Apartment Interiors Wrapped In Soothing pastels | K Studio Design Interiors

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Apartment Interiors Wrapped In Soothing pastels | K Studio Design Interiors

This home looks like a drop of sunshine wrapped in soothing pastels. The colours used in this home are predominantly clean with ample whites, greys, and touches of sunshine yellow accented by the limited doses of wood and milder shades of blue and green. Belonging to Mr Tejas Patel and Mrs. Bhoomi Patel, their brief was to make their home look cosy, stylish and contemporary look with minimal wooden décor and lots of colours. The Kstudio team beautifully understood and nailed the brief.

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Pleasingly designed by ID Karishma and the K Studio team, you feel the warmth as you set foot inside the house through a wood-paneled door with a welcoming Ganeshji portrait. The elephant god—the epitome of Indian hospitality and warmth—accentuates the welcoming feeling. The foyer is made exuberant with the use of two-way focal lights on the far end.


Some rooms beg us to lounge around and use that space at every available chance. This living room is one such space. Mostly grey, splashes of yellow stand out in the living room—a soothing contrast while not being too heavy on the eyes. The furniture is comfortable, making it perfect for lounging after a long day at work or on those lazy weekends.

The spherical murals by the TV are meaningful and colourful, breaking the monotony of the otherwise dual tones. They complement the shape of the spherical mirror in the dining area, creating an almost ethereal experience.

Continuing with the living room colour scheme, the open kitchen is decked with its modular units, white granite platforms and countertops, refrigerator, and built-in storage unit for the oven. Its open expanse cuts out the mundaneness of the chores conducted here.

The kitchen is accompanied by a little breakfast area that is contemporary and stylistic. Its tall counter, bar stools and hanging goblets mimic the bar look. Here, the photographer mesmerizingly captures the balance of two different areas of designing, colours and elements in one beautiful frame.

Truly and thoroughly “rollin’ through the sunshine”, the dining area is covered in the colours spilled over from the living room and kitchen. Compact yet spacious, this 5-seater dining space is breathtaking with its Italian marble table and yellow cushioned chairs with complementing wooden support. The most striking element in this space is the spherical mirror by the table. Giving a sneak-peak into the beautiful living room, it is the very focal point of the whole space. The dining area is accompanied by a conceptual, compact, and contemporary private library.

The couple’s favourite corner is adorned by a rustic green and gold brass swing that transports you to the ancestral homes of the past. Perfect for those sweet-nothing conversations and a laid back read, it is cosy.

The main master bedroom plays with the overarching green theme, meandering into olive and pastel shades of the colour. The bed is supported by a contemporary looking headboard, which blends in with similar line design on the ceiling. The bedroom is decked with a sliding glass wardrobe closet, a bedside table, a reading chandelier, and a raised work corner.

The second master bedroom goes more with the calming shades of blue and grey. A room that may belong to the young couple’s children in the future, this one too is a work of art. With a large bed, cushioned headboard with a white expansive wall above it, bedside table, sliding wardrobe, and a devan, this bedroom is as good as the other master bedroom. The highlight of this room is the play on chess with a geometrically checkered ceiling and equal amounts of blues, greys, and whites.

Simple and elegant, the guest bedroom is aptly white with hues of brown to complement the supporting wooden look. Minimally done, this room has a symmetrical design all around and on the ceiling, tastefully contrasting the otherwise white space.


Firm: K Studio Design Interiors

Clients: Mrs. Bhoomi and Mr. Tejas Patel

Location: Sukriti, South Bopal, Ahmedabad

Type: 4BHK residential interiors

Area: 2000 sq. ft.

Budget: 40-45 lacs

Project Year: 2020

Designed by: Kstudio designs & team


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kstudio_interiors-108327120528608/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kstudio_interiors/

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