Modern Elegant Apartment with A Timeless Refinement | Design Storie

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Modern Elegant Apartment with A Timeless Refinement | Design Storie

Simplicity is the soul of modern elegance! This modern elegant apartment is home to the designer herself and her family of four adults. It is spacious, vivid, and tranquilizing to the core. The apartment is a renovation project combining a 1 BHK and a 2 BHK flat to attain an easy-to-maintain abode. Selecting new materials that complemented the existing retained ones along with attending to all the Vastu aspects were a few challenges that the designer had to attend.

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Stepping into the interior spaces, one would land up in a spacious and beaming living space to confront a large window alcove and an extensive white marble seating framed in a curvature. The idea was to create a band design comprising of a window seating ledge continuing as a TV alcove and further extending itself to become a shoe-rack. The monotony comes with fluted wooden storages below the seating detailed to look seamless, thus hiding the shelf doors.

This beautiful hideaway is accentuated by the modern window grill designed to abstract birds’ silhouettes perched between alternately arranged slats maximizing the natural light and the view of the beautiful green trees lined outside. It makes the most interesting space with the chosen material palette of relieving white marble and wood nestled under a customized moonlight ambiance thus fabricating a composed vibe. The light fixture detail, the recessed grey cushioning, and the bookshelves further add to the comfort generating a platform for a multitude of activities by the northwest window. The bold and stunning black stone for the TV alcove along with the marble

The versatile sage green wall with a greyish silvery undertone, the classic style beading, and the wall lights against the tanned comfy sofa defines the character and feel of this space. This feature wall is further enhanced by the corbelled white ceiling and grey Carell marble flooring to come together to exemplify the serenity here. All furnishings are designed to be off the ground for keeping the space maintenance-friendly and visually increasing the ground cover.

The abstract and expressive dining table and crockery unit take its place in an otherwise plain corner closer to the kitchen. The elements and the ancillary light fixtures address a completely modern look to the fragment.

The effective modular kitchen is the process of combining layout, surfaces, appliances, and design details to form a cooking space that is easy to use and fun to cook and socialize in. A fresh material palette of minimal and neutral shades is used giving the kitchen a modern look. There is a total of 11 appliances along with under counter washing machines and dishwashers that have been incorporated inside the kitchen making it a multi-utility space.

The Parents’ bedroom is lavish, reflective, and simple with clean shapes and minimal designing to bring in ample natural light. The perfect composition of a steel blue headboard and the retro globe pendant lights against the full height mirrors on a neutral wallpaper makes the attributes of the space. The simplicity of the somber cantilevered study table very well articulates the corner while confining it. The marble by the window gets retained from the earlier version of the house.

The attached dressing space is surfaced with wooden flooring, sliding folding white wardrobe with rose gold handles, a plain ceiling, and neutral vinyl wallpaper. In here, what acts as an impactful cynosure is the triptych mirror and the blue French Vintage vanity. This setup receives its functional compliment from the pull-out accessory unit under the beam.

The grandfather’s bedroom takes a Pantone’s classic blue wall that immediately instills a sense of tranquility and purity. The brass framed mirror projects a white light over the wall making a piece of art in itself. The settled headboard perfectly adorns the wall and the room that is decent and reflective with an effortless wardrobe unit. Here again, the window retains its sill and jambs adding that gist of variance to this sedate setup.

The bathrooms have attained equal- if not more- design attention. Geometric highlighters on the ledge wall perfectly complement the simple marble textured grey wall tiles and the black floor tile generating a serene and affluent feel.

The designer’s and her younger sister’s bedroom take the liberty to create a functional diversity with a murphy bed that can be stored inside the wall to leave behind a seating and a vast floor to diversifying its use. The dark veneer and bedside mirrors in an otherwise nominal room make it a timeless refinement. The full-length mirrors work to perception ally maximize the small space.

The grey terrazzo tiles in the restroom get illuminated by the printed Barrisol ceiling with natural design to alter the feel of the space. The concept was to replicate nature and have elements of water, stones, and trees that have a calming effect on the mind, making the restroom an ideal place to unwind after a tiring day.

The project is thoroughly well-thought-of with the utmost attention given to its detailing. The abode not only suffices to all the functional and visual aspects but also does justice to the trees and the breeze outside making it a perfect stay for the family to just BE!


Designed by: Design Storie

Project type: Residential Apartment interior design

Location: Kandivali East, Mumbai

Year built: 2019

Size: sq feet : 1270 sq ft

Principal Architect: Janvi Mehta

Photograph courtesy: Photographix India

Styling: Style fix India

content writer: Megha Hirani

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