish. Marbled and gold-toned, an outstanding, luxurious kitchen Front with Italian marble textured tile.


    Design Firm : Space 9 Design Studio

    Photographer : Inclined studio

    Location : Ahmedabad

     Space Plus

    our client Sonal & Ashok Bhai Patel want his residence with a different feel. the main entrance is designed in teak wood with the customised wooden door handle.


    Design Firm : Space Plus

    Location : Ahmedabad

    Space Race Architects

    kitchen, enclosing it in glass, catering to the requirements of Indian cooking while providing the visual connectivity of an open kitchen.


    Design Firm : Space Race Architects

    Photographer : Nakul Jain

    Location :  Jalandhar

    Studio 4-Architecture and Interior designer

    The Grey cabinets in the Modular kitchen (KITCHEN’S GURU-Surat) give the pristine white a pop of colour and make it a bit warm in turn doing justice to the neutral colour theme of the house.


    Design Firm : Space Race Architects

    Location : Surat

    Studio 7 Designs

     A p u coated breakfast table separates the area from the kitchen while maintaining a sense of uninterrupted flow.


    Design Firm : Studio 7 Designs

    Photographer : Tejas Shah

    Location : Vadodara

     Studio Imagine

    Predominantly white! The open kitchen dwells in its monotony with whites to only allow a yellow for an open niche. This modest setup is enhanced with the Indian traditional tiles- Galichato slightly fancy the aristocracy of the space.


    Design Firm : Studio Imagine

    Photographer :  Darshan dave

    Location : Vadodara

    Studio ma+rs

    Thus, lifting the built mass with most of its functions off the ground by 8’-0’ which also enhances the views.


    Design Firm : Studio ma+rs

    Photographer :  Manoj Sudhakaran

    Location : Bangalore

    Studio Mahima Bapna

    A flamboyant fusion of different styles brought together to create a look of its own. The kitchen is kept spacious and minimal to attain a clutter-free look.


    Design Firm : Studio Mahima Bapna

    Photographer : srclickography

    Location : Madhya Pradesh

    Tales of Design

    Interior furniture is customized to fit into the overall design philosophy of the residence with its consistent wooden finish and color palette.


    Design Firm : Tales of Design

    Photographer : Turtle Arts

    Location : Parakkad, Thrissur

    The Canvas Design Strokes

    The open Dry Kitchen is modular with inbuilt appliances which gives a minimalistic look and we have a wet kitchen also for the typical Indian cooking leading into a store room.


    Design Firm : The Canvas Design Strokes

    Photographer : Ricken Desai

    Location : Hyderabad


    Most of the original walls were pulled down to fit the vastu requirements for the kitchen.


    Design Firm : THE DESIGN CODE

    Photographer :  BHAVESH RAGHAVANI 

    Location : ,SURAT, GUJARAT

    The Ink Studio Co

    Kitchen is the heart of every home, a neat, spacious and airy kitchen designed with long L shaped counter built into the wall and contrary to it, a real stone with wash effect embodied into a storage area, warehousing all the magical ingredients and accessories of the kitchen and a microwave & refrigerator.


    Design Firm : The Ink Studio Co

    Photographer :  Ravi Kanade 

    Location : Vile Parla, Mumbai

     The Vrindavan Project

    Integrated with other landscape elements, we decided to attempt an innovation of the region’s traditional roof form as well, using locally acquired timber with standard Mangalore tiles. Taking the form of a gazebo, designed as five interlocking pyramid structures.


    Design Firm : The Vrindavan Project

    Photographer : Monika Sathe 

    Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

    VPA architects

    The bright and welcoming colours and indoor plants make this space as habitant and welcoming as any other part of the house. 


    Design Firm : VPA architects

    Photographer : Inclined studio

    Location : Ahmedabad, India

    Vyanjan Kale Associates.

    Kitchen being the core of house for family members, it is designed in turquoise and grey colour, with pleasant Italian statuario wall tiles. The colour gives it fresh ambient atmosphere during day and night.


    Design Firm : Vyanjan Kale Associates

    Photographer : Vikrant Dashputre.

    Location : Nashik, Maharashtra

    Designer’s Circle

    We believe, the drawing and dining area are the best in the house. It depicts the style we were going for perfectly and also satisfies client needs. 


    Design Firm : Designer’s Circle

    Photographer : Inclined Studio

    Location : Ahmedabad

    A+T Associates

    Talking about interiors the adopted language is modern contemporary and minimalistic. The look needed to be upbeat and timeless, yet refreshingly modern. We were very clear about the material palette from day one.


    Design Firm : A+T Associates

    Photographer :  Tejas Shah

    Location :  Vadodara

    Aum Architects

    The dining table is incorporated with the parapet slab of the semi-open kitchen and forms and extraordinary rendition of the design.


    Design Firm : Aum Architects,

    Photographer : Prashant Bhat

    Location : Chembur, Mumbai

    Design Storie

    The effective modular kitchen is the process of combining layout, surfaces, appliances, and design details to form a cooking space that is easy to use and fun to cook and socialize in. A fresh material palette of minimal and neutral shades is used giving the kitchen a modern look.


    Design Firm : Design Storie

    Photographer : Photographix India

    Location : Kandivali East, Mumbai

    ISM Architects

    The kitchen works perfectly for the nuclear family and is designed as an open kitchen for daily use. However, during community gatherings (majlis), the kitchen can be closed off with a sliding jaali door that otherwise acts as a piece of art against a brightly painted wall of the living room.


    Design Firm : ISM Architects

    Photographer : Sangram Goverdhane

    Location : Nasik, Maharashtra

    Line Design Studio

    The kitchen here is designed to exemplify modern characteristics with its sober flooring, the wooden ceiling and subtle tones of grey where The element of chimney hangs like an artefact with the sleek finish thus attaining neatness in its design approach.


    Design Firm : Line Design Studio

    Photographer : Akhil Patel

    Location : Vesu,surat

    Nirmanam Design Studio

    The imported modular kitchen was partially screened with a raised wooden platform.


    Design Firm : Nirmanam Design Studio

    Photographer : Tejas Shah

    Location : Vadodara

    SPDA (Shalini Pereira Design Associates)

    The idea was to create a space that gave a sense of such airiness that you could almost image a sea breeze blowing through the room. We would like to think that we achieved this, with the muted wall color, white ceiling, and the light furniture.


    Design Firm : SPDA (Shalini Pereira Design Associates)

    Photographer : Rohan Dayal

    Location : Gurgaon

    Tvakshati Architects

    Gujarati’s are known for their diverse cultural heritage and rich traditions. architect has very aptly envisioned a vibrant mix of reviving traditional features giving an insight to historic India and its phenomenal diversity via beautifully carved out architectural décor and interiors.


    Design Firm : Tvakshati Architects

    Photographer : PrachiKhasgiwala

    Location : Surat , Gujarat 

    In conclusion, a simple kitchen design offers a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. With its focus on decluttering, efficient use of space, and elegant simplicity, it creates a kitchen that is not only easy to work in but also a pleasure to be in. So, if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, consider embracing the beauty and efficiency of a simple kitchen design.




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