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    Scandinavian Style Apartment Inspired By Natural Color Palette | Designer’s Circle

    Simple and pared-back yet ultra-sophisticated the beautiful and spacious home oozes class without being all about the bling.


    We, here at the designer’s circle, in general, are fond of British interiors and are inspired by the same for this apartment. We wanted something that went along a similar theme with an amalgamation of Scandinavian homes. Scandinavian design is a derivative of Nordic homes, where the houses were designed around a neutral color palette with nature-inspired shades that aid in creating a cocoon-like space. i.e, a cozy home.

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    The light color flooring striking against the warm wooden ceiling with a great intake of light through the balcony satisfied our take to this style. The color palette along with contemporary furniture and warm wood create a perfect ambiance for this medium-sized apartment.

    Kind of Home owner:

    The home was designed for a young couple. Being a 3bhk house, their requirements comprised of a recreational media room and a guest/parent’s room apart from the basics. Keeping in mind the busy life of the time, we definitely thought that fixating to neutral colors with a maximum opening for light will keep the house light and free for a day post-work. All in all, it revolved around creating comfort for the client, an everyday friendly home. Something that’s simple and is a trend that stays.


    Considering the style that we were following, we wanted materials that gave a natural look and ‘hygge’ lifestyle. Hence, we have white tiles flooring in the herringbone pattern, keeping it breezy but adding one of the best features to the home.  Vertical surfaces are textured similar to lime wash traditional walls. As the design follows, we have organic-like textured fabrics along simple silhouettes, holding the style together. And all of it comes together with the warm wooden ceiling, and pastel colors completing the circle for us and satisfying client needs.

    Standout Feature: We believe that the flooring of the house is the standout feature of the project. The flooring by itself creates a dramatic space through its distinct trait, and the tiling pattern .i.e., ‘Herringbone’ which enhances its play. Being a medium-sized apartment, the color adds up to the expanse forming a larger space in a whole. The ceiling drops a sharp contrast to the floor creating equilibrium.

    The evident choice of flooring allowed us to play light in furniture and upholstery of the house. The styled and exquisite furniture creates a breezy look and keeps the apartment lagom. We believe the style revolved around functional furniture and styled flooring.

    Tour of the home: Simple and pared-back yet ultra-sophisticated the beautiful and spacious home oozes class without being all about the bling. The apartment was adequately styled with exquisite furniture and accessories, but it was executed with an understated elegance that Scandinavians are so good at, ‘liveable luxe’.

    The design is minimal, with a focus on simplicity and functionality. At its core, it seeks to improve everyday life. Neutral colors are the foundation since natural light can be rare in modern homes; the bright escape of light creates a spacious and homely feel. Located in between a busy city like Ahmedabad, the apartment is wrapped around the ‘cozy home’ feel.

    As we enter into this space dipped in oat shades, we first notice the popping wooden ceiling going all the way from one end to another. The drawing room seats 6 people in comfort leather furniture, which is easy to maintain. The room is shared with dining area, featuring a stone table paired with exquisite dark polished chairs. The area is highlighted by a sleek drop of light over the table.  

    Space is backed with a long balcony and pebbled floor decorated in greenery and weaved chairs for your evening tea. As we move ahead we see the pastel kitchen on the left with brick and lime wash textures giving a breezy feel. Just behind the kitchen is our first bedroom converted to a lounge/media room.

    The room depicts simplicity at its best. The walls are gladded in veneer with a textured sofa inserted in the centre creating a cocoon-like space. All you got to do is, come, sit, and lay. Further ahead are our two bedrooms, First of which is the master bedroom. Keeping up with the style, the room has wooden furniture with prints over it. It is highlighted by table Décor and the wall lights. The concealed wardrobe creates a beautiful wooden panel in front. The views from either room add to the rawness of the design.

    The second is not meant for any permanent user for now. It can be addressed for either parents or guests that come in. Hence, the different look for the room. The big bold light and bed back panel takes away the look of the room. It caters to the basic needs whilst bring an edge to the home’s theme.

    Interesting room:

    We believe, the drawing and dining area are the best in the house. It depicts the style we were going for perfectly and also satisfies client needs. The ambience is a perfect chill for today’s generation and gives the client a relaxing time coming back from work. It gives you the ‘home-like’ feel. The design is based to provide ‘beauty in everyday’ and not just a show house that you’d be bored within a couple of years with trending designs. This is a trend to stay. It’s home.

    Let it be the warm stone-like floor or the wooden ceiling, let it be the pebbles or the pastel fabrics, even the yellow floor light in the corner, it all just brings along a feel we don’t want to resist. The warmth of being at home. The apartment, designed in the Modern British style whilst keeping up the Scandinavian vibe, gives the client a place to sleep hard and not just ‘work hard, play hard’.

    Choice of Furniture & Furnishings:

    The house walks around clean lines, organic textures, and simple silhouettes. Keeping up the warm ambience of the house, the furniture selection was towards contemporary. Something that provides comfort satisfies the client’s daily needs and provides enough space that an Indian household needs.

    The drawing room furniture is mostly breathable and easily maintained since it is a space meant for multi-purpose while catering to guests. Kitchens are always designed keeping in mind the client’s priorities since it requires maximum storage and ease of work circulation. Bedrooms are kept cozy in dark shades and happy prints. Lights and artifacts are added to pump up space with concealed wardrobes and bed backs.

    Décor Aesthetic and Reasoning:

    Décor as we say adds the most to any interior style. We have played with warm decorative lights and table artifacts for the house. As we enter, we see a beautifully crafted floor lamp warming up the corner, kept beside a simple wall mount mirror. The elegant dining light is as simple and sleek as it could be but adds so much more to the area as a whole. The effortless tv shelf is highlighted just through the wall light with a yellow lamp as it belongs here. Such décor can be seen throughout the house and how it highlights every bit of it.

    Fact File :

    Interior Firm: Designer’s Circle

    Project: 42 Parkview, Science City (3BHK)

    Location: Ahmedabad.

    Size: 115 sqm

    Number of Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 3 – 3

    Person to whom quotes should be credited: Ar. Rajesh Sheth & Team

    Photo Courtesy : Inclined Studio

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