The Flamboyant 5BHK Apartment Interior | Hightieds

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The Flamboyant 5BHK Apartment Interior | Hightieds

The interiors of the home display a European and Victorian appeal twisted with a tinge of Indian bling.

The flamboyant 5BHK apartment spread over 4500 Sq. ft. and designed by High Tieds is located in Ahmedabad-Gujarat. The interiors of the home display a European and Victorian appeal twisted with a tinge of Indian bling. The client wanted a contemporary and modern house still having the roots of Indian culture. So, the designer Rimpy Shah very ingeniously merged both the styles by designing the patterns in the wall paneling, flooring, and ceilings, etc. in European style whereas added the Indian color palette to the furniture.

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A wooden framed glass door with graceful floral patterns etched on it welcomes us to a streak white entrance lobby. The victorian style moldings by POP on the wall and the vaulted roof is beautifully highlighted by the quirky yellow chairs and yellow painting of Shreenathji. The golden centerpiece cohesively complements the minimalist walls and the geometrically patterned marble on the flooring. As the lighting was the client’s particular concern, the designer has brilliantly chosen the minimalistic as well as extravagant lighting fixtures illuminating the entire house.

In the living room, the rustic red sofa stands out amongst the wooden paneling with POP moldings painted in light grey and white. The yellow accent lights on the wall and the chandelier, the bronze mirror on the wall, and the golden tinge in the center tables give the living room a feel of a heritage resort as desired by the client.

The open plan creates a huge party space with a dining area, mini bar, home theatre, and the balcony. All these spaces are accessible from the living room and are divided by translucent partitions crafted with wood, frosted glass, and fabric. A fine continuity is seen in the design elements.

The similar themed wood and glass ceiling and the quirky blue chairs add drama to the dining area. With the wooden flooring and fabric cushioning wall treatment Home theatre proves to be acoustically excellent. The black granite island gives a perfect contrast to the pearly marble and ivory white modular kitchen. The white profile lighting along the kitchen platforms exemplifies the entire space.

All the bedroom’s doors have been astutely detailed to be invisible by flushing them with mirrors. The daughter’s bedroom converses a geometric dialogue with the POP textured white wall. The veneer and bronze mirror work on the wall beside the bed which is continued to the ceiling divides the space visually and also adroitly plays with the geometric shapes. Following the theme, the lighting fixtures also cast a dazzling geometric shadow show. The reflective mirrored doors of the wardrobe veils the user with utmost allure.

Impregnating the feeling of luxury and royalty designer has used a good deal of leather in the master bedroom which can be seen in the bed back as well as the side tables. The black and white color palette is complemented very nicely by the ice blue reflective wardrobe doors and the wall paneling behind the bed providing a feeling full of tranquility. The quirky yellow and red chairs in the bedroom sourced from China which breaks the sober rhythm of the lighter hues.

As Mies van der Rohe said God lies in the details, every tiny space in this home is designed with canny details which provides a visual delight as well as comforts the residents and the guests.


Firm: Hightieds

Principle Designer: Rimpy Shah

Project Name: Palak Elina

Project Type: Apartment interior

Location- Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Carpet Area- 4500 Sqft Area 

Project completion: December 2019

Photographer: Inclined studio

Text Credit: Avanti Tohare




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