Modern Art With Roman Concepts -Bungalow Interior Design | MD17 Design Studio

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Modern Art With Roman Concepts -Bungalow Interior Design | MD17 Design Studio

This project in the heart of Surat is designed with a mix of Modern art combined with Roman concepts. It resembles peace as well as vibrance through its colours.

As soon as we enter the space, we are first greeted by the living room of this bungalow which has plenty of space for eight people to sit and relax.

There is a water body next to the entrance and below the staircase which gives a soothing atmosphere to the visitors as well as inmates of the space. Not only is the atmosphere soothing, the water body also helps you meditate in the peaceful sound of water flowing through a rock-like structure.

Moving forward, we have the Dining area which is connected to the Kitchen area. But the Kitchen area can also be separated from the rest of this space via its artificial walls.

It is noticeable that all the chairs on the Dining table have a different colour to it. This is because it gives a vibrant look to the space as well as gives a personal touch to all the people sitting on it.

The interior, again, is a mix of Modern and Roman concept which gives a modern and traditional look at the same time.

The idea behind this wall to showcase art in its various forms. There is a mix of paintings, structures as well as architecture on this wall which helps in setting the tone for its surroundings.

The master bedroom of this project gives a royal look along with the simplistic walls on the sides which give a minimal look at the same time.

There is soft lighting in the room so that the mind can relax after a tiring day at work and not get distracted by the vibrant and bright lights.

In the master bedroom, we have a walk-in-wardrobe as well. A walk-in-wardrobe adds value not only to the bedroom but also to the entire house too.

On top of that, it gets the job done of keeping the wardrobe organized and is also easy to access.

Now comes the most entertaining part of this whole space which is its Home Theatre. There are couches for the people to sit and relax to enjoy their favourite films.

Also, there is ample space at the back so that you can invite guests to enjoy films along with them.

We have also attached a Mini bar next to it and the idea behind it is to make the place suitable for parties too.

Here comes the most relaxing place of this entire space which is its terrace which can comfortable make as many people sitted at the same time.

It also gives a soothing feel with its wall with green wall surrounded on one side and a scenic view of the city on the other side.

There is also a gazebo on the terrace which adds to magnificence of this terrace. There are small lights on the gazebo along with downward-facing lamps on the entire terrace which give you just enough lighting to set the mood.


Firm: MD17 Design Studio

Location: Surat, Gujarat.

Type: Residential Project

Client: Mr. Bhupendra Jariwala

Carpet Area: 2400 sq. ft

Chief Designer: Mr. Dhruv Kothari

Assistant: Mrs. Maitri Kothari

Photography Credits: Manan Dalia

MD17 Design Studio is a design studio which is led by its Chief Designer Mr Dhruv Kothari who is assisted by Mrs. Maitri Kothari. We are practising since 3 years and have worked on residential as well as commercial projects in various different cities in and around Gujarat.

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